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  1. frinton

    Similar feel to Wilson Pro Overgrip, but a bit thicker?

    Hello experts.. is there a overgrip outthere, that is similar in feel and performance to the Wilson Pro, but a bit thicker? Many thanks.
  2. frinton

    Traveling/viajando en Colombia, Panama, Honduras let’s play/jugamos

    Anybody interested in playing while I am traveling? Alguien interesado de jugar cuando estoy viajando? Colombia: Bogota, San Andres, Panama: Panama Cuidad, Honduras: la Ceiba
  3. frinton

    My kind of coffee place

    The coffee was actually very nice, but this place just rocks! If you know a place that can do better than this little bar in y Istanbul, post your pics, please!
  4. frinton

    EOY game of chess between Federer & Nadal

    Currently Nadal has a comfortable lead over Federer, but probably feels the fatigue of a long and intensive season, with many more matches/tournaments played compared to Federer and possibly a knee-injury bothering him. I guess both want the EoY No.1 spot, but not at any cost. Who want's the...
  5. frinton

    Greetings from Gstaad

    Gulbis vs. Lorenzi Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. frinton

    DIY Paintjob on Pro Staff 95 BLX2

    I recently bought a Pro Staff 95 BLX2 that was very well used by a pro (not ATP level) and looked it. It was customised by a professional (lead in throat and I think at 12, silicone in the handle). Last Sunday I spontaneously started (machine-)sanding down, only the areas I could reach with...
  7. frinton

    Which possible US Open Final would be the most exciting?

    A simple question, and I do not wan't know, who your hero is. If you would not have a personal hero, which final setup do you think would make for the most exciting match? And why? I am not going to put up the possible finalists, as I do not want to create a spoiler and I will post my opinion...
  8. frinton

    My new main stick - the PS85

    I have been mainly playing with different iterations of the PS Tour 90 since 2011, which was pretty much also when I was infected with TRV (Tennis Racket Virus). Now, about 300 rackets later I have been using one of my PS85 re-issues a bit more often in the first few months of the year for fun...
  9. frinton

    What do you do?

    I played an official match last week as part of an inter-company championship (team competition). In the second set at 3:3 I was serving and up 40:15. I book the next point and call the game. My opponent insists it is 40:0 as he can't remember having made a point. I try to go through the points...
  10. frinton

    Could Raonic become the next dominant player?

    First of all, I am not a big fan of his. But the the way he played so far during AO16 made me think. His very calm, concentrated and no ******** aura combined with his big serve that is fallowed up by big groundies and excellent net play... All these things make me think, that he could be the...
  11. frinton

    Any info on this racquet? L'oiseau de feu

    So that was a first - there is no information whatsoever to be found, not on google, not in the Kubler books... no clue! Who can help? Bought it off the Swiss auction site for almost nothing - postage was twice the price of the racket... it looked quite old, so I thought it might...
  12. frinton

    Does anybody know what racket this is?

    I saw this online for sale - strange looking rackets and I have no clue what they are. Any ideas? ...the guy selling said he had no clue :shock:
  13. frinton

    Fast stringers - video

    Hi guys, I wanted to share this for a long time ;-) ...first I saw that we see Roger's PS90 being strung, but looking at it in detail, I am thinking it might be Dimitrov's PS 93.., it is at the 2013 ATP 500 in Basel and the stringer, Misel Milovanovic from Basel, is supposedly fast...that's...
  14. frinton

    Who so far is more intimidating in this years WTF?

    We have seen Wawrinka start off with a 6:1 6:1, only to have it repeated by Djokovic and the Djokovic simply steamrolling and destroying Wawrinka. I thought that was a statement and pretty scary for everybody standing in his way. It couldn't get much worse, could it? Then came Federer! Taking...
  15. frinton

    Raonic's arm / guard

    I have been wondering for a while and have searched the forum but did not find anything on it... Does anybody know what Raonic is wearing on his right arm, why he is wearing it (injury?) and what the benefit of wearing it is. He seems to have different colors as well. Thanks.
  16. frinton

    Slazeneger Pro X vs Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g

    A while back I found a Slazeneger Pro x (braided construction, Tim Henman Signature Series) at a thrift store for a few bucks. Now a few weeks back I was tempted at HappyHour and ordered a Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g. Having a good look at both frames, minus the pj, they seem to be of the same or...
  17. frinton

