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    the semi - annual "Djokovic doesn't care about _____________" thread

    So, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow ttw posters. You heard it first Novak Djokovic does not care about Olympics anymore.
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    Well, olympics are tightly closed & stricter you know...

    So there's no way "pyramids" can sneak in unnoticed
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    that's what aggressive Zverev is capable of doing

    Flashes of 2017-18 levels of agression again from the German. Combine that attitude with his consistency of today's, he can be the dominant force.
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    Federer 2019 vs Roddick 2009 in Wimbledon final

    Both lost a heartbreaking 5 setter final and both should have won in 4 sets at max. In the previous comparison we saw 2015 Fed vs 2009 Roddick, but I think 2015 fed did not show the mental toughness or physicality to hang for 5 sets in the final whereas 2019 fed did show that. So, lovely...
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    Does anyone play tennis clash here?

    I'm interested to know if you do. Maybe we can play together
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    2-1 Tribute to @Beckerserve
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    How the hell did I miss this?? ONE OF THEIR BEST MATCHES, EVER...

    How did I not watch this one? The drama, tennis quality & tension is off the charts. Some of the DTL backhands Delpo made in set 1 & 2, just wow....
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    Ask me anything - 4

    Yeah, you heard it. Ask Anything, ladies and gentlemen. I'll try to answer with utmost honesty & do my best
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    Who was the closest to beat Novak at a grandslam this year?

    Hello Lovely ladies and gentlemen, my fellow TTW posters, as you all know, Djokovic is yet to be defeated at a grandslam BO5 match this year, even though he's looked far from his best except for a couple of flashes of brilliance. His mental toughness, clutch are incredible and yet there were...
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    It all started here

    Djokovic 3.0 began right there, the beast was awakened once again. There was spark in his eyes once again after that point was robbed from him. The rest is history as we know it, 8 out of the 12 slams afterwards. was this a major turning point in tennis history, ladies & gentlemen? I surely...
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    Congratulations to Nole fans

    #20. Enjoy. Respect.
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    I hereby humbly express my respect towards the Swiss legend, Roger Federer. What he's been doing on court at this stage of his career is nothing short of remarkable and I wish him all the good luck. You just can't hate this guy, just stop doing it even if you do right now. Love and admire the...
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    Congratulations Tiafoe

    Well done, big foe. If you read this sometime, remember the guy in blue pajamas who met you on court in practice session at USO 2017. Congratulations for the win.
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    It saddens me to no limit that

    Old man roger is still the one and only big threat to Nole's Wimbledon triumph this year, despite several factors making him almost a non-factor. Other than him, there's no one in hindsight to stop nole on grass. Dark times for tennis indeed.
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    Andrey rublev :- A dark horse for Wimbledon??

    He is The only nextgen guy with a powerful as well as consistent forehand. The backhand is solid for the most part, and he can change direction with it easily. Great Racquet head speed in hitting low balls. A decent serve. Better return than most nextgenners except for Zverev. What's your...
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    Vintage Vibes

    Am I the only one who thinks we'll get a repeat of this at this year's USO, ladies and gentlemen?? Vamos..
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    Explain the incident Fedr to its full form

    Federer Enormously Destroying Roger Some ocassions of Fedr happening Australian Open 2005 US open 2009-10-11-15 Wimbledon 2014-18-19
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    2021 halle open R32 :- Roger Federer vs I. Ivashka

    Roger returne to grass after 2 years. How do you think the match goes??
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    Don't be a glory hunter

    -To all my fellow rafa fans -Carl Thompson.
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    Congratulations to Nole and Nole fans

    Yes, My favourite player the greatest warrior of tennis world, Rafael Nadal the unconquerable Clay God lost to Djokovic, and I am pretty sad at the moment. It was unexpected but full credits to Djokovic; taking nothing away from him given how badly he was conquered last year in the final...
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    2021 RG QF :- [3] Rafael Nadal vs [10] Diego Schwartzman

    Okay so we have the repeat of last year's SF. How many games for diego?? He's just won one of the 10 marches against the God of clay. Discuss here about the match and other aspects, ladies and gentlemen.
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    Prime fittest 27 yo thiem vs (almost) 40 yo "barely played 15 months" roger

    Goes out in R1 after going 2 sets to love up. Vs Makes R16 after 1-1 in sets and almost a double break down in set 3. So much for thiem being the fittest guy on tour, ladies and gentlemen??
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    An underrated nole performance

    I don't know why many people including nole fans forgot about this tournament? Coming into this tournament, nole had been unceremoniously dumped out of sunshine double by Philip kohlscriber & RBA, Monte Carlo by medvedev. His last 6 clay tournament results were QF, QF, SF, R16, R32, QF...
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    10 reasons why we love Novak Djokovic

    Just came through this video right now. So felt like Sharing it. Бог те благословио, Ноле.