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  1. One Handed Dynasty

    Debate of the Year: Pro vs. Con Vibration Dampener on your Tennis Racquet - Pick a Side!

    Power pads > damper. They perform every function a dampener does but better, lengthen your mains (desirable trait), and make the racquet look better instead of cheapening the aesthetic. Why would I want anything on my stringbed, let alone a cheap piece of plastic?
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    Who is least likely to win a(nother) Slam?

    I agree with that, best of 5 and best of 3 are two entirely different sports. Guys like Thiem and Zverev are a perfect example: they look like superstars in best of 3, yet both cramp up in a best of 5 slam final. Medvedev will definitely have the confidence and belief to tip the scales in...
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    Who is least likely to win a(nother) Slam?

    Why do you think confidence plays a larger role?
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    For me it’s got to be Novak and Fed as 1a and 1b. They each dominated a decade: Fed was the best player of 2001-2010, Novak was the best of 2011-2020. I will say though, after Novak’s 2008 AO victory over what I consider to be very close to peak Fed and His 2015 win over Nadal at RG, he gets...
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    Love Sampras, but I can’t even begin to imagine the havoc Nadal’s forehand would have wrought on his backhand.
  6. One Handed Dynasty

    Pros using 93 sq in and under in 2021?

    TGK 231.3, which is 16x19, since at least 2011 I believe.
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    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    Even as a huge Federer fan this is a giant over reach. Novak let the moment get to him and had less left in the tank than we all thought, but even two sets down he had better odds of beating Medvedev than Fed ever had of beating Rafa in ‘06 or ‘07 at RG. Heck, give me this version of Novak...
  8. One Handed Dynasty

    Leylah Fernandez strings with very low tension

    No insider information oh her setup, but the sound when she hits the ball suggests high 40s - low 50s. Not quite the loud pop Fed or Novak get with their high 50s ALU crosses, but not the dead thump of a low 40s poly either. 52 as @uk_skippy said sounds about right.
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    Any good shoes under $75 any more?

    Do shoes under $75 exist anymore?
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    Did Nike or Adidas win 2021?

    Both lost quite a bit of ground IMO. Adidas is clearly a cut above when it comes to shoes. I’d take adidas apparel over Nike too. Adidas shorts become see through when you sweat apparently, but at least the outfits like comfy. Every Nike outfit I’ve seen this past year looks like it’s made...
  11. One Handed Dynasty

    Tsitsipas - where does he go from here?

    Slice, transition game, and volleys. He has the game to be an all court player but doesn’t have the footwork to come to net.
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    18x20 equivalent to the Wilson RF97 or Volkl C10 Pro (98in+, 350g static +, ~330g swingweight, headlight, 18x20)

    Vcore pro 18x20 and head pt 2.0 would be the two closest IMO
  13. One Handed Dynasty

    Sir Andy Tweets after his 1st Round USO match

    Sad, Murray can’t even keep time correctly anymore. Maybe he should’ve just given the spot to a hungry challenger instead of stealing spots from more deserving players since he’s so concerned about fairness.
  14. One Handed Dynasty

    Convince me Agassi is better than Murray

    Past his prime Agassi played at a higher level in the 2005 USO final vs peak Federer than peak Murray ever reached against past his prime Fed in any matchup lo.
  15. One Handed Dynasty

    Common pre-poly string setups?

    Gut was extremely popular as well. Maybe more so on the pro tour, but also with higher level amateurs.
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    ON (The Roger) tennis shoes

    I’ve played 3 best of 3 set singles matches in them, a little under 6 hours of court time. So far so good. I’m seeing some wear on the front medial side and lateral heel, which is where I typically wear out tread. Compared to the court FF2, which I easily get ~6 months out of playing 1-2 times...
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    Dear Nike and TW, with Nadal done for 2021 can we get 50% off his gear?

    It really is getting ridiculous, especially given polyester is plastic. I’m not sure where Nike or Adidas get off charging more than lululemon, but hopefully people speak with their wallets and don’t buy a $100 short that was made for pennies in China with slave labor.
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    Lost confidence in backhand

    Just set up early, swing out, and stay loose! You’ll get into a groove eventually
  19. One Handed Dynasty

    Getting repeatedly accused of hitting a mishit on my slice overheads...

    Him: “You mis hit that” You: “That was a clean winner, but you can make all the excuses you need to feel better. I win the point either way”
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    Do you miss any shoes from the past?

    Air Oscillate, still the only Nike shoe I haven’t returned! A wide Nike shoe (the only one?), great traction, phenomenal shank for support. and responsive cushioning that didn’t feel like a brick and kill your legs.
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    Soderling has a very good backhand actually

    With all of the emphasis on Federer and Nadal’s straight arm forehands it’s easy to forget about guys like Soderling and Fernando Gonzalez. It’s hard to argue that their forehands are better than Fed and Rafa’s given the disparity in results, but it’s undeniable that the rest of their game was...
  22. One Handed Dynasty

    Does anyone use stiff racquets with natural gut?

    Always in the mains. Nothing really comes close to gut/poly in terms of playability and feel IMO.
  23. One Handed Dynasty

    Does Murray’s backhand have GOAT status?

    It’s actually really hard to evaluate his backhand because it’s so much better than his other strokes. I’d have to say the GOAT 2HBH is Djokovic’s because we’ve seen him do so much more from a variety and point construction standpoint. Djokovic is able to defend all types of situations, as is...
  24. One Handed Dynasty

    What is a good sunscreen?

    Supergoop works great for me and is made in Europe where the chemicals the US allows in products are prohibited.
  25. One Handed Dynasty

    Tsitsipas's new Adidas shoes in Hamberg 2021

    I can’t wait until they get some better colors.... and I don’t want to push our luck, but maybe some wider widths?
  26. One Handed Dynasty

    Djoker's Racket tech/adviser on all things pro/rec, you shouldn't use the RF :)

    My mistake on the tennis elbow comment, I’m guilty of not reading all of the replies and thought it must have been mentioned based on the comments. Back to the topic at hand: I think you would be better served by quantifying what you mean by “lighter racquet” instead of using the subjectively...
  27. One Handed Dynasty

    Djoker's Racket tech/adviser on all things pro/rec, you shouldn't use the RF :)

    Most D1 guys I know and played with added lead. That was back in 2008, so I find it hard to believe customization has devolved now. Roman is an awesome dude and I think you’re misinterpreting what he said. Think about the group he describes: former college players now on Wall Street. That’s...
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    Question about racquet matching

    Unstrung specs yield the same strung spec when prepared identically. As long as you’re using the same string and grips you can match the strung spec to match the demo you liked. Just get the unstrung spec next time you’re getting it restrung, that way you can match a second or third clash...
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    Will All Of You Next-gen Bashers Finally Stop Whining If Berrettini Wins?

    Is it really whining when the only next gen slam win was a choke fest where both players cramped in the fifth set because they don’t even have the requisite fitness to play five set matches for the duration of a slam? And said slam win only happened because Djokovic forget the lines calls...