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    PK KI Black Ace Pro Grommets

    Will TW carry these? I reached out to PK, personally, weeks ago, but nothing. Maybe your connections can uncover more information about the potential availability of these. Thanks.
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    Volkl V-Feel V1 Pro Grommets

    Will you be carrying these in the future? Currently I don't see them in your inventory at all, and I don't think a previous version works for this update.
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    ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour & Tour Pro 315

    Hoping to get some feedback from a few of the reviewers of the Tour and Tour Pro 315. I'm leaning toward a blind purchase of one of these frames. The Tour Pro 315 is closer to my usual specs, but I wonder how the Tour (300g) would compare with a little lead in the hoop and a heavy leather grip...
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    Chris and Andy: Babolat PCT vs Blade 98 2015

    I hit the PCT for a few years after picking up a few secondhand from separate owners. Amazingly, the frames were a gram apart (342 and 343g strung; 7pts and 8pts. hl). I loved this frame and played well with it, but I much prefer my frames around the 330-335g range and balanced around 5-6pts hl...
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    Grommets: BB London

    Hello, Will you be getting any more grommets for the BB London? Thanks for looking into this.
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    Volkl Leather Grips

    Will TW be stocking these again soon? I just bought a frame with this grip on it and love it. I went to order a few from your site about a week ago, and a "11/13" shipment was expected. Now that it's removed completely from the site, I'm curious.
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    Failures, Successes, and Inquiries of a New Stringer

    My first stringer purchase was to be around the first of the year, but a friend gave me an older Klippermate (early 90's model), so my stringing adventures have started sooner rather than later. In two weeks, I've strung four racquets and have gotten a little better with each one. I've read...
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    London Bridges

    The first was destroyed in battle, and the second has been rendered disfunctional. Many citizens are missing or have left, but the third has been erected, so welcome all BB London loyalists, users, and enthusiasts. Let the debate resume:)
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    Leather Grip Question

    I'm on the verge of buying a few TW leather grips for my BB London, which I bought in my standard grip size. Therefore, it's important that I come close to matching the width of the leather with the width of the synthetic currently on the racquet. I'm assuming that I will have to go as thin...
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    Leather Grip Question

    TW, I'm considering buying a few TW Leather Grips and was wondering if anyone knew the actual weight of the Dunlop Hydramax Tour Grip? The website lists the weights for the Leather grips, but I can't find a weight for the Dunlop Hydramax Tour. Thanks.
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    question for racket physicists

    I'm wondering if the following stock rackets are polarized or depolarized---if anyone knows: 300 Tour C-10 Pro 2008 K-Blade 98 BB 11 325
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    C-10 Pro Users

    I started playing tennis in 2004 with a 300G. When the 300 Tour came out I transitioned to it. Within a few years I found my home at the 4.0 level. I'm a hard hitter who plays an all-court game. I hit a heavy topspin 1hbh and mix it up with a slice. My forehand is my weaker side but definitely...