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    Head Flexpoint Radical Tour Grommets

    Are there any other Head grommets that fit the Flexpoint Radical Tour? It doesn't seem like TW sells grommets specifically for this racquet.
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    Any opinions on the Graphene XT Speed MP?

    Have anyone tried the Graphene XT Speed MP that TW is currently selling at a pretty low price? I can't seem to find any indepth reviews of the original or this version. I'm thinking if this plays anything like the current 360+ Speed, TF40, or Pure Strike, it could be a very good bargain option...
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    Court hogging shenanigans. What's your verdict?

    Sorry in advance for the super long post, but I want to try to cover everything relevant in order to not skew judgment. I would like to hear your verdict on the issue. My group was next in line waiting for a court to open up at our regular public tennis park. After about 25 minutes, the group...
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    Does this class/coach sound...problemtic?

    My friend recently decided to start learning tennis as a complete beginner, and joined a beginners class. Every new detail I hear about this class and the coach makes me question the expertise of the coach more. During a hitting session, I noticed that he has a pretty good semi-western...
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    What should the net player do in doubles when the baseline player hits a sitter??

    To elaborate on the situation. My team is playing the normal 1 up 1 back. I'm at the net. The opponent is playing 2 back. During a baseline CC rally, my partner at baseline hits a sitter that lands near the T. I see an opponent player get ready to rip the ball. What is the best option for the...
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    How to pick up balls

    Can someone please, for the love of everything good, teach me how to pick up a ball by tapping it with the racquet. This is getting ridiculous. I am a very good dribbler in basketball, but somehow I just can't figure out how people tap the ball like twice and get it to a good height to just...
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    Which player has similar serving motion to Del Potro, but platform stance?

    I'm looking for a serving motion to model after. I've found recently that DelPo's prep and take back style seem to work well for me, but I use platform stance while he uses pinpoint. Is there a player with similar serving motion to DelPo's but uses platform stance?
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    Is Head Youtek IG Radical Pro true 98?

    I know Head had this whole measure inside or outside the hoop shenanigans. Was the IG Radical Pro one of those 98s but is actually 95 sq. in., or was it a true 98 sq. in? Also, anyone know if the cap grommet should be installed from head to throat or throat to head? Looking at the grommets, my...
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    Kirschbaum String Special

    If you are allowed to disclose the info, how long will the Kirschbaum strings special last?
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    Random detail I noticed with wristbands

    I know this is completely pointless, and maybe wrong section, but I noticed that the vast majority of players who wear wristbands either wear them on both arms, or on the dominant arm only. It's just a weird pattern that stood out to me because I wear mine on my off arm without giving it too...
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    Question for Chris

    Hi Chris, If you had to choose one, which would you say would feel most like your TF40 305 + leather grip but with a 16x19 string pattern? Pure Strike 98 Gen 3 + leather grip (or weight added to the handle), Pure Strike Tour Gen 3 stock, or maybe you have a better suggestion?
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    Some Formula for Common Racquet Spec Calculations

    I was in a bit of a tinkering spree, and I got tired of having to type the measurements into multiple tools online, so I looked into the page sources and extracted the formula so I can just shove them all into a spreadsheet. I have no clue why these aren't just clearly published on the webpages...
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    Quick question: what tension to string Silver 7 Tour at

    The general consensus seems to be to string Silver 7 Tour at lower tension than other polys. I normally string softer polys (cyclone tour) at 52lbs, and firmer polys (confidential) at 50 lbs in my Vcore 95 (not the 2021). I am going to try Silver 7 Tour for the first time. What tension should I...
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    Recommend me a string to rrplace Volkl Cyclone Tour

    I have been using Volkl Cyclone Tour 17g Red @ 50 lbs in my Yonex Vcore 95. I enjoy the ball biting feel, spin potential, and "pop" of the string. I like the string when it is fresh for about 4 hrs, but it loses tension too quickly, and becomes too erratic by the 8th-ish hour. I am about to...
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    Can a player "opt for second serve"?

