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  1. BlueB

    Zverev-Djokovic reminds me of Murray-Djokovic

    Yes, Sasha has more fire power and is slightly less tactical than Andy, but the differences end there... If anything, Nole has added some elements of Murray's game to his own. Basically their matches have the same patterns of play, two great BH going toe to toe, lots of baseline rally balls...
  2. BlueB

    Brush the ball! (Funny)

    I don't quite know where this little gem should go... Talks and makes fun of coaching/learning, so probably here. Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
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    Radical GT S

    Just a quick impression of this great frame... My niece (18) is a former competitive junior, she likes softer and lighter racquets, played with Blade 104 before. She recently switched to these (even lighter then her Blades), so I borrowed one to try it out. It is at least 30g and 15 SW below...
  4. BlueB

    Dunlop CX Elite 260?

    Oh my, a RA 58, 22mm flat beam, 100 sqin, very light, even balanced, low SW, graphite racquet?! Sounds like a superb platform frame! Anyone tried it?
  5. BlueB

    Plasticy, smooth syn gut/nylon?

    You know the kind - very slippery and smooth, feels almost like a soft poly, often comes in prestrung or junior racquets. The outer shell often looks very thick, but there is definitely a multifilament core in them. I've seen them often in Head, Prince and Wilson frames, especially older ones...
  6. BlueB

    Ball stuck in the net cord!?!

    I hit a nice drive, ball hits a slightly damaged spot and gets stuck between the cord and the tape. It was just a friendly set, so I called the point for my (weaker) opponent. But in a real match play situation, what would be the right call? Let, I guess? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  7. BlueB

    PCG 100 SW?

    I just acquired a PCG 100. It's an awesome frame, I especially like the kick serves and 1HBH with it. Now, something interesting: while the weight is in the advertised ball park, the balance is way more HL (31.5cm) and SW way lighter (306). Anyone else measured theirs and ran into light SW...
  8. BlueB

    Becker would be ideal coach for...

    Raonic! Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  9. BlueB

    Cibulkova's frame?

    Does anyone know for sure, what version of Pure Drive our new Year End champ uses? It looks really big on TV, is it possible it's the OS? Or even + length?
  10. BlueB

    Bizarre TE

    This is totally crazy... This morning I moved a load of damp laundry from washer to dryer and I've got TE in my left elbow. It's my non dominant hand and I don't use it for BH... As the day progressed, the pain receded a bit in TE spot and kind of moved to the lower tendon of biceps. Totally...
  11. BlueB

    Rafa, Nole and Muzz are Finnish...

    ... Rogi to come back next year, well rested, and clean up the season! 21 is the number! With all the trolling going around right now, one should follow the trend ;) Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  12. BlueB

    Kei "The Moth" Nishikori defeats Andy "The Gong Show" Murray

    A thread for all your ribbing, jokes, ********, desperation, celebration... Everything goes :)
  13. BlueB

    Grip and SW relation?

    This is something that bugged me for a while... We all know that the SW increases with mass in the head and distance from the swinging hand. As an example, the longbody racquets have higher SW, for the same mass in the head as their 27" counterparts. Every 1/4" can affect the SW by 10-15...
  14. BlueB

    Head Active 660

    I picked an interesting frame few weeks ago, then forgot about it in my monster garage... Today I puled it out and went for 2 hours of hitting. It's a mint Head Active 660 "Made in Austria", original nylon still in. 660 head (102), somewhat elongated, narrower but longer then most of my...
  15. BlueB

    Co-poly, means what?

    Silly question that just occurred to me recently... We know that "poly" stands for short of polyester, when we talk about strings. Now, "co-poly" could stand for a co-polyester or for any co-polymer. Do we know what string companies actually mean with it. I'm sure that I've seen at least one...
  16. BlueB

    Babolat Pure Storm GT

    We ran into a great closeout deal of NOS and my wife switched to the Pure Storm GT. With a dampener and an overgrip it came about 15g lighter then her current stick, just slightly lower SW and a bit less head light... She's loving it! Her serve is faster, groundies are flatter and faster...
  17. BlueB

    Jelena Jankovic's string setup?

