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  1. WYK

    Let's talk about the Prince NXG Midplus 100

    Designed for nearly two years from 2002 to 2003, and released in 2004. You either hated it, or you loved it. I joined TW back in 2004, almost exactly when the NXG arrived on scene. My take on it was mixed. I went with the Diablo instead at the time. Which was really a mistake. I'll explain in a...
  2. WYK

    Which versions of Wilson's PS97 are the same as the Tuxedo CV?

    I see folks on the webs saying there's a huge block of CV sticks that are idetical. A bud of mine loves the tuxedo 97CV(version 12?). So, he was wondering which other WIlson's are exactly the same with different paint for reference? Cheers!
  3. WYK

    Cheapest, stiffest, most spinny nylon for Hybrid

    Like the title says. I am gonna spend the off-season experimenting with nylon crosses - no gut, it's Ireland and it's 60-100% humid all the freaking time - also I said 'cheap'. Will likely be using ALU or Revolve in the mains, but open for suggestions there. Thanks for your input in advance(she...
  4. WYK

    Prince NEOS or Stringway MS200

    I'm in the 1-1.5K range for a new stringer. The aforementioned are my two favourites in the running so far. Not a fan of electronic ones that are slow and beepy. I'm perfectly fine with quality flying clamps. Would prefer a stand. What say you?
  5. WYK

    Pros Pro TX500N bad clamps

    Hey buds, I have a PP 500 and the clamp bases are going and will no longer cam over reliably. Will I have to replace the complete rail system, or is there a replacement cam available? Cheers
  6. WYK

    What are you Aero Storm folks stringing with?

    I imagine we are all looking for both power and control. I could use just a touch more power to push the Micro X balls we use on carpet into the service boxes faster. But I don't want to give up an ounce of control. What insights have ye?
  7. WYK

    Prescription sports glasses

    Hey good people of twmb, I was wondering if you could share some experience with sports glasses. I have a pair of quicksilver's that are nice, but was wondering if there was a nice pair of lighter frames and large lense frames you could suggest? I was maybe considering something like Oakley...
  8. WYK

    Spin friendly, low powered, durable, and affordable? What's out there?

    I use low powered players racquets, and am starting to get back in to the game after a hiatus. I play mostly on carpet now. I'm looking for something that allows me to swing out, generate my own pace but help me out with spin, and is cheap and durable. There's a HUGE choice in strings nowadays...
  9. WYK

    Estusa ProVantech

    Has anyone used one of these? It looks to be a standard Power Beam with different graphics at first glance.. WYK