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  1. 3virgul14

    Tennis & Holidays in the times of Covid?

    Yes , still possible. There are still wonderful options : Dreaming about a tennis holiday right next to the sea? We know the coronavirus makes traveling complicated at the moment, but hopefully, better days will come soon and you can book any of the following destinations. A real Tennis Freak...
  2. 3virgul14

    Hit Easy Slice serve with more power

    Hi folks, have seen the video of the Matsuo pro, the guy makes it really easy with a trick in the grip and where to hit the ball. It is going for a hitting action - pronation rather than carving the ball. Very interesting imho. Anyone tried before? - TENNIS FREAKSEasy way to slice serve
  3. 3virgul14

    VIDEO: FH+ OHBH training against spin monster

    So the idea was to hit at a nice tempo and land the ball deep , cones were located about 1.5m from baseline. Feel free to criticize.. PS: I am hitting with a Blade ProStock strung w TBH7T 1.25 @ 21/20kgs.. I like the feeling and sound.
  4. 3virgul14

    Sonego racquet

    Hi guys. Does anyone know what Sonego uses? Any info whats under the blade pj and specs?
  5. 3virgul14

    Yeah, good idea to wear the same color outfit, shoes and headbands. Idiots!

    How are we supposed to watch these clowns, really? I literally pity those guys
  6. 3virgul14

    Any idea what is this racquet?

    Inoue Kunio plays with a Yonex I wonder if anyone recognize the stick and maybe the strings on it?
  7. 3virgul14

    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    Closer to the camera Going for the T Some flat frying pans
  8. 3virgul14

    Can't beat older/foxy players

    I have a high win percentage in the club league winning %85 but almost all my defeats come from +50 +55 players which in theory should not be able to compete with my speed and pace. Not. They outrun me and seem to cover all the court no matter how i paint the lines with topspin. Finally they...