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    Are SuperFeet insoles worth the price?

    Yes, TW was selling cross trainers which is same as heavy duty insoles.
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    Insoles suggestion?

    Sorbothane Classic Full Sole Insole It won't increase your size and provide much needed comfort (available at hola @ bird). It will last you long time (put at the bottom and factory insole on top).
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    pair of vapor X for $25 is amazing... care to share where you find it... lowest I found for $50 at evilbay
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    Pospisil: Tennis Needs Change

    no wonder it is not very popular in US compare to team sports. Soccer, basketball & lacrosse is more popular in states (may others as well). After Roger, Rafa & Novak tennis popularity will deep big time.
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Any plan for new version of babolat pure aero VS tour
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    Kecmanovic - Aeropro Drive or Pure Aero?

    so many pros using VS Tour model but babolat is not pushing it...Felix, Ryan harrison, Jack Socks & Marco Cecchinato (maybe few more)
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    that outsole (looks like clay court) is not for hard courts for sure
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    Ryan Harrison's racquet in Memphis

    356 strung weight 32.5 (5.5) headlight 369 swing weight 68 stiffness 49 pound string tension for babolat Pro Hurricane - Tour and Vs Gut 69/100 power
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    Pro Penn Marathon VS Pro Penn +

    I used dunlop heavy stuff while ago and never thought of going back after using propenn heavy duty (if it is not broken don't fix it :D:D)
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    Felix Auger Alliassime racquet specs

    yeah I am surprised as many pro use pure aero vs mold but not very popular among club players. I love this pure aero vs out of all Babolat (even if I used pure drive for longtime)
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    Pro Penn Marathon VS Pro Penn +

    I had an issue with Dunlop balls as they were hard on the elbow, so I was hesitating at first but two thumbs up for ProPenn extra or heavy duty balls. They last longer for sure compare any balls (Costco sell pen balls worst of a kind)
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: KSwiss Ultrashot 2 Shoes

    my all time all time fav classic
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    Power Pads really do provide more power

    If they are perfectly cut like Roger's racquet maybe 2-4 grams at the max but provide great dampening. I used it on my K90 & RF97. As specially RF97 is stiff racquet with full poly. I feel pretty good with power pad on it otherwise poly + racquet stiffness won't allow me to use full poly at all...
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    wow...amazing deal
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    thanks, I didn't click on google link where price tag picture was uploaded (on my system, it is not showing a picture but a link)
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    Federer opened my eyes to Uniqlo

    roger must be saying uniqlo opened my eyes with $$$ at age of
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    how much you paid?
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    Luxilon Natural Gut 1.25 String advise

    even TW review (Chris) mentioned he prefer full bed of poly. I prefer a full bed of poly or full bed natural gut. Gut might get shredded or poly playability goes down before either one break. The hybrid option will work better if you can afford it. I feel one string (single or two piece...
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    Anyone tried Sorbothane insoles?

    Classic won't increase your shoe size. Maximum duty gives provide comfortable feel but make sure your current shoe is not a very tight fit with factory insole. Maximum last me 6 to 9 months and classic using since Jan-18 with factory insole (sorbo at bottom)
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    Anyone tried Sorbothane insoles?

    sorboair will be similar to maximum duty work insoles (maybe lighter). I used both insoles to play tennis not for work shoes (no reason for me to report on a tennis forum :laughing::laughing: most of the aftermarket insoles will add weight as factory insoles (most of them) are junk.
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    Anyone tried Sorbothane insoles?

    I have used both Sorbothane Classic Full Sole Insoles and Sorbothane Maximum Duty Work Insoles. A classic insole is thin with a full bed of Sorbothane material and you can use with your existing insole or use alone (create little more room in the shoe if used alone) Maximum duty insoles need...
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    What the heck is Rafa wearing?

    I can take any color but replace sleeveless to a regular t-shirt...please I can't watch rafa is not young anymore & thinning hair
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    I am annoyed to no end that Federer lost the #1 ranking

    looks like OP is annoyed and me too... I am annoyed to no end that Federer becomes number #1 without hitting a single ball on
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    Ryan Harrison to babolat - top to bottom

    He switches to babolat apparel & shoes (already with pure aero vs tour).
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    Partial order shipped

    TW USA doesn't do that i.e. back order or out of stock item ship out for free (whenever it is available). Again, policies are different country to country you have to ask tennis only.
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    thanks for sending the wrong grip size and then hanging up the phone

    busy time of the year unless you are new to the offense but TW customer service is top notch compare to any (mean it) retailer in US
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    No Facebook Happy Hour Last 2 Weeks?

    so many deals going on at the moment so no happy one in January 2018
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    Does Federer Actually Play With the RF97?

    crazy...that's all come to TW specs settle the dispute. If someone has more to add please check your ego.
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    Does Nadal deserve the YE#1?

    If Roger can skip entire clay season and still get come back of the year award why not Nadal...such thread make no sense even if you are a fan of any player...
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    Wilson six one 95 18x20 2017

    it has amplifeel on the handle...