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    A question for people that saw Sabatini in the late 80s and early 90s

    so djokovics smash failure is also a mental issue?
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    Who is the greater player Agassi or Lendl?

    agassis natural talent is very overrated, like hus return. he was drilled by his father from his birth, that is the main reason for his success.
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    Anyone missing Wawrinka, Stan the Man?

    djokovic is missing peak wawrinka for sure.
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    US Open 2021 the most memorable slam ever?

    i already forgot it.
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    Novak Fans - another AO, a third RG, or a fourth USO?

    uso, he really underperformed there. 6 finals lost and only 3 won is terrible, and so is nadals 1 more us open title.
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    Most efficient player of all time?

    both! sampras was weakest year end number 1 in of the weakest periods of tennis.
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    the loss to nishikori in 2014 us open is worse than all losses to murray and wawrinka combined.
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    he was outplayed i 4 of these 5 finals, had not much to do with mental toughness.
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    Who defeated the highest level Safin?

    it does count if you break it down to surface, because this was safins highest level ever on grass.
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    Who defeated the highest level Safin?

    how about ivanisevic defeating safin at wimbledon 2001 quarterfinal? this was the best safin ever played on grass, and it was close, but goran made all first serves in the tiebreaks.
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    Most efficient player of all time?

    sampras. he did just enough to win. the way he finished 1998 as worst year end number 1 ever also speaks for his efficiency.
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    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    i really would like to know if seles serve at 6:5 in the first set tiebreak was really out. it looked like an ace, but was called out. maybe the most biggest line mistake in the history of women tennis.
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    Djoko's stamina?

    both djokovic and tsitsipas played their best tennis in the first set, but djokovic then had a very bad service game when serving for the first set, and then was awful in the second set. but he started very well against a very well playing opponent.
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    What would they do if they weren't professional tennis players/

    federer is as stupid as it gets, nadal is not much smarter.
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    Medvedev 2021 Uo vs Wawrinka 2016 Uo who wins?

    Medvedev, no debate for me.
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    How was roddick able to serve as fast as he did when he was only 6 foot 2 and not even very lanky?

    yes there was a documentary about his serve in german, around 2003 or 2004, and it was mentioned that his shoulder was very flexible, much much more than an average person.
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    Would you be willing to lock it in at 20-20-20 at this very moment?

    but federer has a better slam distribution than djokovic and nafal.
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    Would you be willing to lock it in at 20-20-20 at this very moment?

    i disagree, nadals chances are nearly as good as djokovics.
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    Did Becker have the potential to be on par with Borg?

    becker said the 1990 wimby loss against edberg is his most bitter loss.
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    Stepanek is a much better play than Kyrgios

    kyrgios doesnt have potential to be number 1 and never had.
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    Did Becker have the potential to be on par with Borg?

    he underachieved at wimbledon, should have won at least the1990 wimby final.
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    Bigger waste: Marcelo Rios or Guillermo Coria?

    rios was more talented that for sure, coria is very overrated, even more than rios.
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    The wait for 21……..

    novak reached 20 just 2 months ago so he only had 1 try to get to 21, it is not likehe failed 100 times like serena williams to get 24!
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    2021 YE #1 Race: Daniil vs. Novak

    yes you are right, somehow i added 1000 imagenery to medvedev. 1990 should be big enough to hold it till end of the year.
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    Novak Djokovic and the battle for the unprecedented 7th year ending number one title

    last year was a very decimated year, so he needs this year # 1, then he has 1 more real year # 1 than federer and nadal.
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    More Foot Trouble For Rafa

    there is no clear winner but there is a clear loser: nadal. he is too much behind the other 2 in everything outside number of slams.
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    Daniil favourite for ao

    djokovic is only favourite at wimbledon, if he stays healthy. at the other slams he is joint favourite with at least 2 or 3 or even 4 players. and at least one is more favourite than him, like mefvefev at ao and uo and nadal at the french.
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    2021 YE #1 Race: Daniil vs. Novak

    usually the one who finishes first in the live year ranking is the one who is year end number 1. right now novak only has a 990 points advantage over daniil in the champiions race, so daniil has very good chances to be year end number 1.
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    2022 is going to be a crazy slam race year yet again

    really? i think nadals chances to finish first are equal to djokovics.