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    Wimbledon Seedings

    Just came out: Gentlemen’s Singles DJOKOVIC, Novak (SRB) [1] NADAL, Rafael (ESP) [2] MURRAY, Andy (GBR) [3] FEDERER, Roger (SUI) [4] WAWRINKA, Stan (SUI) [5] BERDYCH, Tomas (CZE) [6] FERRER, David (ESP) [7] RAONIC, Milos (CAN) [8] ISNER, John (USA) [9] NISHIKORI, Kei (JPN) [10]...
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    Are Tennis shoes necessary?

    Hello, I was just wondering if tennis shoes are really necessary for someone playing 3 x a week, indoors in the winter and outdoors in spring/summer/fall. Currently just using NB sneakers. If you think they are indeed necessary can you suggest what might be best. Thanks very much.
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    Head Microgel Radical and lead tape

    So i bought the Microgel Radical and it's everything they said it was, incredible control on groundstrokes and at the net. My problem is the lack of power, i do need to restring the racquet(i have used Tecnifiber multi 16 in the past) but was wondering about lead tape. I did read the...
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    Looking for racquet help

    Hello, After 28 years I'm getting back into the game and boy has alot changed. Trying to pick out a racquet is now quite a task. Here's some background, I'm most likely a 3.5 player, mainly from the baseline, hit a hard flat ball. Currently using a ProKennex Asymmetric 100" strung with...