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  1. LiamMiguel

    Balancing rackets DIY

    Figured this is the best place to ask: I'm getting new Blade Pros later this week and would like to balance them out because I am sure the QC is messed up as it is Wilson. I'm not really sure how to measure the racket's balance and SW and such so I need advice on that as well. How do you...
  2. LiamMiguel

    Nadal with Cage 4 mold

    Looks like Rafa is back with the Cage 4 mold. Love the colorway.
  3. LiamMiguel

    Quietest shoes

    Okay, maybe a month ago, I asked what were the loudest shoes in terms of squeaks and it looks like GR8 won that one so… What are the quietest shoes? My answer would be the Ubersonic 3.
  4. LiamMiguel

    Holes in toe or side of shoe fix

    On the court, I typically can be a toe dragger, especially whenever I slide causing holes in the toe or the side of the shoe. I have used duct tape in the past to cover any holes but it just eventually comes off quickly. Does anyone else know if there is a better option to patch up a hole like that?
  5. LiamMiguel

    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav v2 REVIEW

    ABOUT MYSELF: So you guys can see the validity behind this test, I’ll give a brief introduction about my tennis. I currently am an Boys 18s USTA player ranked top 400 on the national standing list. I have gotten up to the top 200 and I have just committed to a DIII program in Tennessee. I...
  6. LiamMiguel

    Warranty for NB Lav v2

    Will there be a 6 month warranty for the new Lavs coming out later this week?
  7. LiamMiguel

    Fognini back to Gel Resolution 7

    Guess Fabio left the Ultrashot after the subpar half of 2021 :/
  8. LiamMiguel

    Loudest shoe in terms of squeaking on court?

    Just a light-hearted post, wanted to see what was the loudest shoe. I'd say in my experience, anything New Balance or Asics Court FF 2 and GR8 have been the loudest I've worn. The Ultrashot 2 was a close second.
  9. LiamMiguel

    Release date for NB Fresh Foam Lav v2?

    Any more news on the shoe???
  10. LiamMiguel

    Best lightweight shoes that are durable for their weight?

    I always found Asics Speed FF and Solution Speed shoes to be a bit more durable than others but are there any other shoes durable in that lightweight category?
  11. LiamMiguel

    Zverev with maybe Uber 4???

    Looks like he finally changed to AT LEAST the look of the U4 from the old U2. Can anyone confirm what the shoe is???
  12. LiamMiguel

    Nishikori custom Vapors

    Anyone know what Nishikori is wearing? Prior to this year, it looked like he was wearing custom colorway Vapor X’s but now it appears that he backtracked and is using custom 9.5s? It’s really hard to tell with any pictures but I can kind of see the Vapor 9/9.5 pattern on the side of the shoe...
  13. LiamMiguel

    Murray wearing adidas at 2016 Rio Olympics

    Was just watching Fognini vs Murray at Rio Olympics and noticed Murray was wearing adidas (other than his UA Barricade-like shoes). He was already on contract with UA prior to this so I was confused. Did UA not have a kit for Murray which made him use the adidas kit from Team GB? Or was it...
  14. LiamMiguel

    Ultrashot 2…what happened?

    Ever since the Ultrashot 2 came in early 2019, they were always on sale and I even got a new pair off of TW for like $59. I feel like even though they were such a good pair of shoes as they were durable, light, and supportive, not a lot of people bought them and sales weren’t the highest, what...
  15. LiamMiguel

    Old ATP World Tour Net in Melbourne

    I see a player or someone must've broken the 2019 and onward ATP Tour nets. Probably found this old net lying around in Brisbane or something haha. Just something funny that I noticed.
  16. LiamMiguel

    Del Potro finally upgrading shoes?

    Just came across this on Instagram. Is Del Potro finally moving up to a Cage 3. It's a bit outdated but definitely newer than his original Air Max Cages from earlier in the 2010s.
  17. LiamMiguel

    OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes for Tennis

    Okay, basketball shoes for the tennis court have been mentioned many times and I've always seen "you can but compare the durability". More recently, I have thought about low top outdoor basketball shoes which are made different from indoor shoes. The outdoor shoes are more tennis-like as they...
  18. LiamMiguel

    New Nike Air Max Volley

    New shoe came out for member access on Nike. Anyone know anything about it? The outsole kinda looks similar to Cage 4.
  19. LiamMiguel

    Nike Court Tech Challenge 20 Review

    This could easily be another post in this forum but I can’t seem to find one. I was looking into Tech Challenge 20 and I haven’t seen much reviews in terms of durability or performance. I heard it’s on the bulkier side of shoes but that’s about it. I need a very durable shoe due to my...
  20. LiamMiguel

    Fognini using Vapor Cage 4 in 2020 Clay?

    Just saw this this morning during Hamburg highlights, I thought he would be set on using GR7. Didn't expect him to switch to Nike.