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  1. Service Ace

    Beside Djokovic is there anyone else that slides in both directions?

    Seriously, not just on the tour but even at clubs or parks, I’ve never seen a single other player that regularly slides going out wide in both directions. That physical feat alone has to make him the most athletic tennis player of all time. I don’t even think that is something you could train...
  2. Service Ace

    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    In his match just now against PCB, Novak hit a ball behind him without looking, tagged a lines woman in the throat. Out of the US Open. Discuss.
  3. Service Ace

    Looks like Del Potro is hurt again...

    First tournament back from the knee cap injury and barely able to walk in his match against McDonald right now. Assuming the news of an aggravation or setback will come out during the post match presser. What does this mean for DelPo going forward and through the rest of the year?
  4. Service Ace

    Guess at which age each of The Big 3 retire.

    Select an option for each. I'm guessing Fed 39, Nadal 39+ and Djokovic 34-37. I think Fed will be play out all of next year and consider calling it quits at the US Open 2019. Ideally he would pull a Sampras and call it a career going out on top but I have a hard time imagining him being...
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    Djokovic is back...

    Who catches whose slam count first?
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    Roger Tweeterer

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    What does it mean for Nadal if he is unable to win RG this year?

    I know, slim to nil and slim is packing his bags... But on the off chance that he loses early for some reason other than injury, do we still like Nadal's chances to break the slam record? Is his confidence irreparably destroyed going into grass and hard court season to where he may not win any...
  8. Service Ace

    Federer 2 Handed Backhand??

    He hits it's so effortlessly in practice but I don't think I've ever seen him hit it even once in a match. Think he could have some success using it sparingly in match play since it comes so easily to him?
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    31 Tennis Pros anonymously polled on everything from dress codes to drugs.
  10. Service Ace

    Jelena wouldn't let Djokovic ride in the car after losing to Vesely
  11. Service Ace

    Fed would have probably won number 18 by now had he stuck with the 90.

    I'll never understand all the people who were clamoring for Federer to make the switch to the 97. For all the added "power" people were saying it would add to his game where has that gotten him? Lets focus on the 3 biggest difference between the 97 and the 90. 97 more power 90 heavier ball 90...
  12. Service Ace

    Can Federer beat Djokovic at the French Open?

    Isn't this really his best chance at beating Djokovic in a Slam? I know he had had success against him at Wimbledon but he has since developed some scars facing him on that surface. The French however is where he has lasting memories of beating triumphing over Djokovic and the only surface in...
  13. Service Ace

    James Blake vs. Milos Raonic

    Sure to be a good-old-fashioned barn burner. Both these guys have everything to prove. We're in bonus coverage on Tennis Channel.
  14. Service Ace

    Ran into Sampras at the driving range the other day.

    I had the day off on Tuesday so me and my buddy decided to go to the little driving range around the corner. Now, this isn't a fancy club or anything but rather just a little 9 hole, 3 par course that the average golfer in the city uses. It has a couple pay tennis courts in the back and a...
  15. Service Ace

    My forehand is gone

    Ever since I started taking lessons, I feel like my overall game has improved but my forehand has been drastically worse. I had gotten it to the point were it was my go to shot. I could hit it were I wanted as big as I wanted and get it 7/10 times. Now, my instructor has taught me that my...
  16. Service Ace

    Is nobody else watching Roddick/Troiski?

    Troicki just took the first set!
  17. Service Ace

    What's superior, the fast ball or the heavy ball?

    I've recently switched from gut to hyrbid and at first the change was cumbersome but now I've gotten used to it and I love the added access to spin, especially on kick serves. I don't have a hitting partner because I've recently moved out to LA and can't find a partner for the life of me, so...
  18. Service Ace

    Nadal vs. Tsonga LIVE

    The other thread was too crowded IMO. Feel free to keep up to date here. It promises to be a good one.
  19. Service Ace

    How many time will James say "Too good" against Fed tonight?

    That or any variation of it. If more then 5, please specify in your post.
  20. Service Ace

    What's the deal with Tipsarevic's serve?

    He uses such a short toss. Everything I've heard says he needs to throw it about twice as high in order to hit it at full extension. The reason I ask is because I find my serve to be harder and more consistent with a short toss like his. But I know if I posted a video of me serving like that...
  21. Service Ace

    I'm pretty excited to have Agassi guest commentating tonight.

    A great matchup (Fed and Rod) which can only be made more so with the insight from one of the worlds best. His humor and perspective should make a nice contrast to JMac's jaded views and Ted Robinsons endless questioning. And don't get me started of Tracy and Jim.
  22. Service Ace

    Who's worse: Richard Williams or Yuri Sharapov?

    Because I've heard such dissenting opinions on both, I' like to know which is the overall more disdained father figure in tennis (in the eyes of the public).
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    I know everybody has already counted Monaco out but at least 1 topic should exist for this match. 5 all in the first.
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    About that McEnroe commercial...

    First of all, I think it's very funny, especially seeing how good of an actor JMac is. But I could swear the guy who plays the umpire in the commercial is an actor I've seen on what I think was Law & Order or The Practice as a judge. But my dad says that is the actual umpire. Can somebody...
  25. Service Ace

    The ball landed in his court but bounced back into mine.

    What happened was I tried to hit a drop shot but I ended up hitting it a bit high but with a ton of slice. The ball dropped right behind the net on his side like a beautiful drop shot would and him having been back at the baseline, made a fruitless run for the ball. However, before he could...