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  1. Frans Bleker

    Racquet of the Year! Top 3 and per brand

    2019 is a year of some interesting releases in my opinion. Hereby I am interested in what you folks have found to be contenders for the racquet of the year. Also rackets out of late 2018 may be mentioned as they were mostly played in 2019. Lets use the following format: Per Brand Babolat...
  2. Frans Bleker

    What would be the Twist Weight of the Head Pro Tour 630/280?

    Greetings fellow Tennis Talk members, The Pro Tour 630/280 is obviously a pretty popular frame and well spoken of on these forums. The Twist Weight a measurement that says something about the Sweet Spot of the racket is not noted on the TWU page of this frame. I was wondering what Pro Tour...
  3. Frans Bleker

    XTC 315 ltd vs DC 315 ltd

    Dear TW Staff, I was wondering what the difference is between the XTC 315 ltd and the DC 315 ltd. The Racquet Finder tells me that the newer models have a much higher Swing Weight, does this also mean a change in the Twistweight? Will the Twistweight of the new XTC 315 Ltd's be measured and put...
  4. Frans Bleker

    Release of the Ubersonic 3 colours

    Hello! For when are new colours of Ubersonic 3's scheduled to release? Best regards!
  5. Frans Bleker

    TW EU Question

    Hello TWE Europe, Are you getting the Yonex Vcore 95 (flame red) Grommets in? Love to order them! Best regards
  6. Frans Bleker

    Question about the CX 200 Tour 16x19 (Feel) to Chris and Troy

    Hello! I just saw the review on the CX 200 Tour 16x19. I was wondering how the feel is compared to the Head Microgels and IG Prestiges/Radicals. How do the feels of those frames compare to this one? Best regards, Frans
  7. Frans Bleker

    The best Yonex VCore Tour version

    Dear Forum Members, The VCore tour line from Yonex with the 97 sq inch head size has been around for some years now. Trew the years significant changes for better or for worse have been made to the VCore Tour line. I was wondering what is, according to the general opinion, the best version of...
  8. Frans Bleker

    Release of new Ubersonic 3 colorway's

    Hello TW, When do new colors of the Ubersonic 3 release? Is there anything coming? Would be great to hear when we can expect them! Best regards, Frans
  9. Frans Bleker

    Alu Power Soft vs Element?

    Pretty fond of Luxilon Element, but the color doesn't really fit my racket (yea lame I know). Now I'm wondering if I can use Alu Power Soft instead, can anyone tell me how these two compare? Thanks!
  10. Frans Bleker

    Rafa Aeroreact tee's price

    $100, am I the only one who thinks this price is insane for such a simple top?
  11. Frans Bleker

    Ubersonic 3 release

    Hello TW Staff, Any updates on when we can expect the release of the Ubersonic 3 for men? best regards, Frans
  12. Frans Bleker

    Is this the new Head Speed?

  13. Frans Bleker

    Poll: The 5 best Head rackets of the past 10 years!

    Over the past years, in my opinion Head produced some very good and some very bad rackets. The good years (from the last 10) were in my opinion: Microgel, Youtek and Youtek IG. Now I'm wondering if people do tend to favor rackets from those lines as well or not. Please select 5 of your favorite...
  14. Frans Bleker

    Question for Chris and Sean

    Hello! You were both on the playtest of the VCore Pro 310 and the Touch Prestige MP. I'm considering both as my new racket. How did they differ in feel? And what were the other major differences and similarities? Hope you could help me with this. Best regards, Frans
  15. Frans Bleker

    VCore Pro 310 grommets

    Hello TW Staff, Are the VCore Pro 310 grommets going to be in stock in the near future? Thanks in advance!
  16. Frans Bleker

    Question for Chris about a certain company

    Hello Chris! Just a question regarding a certain company. Have you ever asked a certain company which was known for it's plush and good feeling rackets who is now producing extreme stiff and hollow rackets for the past 3 generations (6 years), why they are actually doing that? Even when people...
  17. Frans Bleker

    For everyone who does not like to use lead tape, this is the solution for weight under the bumper!

