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    Grommets for Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Hello! Anyone know where I can get grommets for the Liquidmetal Radical MP or if there is another grommet set that is interchangable?
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    Alu Lime Hybrid Recommendation - Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Hello! I recently discovered Alu Power Lime 16L and love it in my Liquidmetal Radical MP. I tried a full bed at 49# and it played excellent from the baseline, but I feel it lacks power volleying at the net. I'm approx 4.0 level. In my most recent experience, I paired Alu Power Lime 16L @...
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    Hybrid Setup fo LM Rad MP

    I'm looking for a hybrid setup for my two LM Radical MPs. I currently have a reel of Wilson Sensation 17g strings that I am thinking of using for the for the crosses. It is currently a full bed but the balls fly too deep and control and "POP" are just not there. I am a baseliner that...