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  1. gjm127

    Federer News

    It's sad :(
  2. gjm127

    Laver Cup promo gone wrong Roger, Godsick and McEnroe are on a CNBC show to take questions and promote this year's Laver Cup but McEnroe's exchange with the show host turns a little ugly and air time is taken away...
  3. gjm127

    Djokovic to play Indian Wells in October

    So Indian Wells promotes Djokovic's return by posting a boring 31 shot baseline to baseline rally? No wonder people are losing interest...
  4. gjm127

    what if Federer, Nadal and Djokovic decide not to retire....

    But still ended up witn 3 majors and 3 sets away from CYGS lol. His standards are way above the other 2 now as we speak, they're not at all in the same boat like most people think.
  5. gjm127


    IMO Nadal has as many chances as Fed did coming into AO17. Fed is in uncharted waters now. As usual, he is the one who sets the standard for longevity and performance with old age.
  6. gjm127

    Radacanu fires her coach

    It's a cold world out there
  7. gjm127

    Last minute LAVER CUP entrant?

    They're so good :love: yet... limited time offer :(
  8. gjm127

    Last minute LAVER CUP entrant?

    He wasn't supposed to go initially. He specifically mentioned that he would have to spend a weekend watching TV for LC this year à couple of days ago. Hmmm... In any case, it's good news :)
  9. gjm127

    What will Federer's career actually look like when he comes back from knee surgery?

    Yes but it's another extra year added to his age. Those don't help. Every year passing by now has major impact on his stamina, physique, etc...
  10. gjm127

    Djokovic beat Rafa and Roger...

    Yes. But the streak would have ended at 3 had Djokovic beaten Fed at the RG SF that year. :cool:
  11. gjm127

    Who's results/performance was more impressive at chasing the CYGS: Federer 2006 or Djokovic 2015 ?

    Of course it's Fed '06 as the deciding factor was at the RG final. Fed had to face the king of clay at his peak and still gave himself a chance with 4 sets Djokovic chocked against Wawrinka and got to 4 No brainer.
  12. gjm127

    What will Federer's career actually look like when he comes back from knee surgery?

    I see his next return exactly the same as his 2021 return. Slow start in challenger/500 tournaments with the goal of being "in shape" for Wimbledon. I'm hoping for better results if the crowd is there, if there are no hesitations with the knee, considering the surgery was not botched and if he...
  13. gjm127

    Coolest pictures of pros

    That's just insane height difference. I wonder how ball bounces differentials would look like when these two face each other.
  14. gjm127

    Emma Raducanu News

    It's really impressive how much his English has improved over the years. It always surprises me when I watch him speak in pre-2009 interview videos. Kudos to him.
  15. gjm127

    Emma Raducanu News

    I think it would make sense for me to own the #100 reply, do you agree? :X3:
  16. gjm127

    Imagine the scenes if Nadal sweeps #21 at RG 2022

    Will it negatively contribute to the never-ending unhealthy GOAT debate?
  17. gjm127

    Doctor Explains Roger Federer's Multiple Knee Surgeries

    Is this copy-pasted from a 2016 thread lol? I don't think it applies now unfortunately.
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    And if not for compromised mind, Kyrgios would be right there with them :)
  19. gjm127


    I think you're right about his mental toughness. I don't see him choking like the rest of the mugs, he doesn't come across as a choker.
  20. gjm127

    Emma Raducanu News

    Raducanu is also Canadian. I wasn't rooting for anyone. In fact I didn't even watch the final :)
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    Why don't we actually call him a mug like the others? He has all the accolades. I'll start.
  22. gjm127

    Emma Raducanu News

    I bet this thread will not go over 100 replies. Raducanu will be a one slam wonder but every slam winner deserves its News thread.
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    Federer News

    He is asked about LC and doing promotions for LC21 -> LC22. Of course his goal is to come back at LC22 given he's answering LC-specific questions. I wouldn't read into it this much. We would have known in much clearer way if he does not intend to come back before.
  24. gjm127

    Anyone missing Wawrinka, Stan the Man?

    The 2019 USO matchup against Djokovic wasn't that long ago. Wawrinka can still bring it. I hope he comes back strong (y)
  25. gjm127

    Is Wimbledon in trouble? Interest-wise, level wise.

    "As of late", within the context of Wimbledon's existance :) = since 2004
  26. gjm127

    How many Wawrinkas are out there? (or there have been in the past)

    That would coincide with LostGen, so probably no. The only one who stands out and is in a "Gen" of his own is Thiem and yes, I do think he will have his chances at RG and USO again. It's what I hope anyway.
  27. gjm127

    Is Wimbledon in trouble? Interest-wise, level wise.

    There is no relevant build-up to Wimbledon that makes it a culminating tournament like RG or USO. It's just a bunch of players who don't know how to play on grass and don't have any time to get up to speed on it either in the season. This hurts Wimbledon in my opinion, but Wimbledon survives...
  28. gjm127

    Medvedev is the ONLY player with a winning record over Novak when the Serb is #1

    Not sure about his Wimbledon chances. I have difficulty seeing him go the distance with his awkward playing style.
  29. gjm127

    Medvedev is the ONLY player with a winning record over Novak when the Serb is #1

    Medvedev will win more than 1 hard court slam. I can't say the same for the other NexGenners.