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    Pure Storm Ltd vs Pure Storm Ltd GT (SwingWeight)

    I recently picked up an original Pure Storm Ltd. Strung its 330 grams, 10 points HL, and the swing weight feels way too low. I was looking at the original and the new GT version on TW's website and the new GT version has a higher swing weight than the original, 313 vs 305, although the weight...
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    Signum Pro Hyperion and Tornado

    I've just about gone through a reel of Signum Pro Tornado and am ready to reorder. I was thinking about buying a reel of Hyperion too, but was hoping for some feedback from someone who has used both. I've strung Tornado/Spiral Flex for over a dozen people and have had 100% positive feedback. Is...
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    Catapult V10 Grommets?

    Will TW be stocking grommets for the Volkl Catapult V10?
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    Will Gosen OG-Sheep Mico Super 16 & 17 return?

    Gosen OG-Sheep Mico Super 16 & 17 are no longer listed on TW's site. Are you discontinuing the strings or will they be restocked?
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    Looks like Stepanek is playing with a Bosworth!

    Stepanek at Brisbane International.
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    Kneissl Res Star Australian Version

    Found this on an Aussie web site. Is this a new version of the Red Star or just different paint?
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    ProKennex Ki 15 PSE availability?

    TW's stock of ProKennex Ki 15 PSE is down to one racquet (a 4 5/8). Will you be getting more frames, specifically 1/2 grips?
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    Volkl Powerbridge 8 better than Becker Pro?

    I've been playing with a Powerbridge 8 for the last month and I really like this frame. I have an all court game and other than being a touch stiff, I can find no fault with the Volkl. I'm playing some of my best tennis with it and am thinking of buying a couple more. I see the Becker Pro has...
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    Fischer power level

    Please rate the following Fischer racquets power level (from highest to lowest). M Pro Number One SL M Pro Number One UL (Light) Magnetic Tour SL Magnetic Tour UL (Light) Progressor NT
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    Microgel Rad MP or kSix-One Team for duds?

    I'm thinking of going back to a smaller frame with a denser string pattern like my old Ti.Radical MP's which I loved. I play only doubles and rarely play above the 4.0 level. Does either the Head or Wilson have any advantages in doubles, mainly in volleying and serving?
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    Whats the ETA on the Fischer Progressor NT?

    Title says it all...
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    Pure Drive Roddick Std or Ozone Tour for Senior Doubls Player?

    I'm in my fifties, play only doubles, and currently own a Roddick Plus and an O3 SP White. I love serving with the Roddick but find it sluggish for quick exchanges around the net. I also like its crisp feel. The SP white is just the opposite. Its great around the net but its just an averege...
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    Whats up with TV coverage of the Ericsson Open

    I've been getting sporadic TV coverage of the Ericsson Open all week (I'm in Tennessee). A match here and there on three different channels (Fox Sports, Sports South, and the Tennis Channel). But last night no Nadal vs Blake, and today no tennis coverage on any channels. So no Federer vs...
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    Has Prince changed SynGut Multifilament?

    At one of the clubs I string for we just got in a new batch of Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament. I strung up a few sets today and its different than the original order we received. The first batch was light gold in color, firm in feel and didn't ghost where it was clamped. The new batch is...