    Wilson Pro Stock rackets with hologram sticker?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody knew if there are Wilson Pro stock rackets that have the regular hologram stickers. And the same question goes for the grip size sticker. It is my understanding that Wilson pro stocks do never have these stickers. Thanks for your help - I need to establish...
  18. frinton

    Wilson Hammer 7.2 95 - modified to Pro Staff Classic specs

    I picked up a Wilson Hammer 7.2 95 from thrift store today and as the frame looks to be a very similar mold to the PS Classic, I was wondering if I could lead it up to PS Classic specs. My PS Classic with a Fairway and Overgrip comes to 357 g. it is an 18 x 20 version. The Hammer...
  19. frinton

    Will 2014 be the most interesting tennis year since a long time?

    What do you guys think? To me it looks like a very promising season, maybe even very interesting years to come? Let's see: We have the first new GS winner in years, who is not part of the (old) big 4 - let's see what Wawrinka will still be able to do this year, once he finds back to his...
  20. frinton

    Tennis on Mallorca at Blau Mediterraneo, 13-20 April

    Hi - I will be in Mallorca betwen 13 and 20 April staying at the Blau Mediterraneo Hotel. I want to spent lots of time playing tennis and therefore I am looking for playing partners. I am an R5 in Switzerland - see...
  21. frinton

    Tennis auf Mallorca im Blau Mediterraneo, 13.-20. April

    Hi, Ich bin vom 13. - 20. April 2014 im Hotel Blau Mediterraneo in Sa Coma auf Mallorca und suche Trainingspartner. Spielstärke R5 (Schweiz). Bei Interesse bitte melden! Danke. Viele Grüsse, Mischa
  22. frinton

    New promising players in sight?

    Being from Switzerland I am following the progress Belinda Bencic has been making in the past months. She is only 16 years old and after wining junior Grand Slam titles last year has made her way through the Australian Open qualification without much trouble, seeing the no. 1 seed off in the...
  23. frinton

    Where no racket has gone before...

    Towards the end of my recent vacation to Sardinia I got more and more restless...doing nothing for more than a few days seems not to go so well. I needed to get ride of some energy. I decided to go for a hike, not really certain where to and how long for....but I knew that there are tennis...
  24. frinton

    Federer noise during Haas match?

    Did anybody notice that Federer was making a lot more noise on court against Haas today? I mainly remember it with his serve, not sure if on groundies too. Any idea why? Tired? Tired back? Pain?
  25. frinton

    How to manage a racket collection

    Hi guys, as my collection is growing, I was wondering if anybody knew of a good too/sw that allows managing a racket collection. I would like to be able to define my own information fields and store pics as well. My preference would be an online tool, that allows sharing as well. Freeware...
  26. frinton

    Scariest, most horrfic pro outfits ever....

    As there is a thread for coolest pictures of pros, I thought there should be one for the "un-coolest" pics of keep both things a bit separated. However, now I came across this (brrrr, worse on TV than on this pic) ...and thought there must be a thread about horrific outfits...
  27. frinton

    Ferrer mirroring Nadal at match start

    Has anybody noticed? Is Ferrer doing this always or was he taking the **** out of Nadal, jumping like a crazy bull at the net while the referee was tossing the coin? It really looked uncoordinated mirror images in different colors :) ...Nadal seemed to be smiling, so I wonder...
  28. frinton

    Is UNIQLO selling Djoko's tennis wear or not?

    I have been looking, but so far have not really come across any conclusive information. Some sources mentione that the line should have been launched last year in August. Is UNIQLO selling the Djokovic tennis line? Somewhere? In Japan? I've been to 2 outlets in Singapore - nothing. If...
  29. frinton

    Antelop Courtstart TC 828

    Dear Classicohlics, yesterday I picket up this well used Antelop Courtstart TC 828. Head-size looks to be about 90, maybe a bit less. Weight, with its original leather grip and strung is: 363g. Anybody outthere who knows a bit more about this stick or the brand? Searching the web and TT dit...
  30. frinton

    That's it! I am not gona watch this any longer

    I have been watching this final since 3:3 in the first and so far I have not seen anything that was exciting me much. The level of play is not (yet) very high and I hope the guys will step it up. But the way this match has been going so far, I don't think i want to watch this for another 4...