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    Time to root for Zverev

    This guy is gonna become the most dominating force tennis has ever seen.
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    Why didn’t we think of this earlier?!?!

    Mental toughness can be determined by Olympics record as it occurs every 4 years and is one of the most desired tournaments in tennis (for the players at least) 1. Murray 2. Nadal 3. Djokovic 4. Federer you could say Fed should be ahead of Djokovic cuz he won a single in silvers, but I can’t...
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    Musetti quitting is a genius move for tennis

    What tennis needs is a Tomic, but a Tomic that becomes the greatest of his generation. That would reel in the audience for sure, and tennis would no longer be a dying sport, which is what many of us perceive it to be. It was a good run Kyrgios, but let's leave the rest to Musetti.
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    Best of the Next gen have really stepped up this slam

    A shame their final task which likely involve trying to take out Nadal, in which they will fail. But Tsitsipas and Medvedev in particular have been playing great. Zverev I see getting to the semis, but never know if he’s gonna fold along the way or afterwards. Not only has the best of the next...
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    Philosophical Thoughts

    You guys want to share philosophical thoughts/have philosophical discussion? Here is a thread. So far, I got nothing.
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    Fill out this form please

    A & B means tied, one not better than the other. The following is my take, it would be cool if y'all gave your own honest takes. Current Greatness: Nadal - 1a Federer - 1b Djokovic - 3 Greatness after French Open if Nadal wins: Nadal - 1 Federer - 2 Djokovic - 3 Greatness after French Open...
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    Would you give up 20% of your future salary for your favorite of the Big 3 to be cemented as GOAT?

    Vote Change question to: Every one of your favorites in every sport you like to watch as GOAT
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    Man, McEnroe was clueless here

    I'm sure you guys remember, but he said Serena wasn't the greatest tennis player of all time because she would be ranked low on the men's tour. Embarrassing that he thinks that matters. And then he tries to reiterate it the second time around here. LOL. Allow my conversation from a month ago...
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    We all know Fed is GOAT. Nadal: “Federer is greater than me. It doesn’t matter how many slams I win because I rely too much on clay, no? We all know clay is an inferior surface.” Djokovic: “Everyone knows clay is an inferior surface. True GOAT is either me or Federer. Many would say “Federer...
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    This is it, no more debates. FO 2021 will decide GOAT.

    All 3 of the big 3 are going to play in the French Open, Nadal's favorite tournament so I'm not being biased here. Whoever comes in loses first is the true GOAT. No more debates after this.
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    Will Nadal be able to remain the grand slam leader, since he has claimed he will retire after this year's US Open? It seems weird that he would prioritize anything other than beating out Djokovic right now. I mean, even if he wins out this calender year, that's 23 slams. Even Fed could potentially catch up to him...
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    Wassup buddies

    I drank some and realized that tennis and soccer are the greatest sports on Earth. VAMOOOOOOS. Tom Brady the GOAT of GOATs though. A well deserved win by Nadal. Let's hope Djokovic and Nadal meet in FO final once again. Though I hope Tom Brady doesn't have to meet Mahomes in the SB again...
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    Make a case for your least favorite member of the big3 as being better than the other two.

    Embrace it. I already did this before so I’ll be quick. Nadal is the most dominating presence on a single surface ever. I always thought Djokovic had the highest peak but Nadal did beat a younger Federer in both the AO and W finals. It often seems like, in recent days that he is the one...
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    Your biggest financial mistakes?

    I heavily invested in crypto during the stock market boom about a year ago I think. Then sold all of my crypto right before the crypto boom. Seeing that I make 11k a year, and missed out on about a 100k, this has kind of put a damper on my mood. Now I know (actually knew this before, but now I'm...
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    Hote take: tweener not an amusing shot to watch

    It was cool maybe the first couple of times I've seen a successful one, but the shot is kind of an eyesore. I don't know why tennis highlights throw in the tweener on an otherwise unimportant point as if they are going to get more viewers. What do you guys think?
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    Anyone post this already? About a person getting paid to tarnish Djokovic?
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    Djokovic really did have a muscle tear Says he felt it snap and also went to MRI and it confirmed a tear.
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    NBA 2020-21 Thread

    Wish @stringertom would have made this, but let's get the ball rolling.
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    How hard would it be to build your own personal cryptocurrency tax software?

    It seems like it would be easy enough to me, but a lot of companies are making money from doing this so maybe it is more complicated? Should I do everything by hand instead? I did maybe 500 crypto transactions in the past year. I can't use online tax software because there are issues with my...
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    Lyrics from songs that move you

    "Dance with the devil and test our faith I was thinkin' chess moves but it was God's grace" - Nipsey Hussle (Higher)
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    Do you use different standards to define the greatest for each sport to inevitably convince yourself that....

    ....your favorite potential GOAT in each sport is the true GOAT for their sport?
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    The best is yet to come

    Make of that what you will
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    Very hard worker FRV4 prefers Federer over Nadal

    "Nadal is the worst" - FRV4 The common man has spoken
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    FRV4 serves

    Thought I'd upload these again Radar reading from serve that went into net This next one is probably the fastest one, but a hindrance I already figured out what I am doing wrong that causes for my racket to be angled incorrectly at contact. I wasn't pushing my hips into the court and...
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    As a Fedovic fan....

    I think Nadal has the strongest case for GOAT now and will essentially be cemented GOAT with a commanding slam lead, even though I think Fed and Djoker are better at 2/3 surfaces. Life isn’t fair. Get used to it. Nadal GOAT. Honestly, for me, that Olympic gold in singles is a much bigger deal...
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    No Excuses

    First person not named Nadal to reach 21 slams is the GOAT. 20 17 3 3