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  1. Jay_The_Nomad

    Hybrid cross: Multifeel vs Xcel.

    Tennis warehouse has multifeel on discount. Should I get a reel of multifeel instead of xcel? I play with rpm blast in the mains and lately I’ve been using multifeel. 3 string jobs now. I quite like the combo. But I shred the multifeel pretty quick in about two weeks. What I like about...
  2. Jay_The_Nomad

    Rafa breaks laces on shoe (Cb 4.3s)

    Not sure if you guys saw this during the Nishikori v Nadal match. It seems like this shoe also uses the same lacing system found on the retail version of the Cb4.3s which many people have previously coomplained about. L
  3. Jay_The_Nomad

    Should I buy a stringing machine?

    Hi guys. I need some feedback/advice on whether I should take the plunge and buy a stringing machine. Just some background info about me. 1) I am being charged $20 per racquet just for labour and I usually string 2 racquets. So it is $40 everytime I go. 2) My regular stringer runs his...
  4. Jay_The_Nomad

    Help! Lower tension vs adding lead tape

    Hi all. Can anyone comment on the difference between stringing a racquet at lower tension (I.e. more power) vs adding lead tape? I recently purchased an aeropro drive cortex and I'm looking to modify it to be able to hit ground strokes with more weight and momentum behind it. Thanks.
  5. Jay_The_Nomad

    Help with decision: PS 85 or BLX PS 90

    Good day everyone. I am deciding between the prostaff 85 (new) or the BLX ps 90. I am intending to get this racquet primarily for some fun social tennis matches and I intend to string the racquet up with full natural gut. Which do you recommend? I'm mainly a baseline player, those are my...
  6. Jay_The_Nomad

    POLL: Full Bed Polyester cut out/snapping times

    How long does your full bed of polyester strings last you before it snaps or you voluntarily choose to cut it out? And for the purposes of this poll lets just include the strings that you use most of the time and ignore your experience with strings that you do not use often. I just wanted a...
  7. Jay_The_Nomad

    POLL: Polyester cut out/snapping times

    Delete: duplicate post. Deleted. Duplicate post.
  8. Jay_The_Nomad

    Blackwidow, blackcode, Tournabig hitter black 7 and TCS polyfibre

    Hello. I would like to seek some advice from some of the string experts. I am looking for a soft/comfortable and powerful polyester string. I am also looking for something that becomes more springy when it dies rather than turning into barb wire. I am looking to purchase 4 sets of strings to...
  9. Jay_The_Nomad

    Aero Pro drive cortex VS. Aero Pro drive GT

    Just wanted some info on the differences between these two racquets. thanks
  10. Jay_The_Nomad

    Need Advice: Vintage Tennis Racquets

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a vintage tennis racquet for social games and was wondering if anyone could provide some tips on what I should look out for. 1) The price range. 2) Manufacturers & recommended models 3) Playing characteristics 4) Any special stringing requirements 5) Best places...
  11. Jay_The_Nomad

    ? New Babolat aero pro drive ?

    Hi guys, Does anyone here know whether Babolat would be releasing a new APDC soon? educated guesses welcomed. I'm deciding whether to get one now or to wait... it'll be quite crappy to get one now only to have them go on clearance sale in a halfyear's time since they've been out for quite...