    The title probably made no sense. Let me explain. I was playing a match today, and had a small disagreement with my opponent. He served, it was really close to the line and I couldn't tell if it was in or out so I played it. He then caught the ball and prepared for a second serve. I stopped him...
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    Does prestretching help or harm with "breaking in" a string

    A few firmer poly string need a bit of "breaking in" time to soften up and become more responsive. Personally I experienced this with Solinco Confidential. I've also heard that the Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour needs some breaking in time. I'm wondering if prestretching can maybe help...
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    A bit of a dilemma on how to approach practice matches

    Personally, I don't take practice matches with friends too seriously. I don't mind losing if I get to polish certain skills or learn from mistakes. However, I've been facing a bit of a dilemma recently. I only really get to play the same three people. We are all around high beginner, low...
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    Is there such a stat for "total career ATP points"

    Maybe I'm just bad at googling. Is there anyway I can find out how many total ATP points a player has earned throughout his entire career as if the points don't drop off after some time? I really feel like I should be able to find this fairly easily. I can already see the angry comments coming...
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    Roast my serve (advices are nice too)

    My friend decided to randomly film one of my serves today for whatever reason, so I thought might as well get some free advices online. A bit of background, I started learning tennis in February, and then immediately stopped by the rona. I started playing again in June, so I have about 6 months...
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    Trying poly for the first time, what tension?

    My friend wants to try poly strings for the first time. He has been using Pure Drive + 2015 with Head Velocity 17g @ 50lbs. I am going to string his racquet with Volkl Cyclone Tour 17g because that is what I am using and I have a reel of it. What tension do you think I should string it at? I...
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    Tension way low. Need diagnosis help?

    *Edit: turns out I just wasn't operating the tensioner properly*
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    How to weave crosses on the Mistringer?

    I recently got the Mistringer, and I really really want to like it. If only it wasn't a complete nightmare to weave the crosses. The little tool that it comes with doesn't work even a little bit with polys. Anyone have any tips on how to weave crosses on this machine? My fingers are skinny, but...
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    Videos of pros with OHB handling high backhand in match situation?

    I'm looking for videos of players handling high backhand shots with OHB in actual match situations. There is only so much you can get from tutorial videos where the situation is very controlled. I said pros in the title because I assume it would be easiest to find video of pros.
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    Gamma TNT2/Head Lynx upgrade?

    I have been trying to find my ideal setup by string type, and I think my winner is syn gut/round poly. This setup gave me a plush, but not noodly string bed. I feel very connected to the ball. It has a nice pop, but not too powerful. I purposely chose slick strings for spin potential, which...
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    Babolat Pure Aero Banana Standard or Babolat Pure Aero Banana Tour?

    Alright, I'll stop saying banana. I recently demoed the Pure Aero, as I am looking for a more easy power easy spin racquet for those times near the end of a hitting session when I just want to be lazy and stay at the baseline and hit deep topspin heavy rallies. First hit with it was terrible as...
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    Any big jumper wearing Adidas Stycon?

    I played basketball for 15 years before learning tennis. I have been playing tennis in basketball shoes since those are the shoes I'm accustomed to. I personally prefer high-top shoes with ample ankle support, but the recent trend in basketball have been moving toward mostly low-tops because...
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    TWU Swingweight Calculation Formula

    Can the TWU Professor share what calculation formula that is being used by the swingweight calculator to calculate swingweight from the parameters? I like to create a spread sheet for the specs of all the racquets I have or demoed, and knowing the formula would save a lot of work from inputting...
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    What is the "plushest" racquet that offers the most "free power"?

    It seems like "plush" is almost exclusively reserved for low-powered control oriented racquets like Head Pro Tour, Volkl C10 Pro, Prince Phantom 93p...etc. I guess it makes sense since a lot of times the power of powerful racquets come partially from the stiffness. I'm curious what people...
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    Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs 315

    Have anyone played with both? I was only able to demo the 315 version because the 305 demo seem to be always out of stock. Just looking at specs, the 315 is ~10 gram heavier but also 4 pts head lighter. This suggests to me that the difference between the two are added weights near the handle for...
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    Quick question: string length for two piece stringing on 18x20

    Should I worry about a normal pack of string running short when stringing 18x20 two piece/hybrid? I doubt I would run out of strings for the string bed, but I feel like I have just barely enough string to pull tension for the last cross on 16x19 already.