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    Overgrips for dry hands?

    I've tried a bunch. I presonally prefer supergrap, but Tourna Megatac is hands down the tackiest, and the one which remains tacky the longest.
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    New TFight 325 Dynacore

    Another thing : The review makes 0 sense if you pay attention to the smart court data in the upper right. They're all complaining about the really low power, and yet, most of them get as much or more average speed with it than with their regular frame. Some of them even hit harder with...
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    Pros using dampeners?

    So you're saying using, for exemple, a Yonex dampener which weight close to 4 grams doesn't change anything to the way a racquet feel/plays ? Balance is ******** then right ? Give me 2 of my racquets, one with and one without and i'll be able to tell you which is which with a blindfold by only...
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    Goffin....the new Nadal...kind of

    Goffin didn't have any official coach since march, and officially got a new one May 28th. This can't be the only reason, but it has to be a reason for some part of the succes.
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    Do you screw up a racket if you take off the original overgrip

    The problem isn't the tickness of the grip, but by removing the leather and replacing it with 2 OG, you removed about 12 grams from the handle. That's why it has a different balance (less headlight) and feels sluggish. If you wan't to keep the same size, put some lead under the grip and you...
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    Looking for a rubbery over grip.

    Another vote for mega tac here. Rubbery is definitely a good word to describe it, and it has to be the tackiest overgrip around. I found the absortion to be pretty bad tho... Can't have everything !
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    Replacement grip for Yonex Vcore Tour 97

    update on the kimony : They're actually not that much thinner than the tourna pro thin. For some weird reason, the racquet handle feels a little bit smaller in the hand with the kimony, and yet, if I mesure it, it's exactly the same circumference. I really like it tho, can't get closer to...
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    The amount of empty seats is pathetic

    I'm from Belgium, and I'd love to go with some of my friends, but, as a student... I guess one of the biggest reason of the low attendance at RG is that students have finals at this time of the year in Belgium and France. RG matches on tv are pretty much known as the ultimate study...
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    Replacement grip for Yonex Vcore Tour 97

    I have the tourna pro thin on mine. I had tried skin feel before but I like the tourna way better. I played with it like that for a little bit and i still like it, i just ordered some kimony's to see if i like it a little bit smaller, but i'll definitely go back to the pro thin if i don't...
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    Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour

    If it doesn't, it (or its paintjob) help you beat people that are twice as strong as you are. Go Ana !
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    Ridiculous shot by young Kyrgios

    he is on a tennis court* Can't seem to find the edit button.
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    Ridiculous shot by young Kyrgios

    For real, everybody likes that attitude ? No class, he needs to realize a tennis court and not on a rap clip on MTV...
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    Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour

    Indeed. Excuse my english, it's not my native tongue ^^
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    Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour The new racquet is on the website. The only difference between the G and the 97 is the "Neo CS Carbon Nanotube" against the X-Fullerene... Marketing stunt, or different racquet ? It looks like Wawrinka is sticking to...
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    why do some people call nadal's coaching illegal?

    But yeah, I have to agree. Now, Nadal is a good enough player to do without it. Heck, he worked so hard to get where he is, he could probably do it without anybody in his box. But I'm pretty sure the on court coaching helped him develop as a player, and get through the early tough moment. To...
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    Bullying in threads

    Or stupidity, believing that a genuine question is an attack against anybody.
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    why do some people call nadal's coaching illegal?

    On-court coaching. Not coaching in general. Nadal is always watching his box. Not to look at his pretty girlfriend. Not to see that daddy is proud. But to hear what Tony have to say about the game being played, and what he should do better. And that, sir, is illegal. /thread
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    Bullying in threads

    I don't post much, but I've still got a few cases were I put the "high post numbers" guys in. The agressive fed fans : would die to protect what's left of the legend's dignity. The nadal idiots : They the few, the brave, the dumbasses. Three of them will make you hate every Nadal fan in...
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    How much more of today's tennis can you tolerate?

    People should realize that their taste might be different than the guy next to them. I'm fairly new to the game and I'm trying to catch up by watching the famous/iconic games of the open era. Well, I'd rather watch Wawrinka, the guy with no slams, not many titles,... hitting rockets from...
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    What will eat the paint off this?

    Maybe you could try simple green, a all purpose detergent. I paint miniatures, and I've tried countless of methods to get the paint off the minis without destroying the details of the sculpt. Between brake fluid, simple green and oven cleaner, simple green wins the fight hands down. You...
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    Ketogenic diets and carbs

    It seems like what you've been doing is a light version of Carbnite. It claims that a low carbs diet coupled with a really high intake of high GI carbs once a week is the best way to lose fat while keeping the muscle loss to a minimum. I started it a week ago (so didn't have a carb nite yet)...
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    Malisse retires

    Challenger in Mons. He's retiring in his country, which is probably as cool as retirement can get, i guess...
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    Yonex VCore Tour Grip 97 shape

    On the topic, the handles on my tour 97's are definately on the round side. And as they are molded, the handle was probably a factory/third party custom. Did you buy it online, or in a brick and mortar store ?
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    Yonex VCore Tour Grip 97 shape

    As the only one that has had trouble with yonex's QC that I've ever heard about, you probably bought a fake.
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    Yonex Pro Series Tennis Bag 6 vs. 9

    A mix of the pro and team line, from this and last year. I really want to get the team 9 pack. The size is just right for me (right in between my current and head and the yonex pro 9). I think the bags are really worth their price for the real backpack straps alone. And of course, the overall...
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    Yonex Pro Series Tennis Bag 6 vs. 9

    I have the same needs as you : 3 racquets, 2 cans of ball, 2 bottles of water,shoes, some overgrips and an extra t shirt + sweatshirt. I have the yonex pro 9 pack and i've never even used it once because it's too big. The quality is pretty good though. If you don't care about brand matching...
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    BLX PS 95 v. VCore Tour 97 (310gm)

    People don't knock the vcore for it's feel because feel has to be the most subjective point on a racquet. I personnaly love it. I'll probably sound like a broken record, but if you end up liking both frame, keep yonex's QC in mind : I changed the grip of my 3 tour 310 yesterday (one bought...
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    blx six one 95 replacement

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Yonex vcore Tour 97 yet. Spec are pretty similar for the 330, you get a nice handle for your 2HB, and knowing how stable the 310 is, this thing is probably awesome with even more weight. Furthermore, you get the yonex quality control. I don't know if...
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    Which Yonex is Lisicki using? Specs?

    From the pictures, I think it really is the Vcore Tour 97. But it is probably customized, as Lisicki is one of the few that is/was doing it on the women's tour. I get this from this article : The article is from 2009, so maybe she doesn't...
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    StrokeAnalyze app.

    Only on android ? Got both of them on my ipad, but I can't find the on the play store ;)