    Montage Glue! Or assembly glue, or mounting glue.. Not sure what the translation is from Dutch. Anyway you'll be suprised how heavy this stuff is. I glue'd a grommet and put it back on the frame, without any problems and gaps I added 8 grams. I think more is easily doable. It is really easy to...
  18. Frans Bleker

    Question for Chris about the Tecnifibre T Flash

    Hello Chris, I got a question regarding your Tecnifibre T Flash. On paper it looks very similar to the old Aeropro Drive (2013). Do you find the T Flash PS and the APD to be similar, or how do they differ if they aren't? Best Regards, Frans
  19. Frans Bleker

    For Chris: Tfight DC 315 Ltd (Thin Beam) vs IG Prestige

    Hello Chris, I saw the review of the Tfight DC 315 LTD series (with the thin beam), on paper the 18x20 version looks pretty similar to the IG Prestige MP and the 16x19 version to the IG Prestige Pro. I know you played the IG Prestiges so that's why I ask you. Till what degree are the DC 315...
  20. Frans Bleker

    VCore Pro release Any news on when we can expect this VCore Pro? Best regards
  21. Frans Bleker

    Prince Tour line 2018

    Hello TW Staff, in ‘12, ‘14, and ‘16 prince released a tour line. Will there be a new tour line in 2018? Best regards
  22. Frans Bleker

    Nike's Ubersonic

    Hello Folks, The last years I used the Adidas Ubersonic shoes. These shoes fit me very well since my frontfoot is fairly broad, most other shoes I try'd (like the Barricades) are to narrow in the toe box area for me. I was wondering if there is currently a Nike shoe that is very equivalent in...
  23. Frans Bleker

    Babolat Pure Drive 2018 paint job too feminine?

    So the new Pure Drive just released, and the pictures on internet were ok. When I ordered a demo and saw it in real, I couldn't stop noticing that the baby blue paint job was extremely feminine. Although it plays great, I will not buy this frame because I get so annoyed by the paint job. I'm...
  24. Frans Bleker

    Yonex SV vs DR grip size and shape

    Hello folks, I try'd to find information on wheter the grip shape and bare handle size of the SV and the DR differ. I currently play with a DR 98 grip size 2 and I find it to be slightly too big, I'm playing it with 3 overgrips and no replacement grip, also the handle feels a bit ''head'' like...
  25. Frans Bleker

    Looking for some feedback on my groundstrokes

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for some feedback on especially my forehand. My forehands usually have "ok" speed and depth, but not more than that, I have the feeling I'm doing something wrong that is inhibiting my forehand but I can't really figure out what it is for sure. I practically play with...
  26. Frans Bleker

    Prince Premier LT vs Premier Power?

    I played with Premier LT and liked it alot, I can now get a good deal on Premier Power. Somebody played both and knows how they relate to each other? Thanks!
  27. Frans Bleker

    New Vapor 9.5's

    Anyone knows when new colours of the Vapor 9.5's release?
  28. Frans Bleker

    Racket Brands; which is in a demise and which is doing a good job?

    So I was just wondering about the point of views on the current state of the major racket brands. I personally think Head for example has started a downfall since the Youtek IG, especially the Graphene XT has been really bad imo and I'm not really impressed by touch so far. So I'm wondering what...
  29. Frans Bleker

    So how's the Radical XT MP?

    So a 63 RA, how does the feel/comfort compare to the previous (Graphene MP) version?
  30. Frans Bleker

    Blade 16x19 2013 vs 2015

    Hello Folks, I'm interested in buying a Blade 16x19 2013, but i'm wondering if someone know's how it plays, and how it differs from the 2015 version, especially in terms of feel and comfort (stiffness). I saw some older threads on that but they did not provide a clear answer. Thanks in advance!