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  1. Mike Bulgakov

    Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn | December 21 2020 | Griffith Observatory

    Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn | December 21 2020 | Griffith Observatory Griffith Observatory 21.1K subscribers Watch the Great Conjunction Webcast Live on Monday, December 21, 2020, starting at 4:30 p.m. On Monday, December 21, 2020, the Winter Solstice, planets Jupiter and Saturn will...
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    July 13 is National French Fry Day. Everywhere You Can Get Free & Cheap Fries Today for National French Fry Day
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    CHOCOLATE FACTS: 1. THERE ARE MULTIPLE CELEBRATIONS OF CHOCOLATE EACH YEAR. Holiday makers are constantly on the hunt for a reason to munch on chocolate, so the calendar offers plenty of excuses to buy a bar. July 7 is also Chocolate Day, a nod to the historical tradition that the day marks...
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    Thursday, August 8 International Cat Day 2019 A day for cat owners to wonder what sinister schemes their cat is plotting?
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    LUCIE ŠAFÁŘOVÁ Lucie announces retirement from tennis NOV 10, 2018by MORGANEin NEWS Like 1 This weekend, Lucie Safarova is in Prague, to attend the Fed Cup final. She just gave a press conference to announce her retirement from tennis. The Australian Open 2019 will be her last tournament and...
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    Should Ball Kids Wear Surgical Gloves Before Handling Player's Towels As BG Suggests?

    The four top pro coaches did a great job answering questions on this forum, but I found Brad's answer very funny in the following exchange: I find the image of ball kids wearing surgical gloves and handling players' towels with outstretched hands at Wimbledon very comical. This would also work...
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    Discovery Channel's Faux Documentaries

    A friend suggested that I watch Discovery Channel's faux documentaries, "Amish Mafia," "The Devils Ride," and "Moonshiners" for a laugh. From a cinematic, legal, and logical standpoint, there is very little reality in these shows. Does anyone view these shows as "reality television"?
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    Bosworth Racquets

    Will you be selling more vintage Bosworth racquets?
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    Mats Wilander in a hospital after a fall at his Melbourne apartment

    I hope that Mats has a speedy recovery. Mats Wilander has lacerated kidney MELBOURNE, Australia -- Former champion Mats Wilander has been admitted to a hospital in Melbourne following a fall on the eve of the Australian Open. The 47-year-old Swede is being treated for a laceration to...
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    Chris Evert 1971 Match

    I was channel surfing and caught part of a match between Chris Evert and an American named Eisel from 1971 on ESPN Classic. I have never watched a women's match from that era, and a few things really surprised me. Chris Evert served with two balls, and if she made her first serve, she tossed...
  12. Mike Bulgakov

    Help Kei Nishikori raise money for the victims of the disaster in Japan

    Help Japan’s number one tennis player Kei Nishikori raise money for the victims of the disaster in Japan. Kei’s initial donation was the first step. Roger Federer Match Used Signed Sony Ericsson 2011 Racquet...
  13. Mike Bulgakov

    Do the Tecnifibre TFlash 315 VO2 Max grommets fit Fischer VT Pro 98 racquets?

    Do the Tecnifibre TFlash 315 VO2 Max grommets fit Fischer VT Pro 98 racquets and their lineage (Pro Number One, M Pro Number One 98, etc.)? The mold and grommets look to be the same.
  14. Mike Bulgakov

    Tecnifibre TFight 335 (18x20) Racquet

    I am a Fischer user looking to experiment with new racquets. The Tecnifibre TFight 335 (18x20) looks like a good choice, but is a little stiffer than I would like. Some think this is a similar mold to older Dunlop pro frames and others feel it is close to the old Head Pro Tour 630/280. Both...
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    Fischer Vacuum Pro Classic (330 gram) and Vacuum Pro 90 (Stich)

    I have several Fischer Vacuum Pro Classic (98", 330 gram, plus weight added to the handle and head) frames and I love the feel and control of these racquets. They are elongated compared to the similar red VT Pro 98, another frame with great feel. I am interested in trying a Vacuum Pro 90...
  16. Mike Bulgakov

    Davis Cup Should Be Held Every Two Years

    Davis Cup resumes in a few weeks. The title would mean more if the event was held every other year. It is hard to imagine that the American and Russian players are charged to play a tie so soon after the final. The winner should have a year to enjoy the title. Russia v Serbia will be...
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    Mats Wilander Interview

    I stumbled upon this Mats Wilander interview and thought it might be of interest. Few players have played a more cerebral game.,,2108454,00.html
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    Roger Federer in 2008

    This is an old, but relevant, essay on Roger Federer written by David Foster Wallace. In 2008 Federer could: break the record for Grand Slam titles; complete a career Grand Slam; and/or win an Olympic gold metal. Or will he fall off the mountain and only win two Slams, feel humiliated, and...
  19. Mike Bulgakov

    Tursunov Muses About Tennis Scandals of 2007

    Tursunov has a pretty intelligent take on the tennis "scandals" of 2007 IMO. Dmitry Tursunov recently discussed the sport's scandals: Last Updated 12:27 am PST Friday, November 30, 2007 On match-fixing: "The few times I've talked to the press (about it), they've brought up cases that...
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    U.S. v Russia Davis Cup Final

    Davydenko to Lead Russia in Davis Cup Final MOSCOW (Reuters) - World number four Nikolai Davydenko will lead defending champion Russia in the Davis Cup final against the United States, the team said on Wednesday. Davydenko will be joined by world number 19 Mikhail Yuzhny, Igor Andreev (33)...