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  1. Dedans Penthouse

    Fed withdraws from Olympics

    Didn't see the other thread - sorry, my bad #TWAdm please delete - thx
  2. Dedans Penthouse

    Joey Chestnut is a better athlete than Tom Brady and it's not even close

    Joey Chutnut is a better athlete than Tom Brady and it's not even close. that is all . . "...burp!" Sidebar: Chicagoland = clueless (more is less)
  3. Dedans Penthouse

    Making a Kid's Day

    Here's a heavy machinery operator who "gets it" (even if it looks a little dangerous). Have to respect a man with such an expert grasp of his craft. . He could probably open a beer with that thing. (vol. up) ^^^
  4. Dedans Penthouse

    Fed out of 2020 French Open

    Not too surprised by this. . Best for his knee to heal up in time for the Big W. Get well big boy. (sorry if this was already posted - if so, mods please "86").
  5. Dedans Penthouse

    Head Sprint SF Green/Black Shoes

    Head Sprint SF Black/Green $159.95 $160.00 Am I reading this correctly? Are these shoes which were originally listed for $160.00 now being offered for $159.95??!!!! Btw, I just bought these from TW just 2 weeks ago (enjoyed TW's usual great service) and I love the shoes. I only wish I knew...
  6. Dedans Penthouse

    "For a nickle I will !!"

    Head Sprint SF Black/Green Tennis Shoes $159.95 $160.00 HOW DID I MISS THIS??!!!!!!!!! Tennis-Warehouse has drastically slashed prices on this shoe from $160.00 to $159.95---that's a 0.031% savings!!!!!!!! I actually bought these kicks from TW just 2 weeks ago--as usual TW provided good...
  7. Dedans Penthouse

    Replacement for Vapor 9.5?

    Reading some not-so-favorable comments about the Vapor X. Is there anything out there that's in the same ballpark as the Vapor 9.5? .....or should I just go for the Vapor X ?? Thanks for any feedback ; )
  8. Dedans Penthouse

    That's not cricket! Ball-tampering Aussies Smith & Bancroft banned for a year.
  9. Dedans Penthouse

    Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour "QS?"

    What is the difference between the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 and the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour QS? The description and review for each are identical. Thx.
  10. Dedans Penthouse

    ESPN Chris Berman - sad news

    Poor guy loses his wife on the eve of his birthday:
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    Statistical Modeling of ATP matches

    - When it comes to statistically representing sports, tennis is remarkably well-suited. Just consider, for a moment, the complexities in other sports that render them statistically unwieldy...
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    Shark Week Anyone?
  13. Dedans Penthouse

    TW: Wilson Ultra XP 100 S Racquet?

    Hello TW. Will you be carrying this racquet?
  14. Dedans Penthouse

    Tom Brady Suspension Reinstated

  15. Dedans Penthouse

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all out there that celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving. And to those that don't, what the thankful anyway :)
  16. Dedans Penthouse

    Head Graphene Prestige Midplus vs. Wilson Pro Staff 97 ?

    Head Graphene Prestige MP . . . . . . Wilson Pro Staff 97 . . . . . . . . . . Was wonderng if anyone had played with both of these two and could offer an apples-to-apples assessment of these two frames. (the Wilson Pro Staff 97 referred to here is not the heavier "RF Autograph"...
  17. Dedans Penthouse

    Roger Federer - Serena Williams: 2015 U.S. Open Champions ?

    What a story that would make for. Two champs bringing down the Grand Slam curtain for 2015. No reason to think that either one can't do it. If Fed (just like at Wimbledon) can get through his early round matches without putting much 'mileage' on his legs and get to the 2nd week fresh as a...
  18. Dedans Penthouse

    NCAA Football - 2015/2016 edition

    While SEC Media Days may serve as the unofficial kickoff to the college football season with "fall season" practices still weeks away, it appears that one program has "beaten them ALL to the punch" to the back pages once again as they appear to be in 'full swing' : The FLORIDA STATE...
  19. Dedans Penthouse

    $400.00 … seriously??????

    Upfront: love TW, and have bought from them on numerous occassions without a hitch (and will be doing so again shortly) - nothing against them….more about the manufacturer. Babolat Aero PLAY (s/b named "PAY"): While the absurd retail price of this woefully overpriced FOUR HUNDRED DOLLOR...
  20. Dedans Penthouse

    Yonex VCore Tour F 97 (310) v. Yonex Ezone Ai 98?

    Yonex VCore Tour F 97 (310 g) vs. the Yonex EZone Ai 98. Anyone played/demoed both of these frames? Pro, cons, differences? Thanks.
  21. Dedans Penthouse

    WIMBLEDON 2014: Quarters - Finals

    Quarterfinals: Novak Djokovic over Bernard Tomic Andy Murray over Aleandr Dolgopolov Roger Federer over Feliciano Lopez Rafael Nadal over Kei Nishikori Semifinals: Novak Djokovic over Andy Murray Roger Federer over Rafael Nadal Finals: Roger Federer over Novak Djokovic -...
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    Volkl PB 10 Mid - any pro use this racquet

    Does anybody know if any pro uses the Volkl PB 10 Mid? Thanks for any feedback.
  23. Dedans Penthouse

    Which ATP players would make good rock stars?

    "Put your hands together for _______________!!!"
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    Gong Hey Fat Choy! :-)

    GONG HEY FAT CHOY! ~ Happy New Year ~
  25. Dedans Penthouse

    Organix 10 (325) 2014 Update?

    Would anyone know if (and if so, when) Volkl plans on launching an update to the Organix 10 (325)? Thanks for any feedback. TW?
  26. Dedans Penthouse

    Who is the "Worst Rock Band" of All Time?

    Who in your opinion is (or was) the worst rock band of all time? Since everything is subjective and there's no accounting for 'taste', feel free to base your choice on whatever criteria you'd like to, such as: - lousy songwriting - lousy musicianship - lousy vocals - calculated...
  27. Dedans Penthouse

    Happy Birthday Doris J. Hart - Champion

    Doris J. Hart (b. June 20, 1925), 87 years young today. Former World #1 ranked player. Won 35 Grand Slam titles: - 6 singles - 14 doubles - 15 mixed doubles Won Career Grand Slam: - 1949 Australian Open - 1950, 1952 French Open - 1951 Wimbledon (won "triple crown" singles...
  28. Dedans Penthouse

    GOAT: Federer or Nadal?

    Fed's got the GS record and a broader range of titles while Nadal's got the h2h by a wide margin. So who's the GOAT, or should we wait until they're both done playing?
  29. Dedans Penthouse

    Roger Federer: Slacker? .... GOLDBRICKER???

    Sorry if this has been mentioned in other threads but I never knew this about Roger the GOAT. In Switzerland there is compulsory military service for all able bodied males who have reached the "age of majority" (i.e., no longer considered a minor). And yet Roger Federer who for so many years...