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  1. BlueB

    A question for people that saw Sabatini in the late 80s and early 90s

    Of course we saw Sabatini!
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    Djokovic News

    Nice, get the #7 YE1, but also to try and get the outright Masters record!
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    Laver Cup 2021 - Rublev and Medvedev On Team Europe?

    European Russia extends from Central to Eastern Europe, spanning roughly 40% of Europe's total land area with over 15% of its total population European Russia is home to 80% or 4/5th of Russia's total population.
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    Yes, some of those were the paint jobs of the Ti.Radical Team. It's one of my favorite racquets of all time (including the paint jobs)!
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    Pickleball is spreading

    Today I've learned that 2 of the 3 nearby tennis courts have now been proclaimed into pickleball only :( All 3 have recently been painted with the pickle lines, but now this crap !?*#$! What the hell makes them special? It's everyone's park and they were welcomed to the tennis courts, yet it...
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    What is the GS totals of the Big 3 if Djokovic's and Federer's age were swapped?

    About 30 Djokovic, 12 Nadal, 8 Federer. Ned gets crushed by more experienced Djo a lot in the beginning of the career, even on clay. Fed gets crushed by both, until fully developed. Eventually Nole retires at large margin, so the other 2 have to deal only with each other.
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    Not to forget Gabriela Sabatini or Monika Seles...
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    aus open: who should host it if not Melbourne?

    Southern Pacific... Chile!
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    Imagine the scenes if Nadal sweeps #21 at RG 2022

    Yes, it would make him about equal to Fed and close to Nole.
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    I hope Sheet will deliver couple of one dimensional bagels to him, next time they play.
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    Or, you can learn on a bicycle. It would also make you fitter for tennis.
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    The new narratives in tennis

    According to this study of great geopolitical importance, the chances are: Nole>Fed>Rafa
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    Strings that lost their “snap back”. What does it mean?

    It's the loss of tension in mains and increase in friction from crosses. You can try to prestretch the Alu and string slightly higher and string the OGSM slightly lower. Even better would be to use the Isospeed Baseline as the cross. It's almost as soft as syn, but way more slippery. Still...
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    It's mostly a myth. The circumference of a 104 frame's hoop is ~72", the 98 is ~70". That gives you the frontal area increase of only ~1in², or 3%. I'd speculate that most of people actually notice the twist weight increase, rather than the wind resistance. Of course, the TW is less intuitive...
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    So why not learn with a 90, then? Imagine how bad-ass that would be and how much better you'd become. It's all BS. Just play with whatever feels the best to you.
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    How to reverse kick serve to lefty receiver on deuce side?

    Just a regular top-slice serve.
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    Novak Fans - another AO, a third RG, or a fourth USO?

    RG od course! 3x career slam is something that no one would ever repeat. It would also mean that Nadal was denied another RG.
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    Question for Djokovic fans...

    More desperation?
  19. BlueB

    Question for Djokovic fans...

    @goldengate14 I haven't seen this level of desperation in long time. Out of last 10 posts, 7 are yours... For the time being, Nole is the best of the 3, which also makes him a temporary GOAT. It pretty much happened at RG already.
  20. BlueB

    Question for Djokovic fans...

    I'm OK with it. He had a fantastic season and came so close. Honestly, it was harder for me to get over the RG 2013 SF loss, he was so close to winning. In this one he didn't look like he would win, at any stage of the match. Maddy played great, too. The only part that irks me is that Nole...
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    Do rackets wear out?

    Kevlar vests are just woven thread, not laminated like composite products. Since it's not UV stable when directly exposed, and vest has to be to military standard, it's changed often.
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    Rafael Nadal: 'People should remember my legacy, not titles'

    Yes, the role model of how to persevere against all odds. How to never give up on a dream, a role model of hard work, looking to the every detail. An example how to win against the world and own weaknesses. Last, but not least, a model how to remain loyal and proud of own nation, even when...
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    Is the prestige mp more like the pro tour 630 than the pro tour 2 is?

    When are you guys going to stop falling for marketing garbage? Twaron me this, graphene me that...
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    Djokovic News

    I looked into it a bit further... Seems we are both right: There are two pretty close but nevertheless different meanings: 1. Молоде́ц means attaboy!, attagirl!, well done! 2. Мо́лодец means a young man. This one a bit old fashioned. Both of them can be used in polite conversation, but they...