    I just watched her live today in IW finals. Every shot of hers sounded as framed or hitting with a plank. Sounds like very tight strings. Anyone knows the type and tension? I think she could benefit a bit of extra free power and spin with a looser setup....
  18. BlueB

    I should have booked a match with LeeD

    Man oh man, my connection flight to Palm Springs has been double booked :( They've been moving me from on standby to next all day long... Still stuck here at SF... Should have set a match with Lee, Shroud, or some other of you SF legends :) and still catch the first available flight at 10:40 pm...
  19. BlueB

    What's good for you is good for your kid, too!

    My 8 yr old has a 25" version of Head Speed. It is even balanced and actually a bit lighter then his previous 23" long frame. I noticed that he swings it around wildly, like chasing flies... Then few weeks ago he wanted to play with my big frame. He actually played more controlled in despite of...
  20. BlueB

    New school MP Spin frames vs. open pattern Oversize

    Just a thought that crossed my mind other day… What exactly is the advantage of the “new school” MP Spin frames over the open pattern OS frames? To me the extra number of strings on OS is offset by larger spacing in the bigger head. Plus, with OS you get bigger sweet spot, more Twist Weight...
  21. BlueB

    Quick hit: YIG Prestige MP & Babo PD

    My friend has those for demo, so I had a quick hit with both. My go-to Prince O3 White was used a s refference point. Note that both of the demo frames were used without dampener. YIG Prestige MP Strung with an unknown hybrid, looked like poly in the mains. Very high tension, upper 50'...
  22. BlueB

    Rosie Johansen, Canada's new tennis prodigy

    Watch for this girl! It won't be long before she's on WTA. Already National Champ U18, singles and doubles, beating girls up to 4 years older! She's from my club :)
  23. BlueB

    Protect your eyes!

    Yesterday, my nephew nailed me into left eye, from less then 5m distance, full swing. Luckily, I had one piece polycarbonate sun glasses... Impact was such that glasses bruised my nose and cheek bone and my had "rang". I can imagine without glasses... Brrr... Even the lense of the normal...
  24. BlueB

    Broken racquet

    I broke my Hybrid Shark MP... Noticed a smal 1/4" hairline crack on the throat yesterday, probably a nick against something. 4 hours of play later, boom, one side of the throat gone. Funny enough, I still could serve very well with it and won the tie break. It was making the cracking sounds on...
  25. BlueB

    Tournament nylon crosses?

    Does anyone use it for hybrid? Every time a handle my kid's racquet I'm amazed how smooth and slippery is the Wilson nylon. Looks like a good cross for gut or multi to enhance snapback. Anyone?
  26. BlueB

    Prestige S

    I had a chance to rally a bit with my friends Youtek IG Prestige S yesterday... Yuck. I was expecting a lighter version of Pro Tour 280, unfortunately nowhere near... The racquet was pingy/metallic (with a W dampener), felt much lighter and less SW then my "go to" O3 White. Also felt stiffer...
  27. BlueB

    Head PT280 MP

    This beauty has joined the herd! Price was ridiculous, couldn't pass it! I had a hit and a set, with the good condition (bud old I guess) syn gut it came with. Wow, first impression was clubby, compared to what I play with, nowadays. However, very quickly I realised that my ground...
  28. BlueB

    So, Wilson and Prince think they are clever with their new 16x15 patterns...

    They have nothing on my new 14x10! :D Play test tomorrow...
  29. BlueB

    Only in Vancouver BC - a bear on a tennis court!

    No not the pics of an actual bear, just the footprints.... These courts are next to my son's school, I play there at least twice a week. Photo taken just 15min after the schools' principal announced a warning about bears in vicinity. My foot, to show the size of the big boy's...
  30. BlueB

    Strings popped, first time!

    Recently I started stringing my own racquets and experimenting with various combinations... I had an older racquet with nat gut, that played pretty sweet. Then I restrung the crosses to Prince poly, pretty low about 48lb. Result was, WOW! Racquet plaid 3 times better - power was still there...