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  1. mellowyellow

    The call to keep Damien Dumusois from umpiring again!

    This is the umpire from the Murray vs Nadal 2016 Montecarlo semifinal.
  2. mellowyellow

    Slight Improvement to threads

    Us their a way to possibly get the last post on page to be first post on next page? This would be a great benefit to some of the faster moving topics and pro match results. Thanks for any input.
  3. mellowyellow

    We their ever a thread about Sharapova...

    Being a grinder? I don't recall anyone referencing her as such before but now it's mentioned all the time?
  4. mellowyellow

    2015 Indian Wells

    Got to be some of the worst line calling on a grand scale, linesman and umpires every match
  5. mellowyellow

    The Umpires Have Been Horrible On Line Calls

    Just needed to be said.
  6. mellowyellow

    Djoko performance while Nadal is inactive

    Is it just me or does it seem like when Nadal is out to injury Djoko on more than one occasion has performed suspiciously bad? Anyone care to check his winning percentage while Nadal has been away over the last couple of big injuries?
  7. mellowyellow

    Ball bounce height 2014

    Just wondering if I am correct in thinking the height has been lower through the clay than what I remember. Any knowledge of intent to reduce bounce or is this strictly weather related?
  8. mellowyellow

    Further proof of new technology being too much

    Even injured the Rafas racket still helped carry him through the match with half effort swings on the ball and serve. This game is a joke anymore. Pure WWE!
  9. mellowyellow

    Andy Murray getting better...

    At wasting time, I believe by the end of the Open he will have eclipsed Humbalito as the greatest time waster in the history of tennis. Thought?
  10. mellowyellow

    Did anyone notice Courier was annoyed?

    Speaking on Harrisons draw? That got me to thinking, how many times do US players "draw" a high profile player in the first rd on American soil? I know he played him early at IW, didnt the Young have string of bad draws? Hasnt Russel and Levine played Fed and Nadal in first rds? Anyone notice...
  11. mellowyellow

    time violations, soft warnings...

    Anyone else getting annoyed with the "soft warning" when its after a longer point, and the sfu is trying to get the players attention on add in/out points? WTF they go from not enforcing it to enforcing it on still BS points and times, where is the discretion of it was a 10 plus stroke point. I...
  12. mellowyellow

    Tennis quality 2013

    Has anyone thought that the performances this year have been a little lackluster? I keep walking away feeling short changed across the board. The serving and double faults has got to be some of the worst ever. Any similar thoughts?
  13. mellowyellow

    Murray using excessive time on crucial points...

    How long will this continue before a warning?
  14. mellowyellow

    Wimbledon desperate?

    Desperate to have Radwanska move through? Na getting rooked so far....
  15. mellowyellow

    delete or lock...

    Why do so many threads get deleted and not just locked?
  16. mellowyellow

    Agassi shocked at Armstrong?? Tennis is mostly "clean"

    Really, says the testing is stringent, atleast from when he played... He makes it sound as if the blood and out of comp testing is as rigerous as the cycling, that coincidently is the most comprehensive in pro sports and biggest fail in history. Thoughts?
  17. mellowyellow

    USO 2012 Mens fianl chair umpire...

    Where did this guy come from? To miss some of the calls he has and to then call a time violation off a long rally with the wind conditions equal total tool. This guy should never be on tv main events.
  18. mellowyellow

    As much as I can't stand PMac

    Especially from an analytic view, their are so many times he is with C. Drysdale that the back and forth banter makes my side hurt. All the old school talk and the types of shots they make on the tour now. PMac sounds like a little kid in astonishment when F. Mayer hit the jump two hander. lol
  19. mellowyellow


    When will Radwanska get a real draw? Honestly she plays nobody like always tourney after tourney and then when she does she loses. Why no hate for her like for Woz? Would ARad made the 2nd rd if playing Tamira P? Are we looking at the female Nadal as far as draws? She was voted fan favorite to...
  20. mellowyellow

    Even Carillo noticed

    The fixed draw... Anyone denying it now is worse than Carillo!!! Think about the light you put yourself in.
  21. mellowyellow

    Tie Breaks....

    So now that we have a dedicated channel to tennis, maybe it is time to pull this abortion from the stomach of tennis? No need to be worried about the time constraints....
  22. mellowyellow

    Scheduling for Slam Finals?

    When is the ITF/ATP going to make the scheduling so that the Finals of the mens are contested under even conditions of rest? Its only the most important match of the tourney.
  23. mellowyellow

    Stosur vs Williams on Sunday?

    I thought he Men's final was moved to Monday.
  24. mellowyellow

    Nadal vs Golubev

    One of the best womens "I can't hold serve to win a set" matches I have watched in a long time.
  25. mellowyellow

    Federer's on court stride..

    Anyone think he walks like Shaggy from the old Scooby-Doo cartoon?
  26. mellowyellow

    Lucy Safarova has a daugheter?
  27. mellowyellow

    Prestige Mid Questions

    I have never played the Prestige Mid, did have Pro Tour 280's when they were made in Austria and when they brought them back made in China, liked the tight pattern and ability to keep strings longer. I was mainly wondering if the Flexpoint has a dramatic flex feeling or if this is mainly hype. I...
  28. mellowyellow

    Tennis betting lines.......

    Does anyone know how much was made by Djoko losing to Fed.