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  1. Fedinkum

    Andy Murray calls for ATP Tour to create domestic abuse policy

    Andy Murray calls for ATP Tour to create domestic abuse policy For those who thinks this will go away quietly for Zverev : ) "Andy Murray says the Association of Tennis Professionals, which governs the men’s game, should take domestic abuse cases such as the one which has engulfed Alexander...
  2. Fedinkum

    Is this dude related to Tomic at all?

    His name is Alex Tomic (on the right) and he is also from Gold Coast, australia. A young millionaire entrepreneur. I can see a bit of resemblance. Anyone can confirm? Perhaps Bernard really doesn’t have to work hard...
  3. Fedinkum

    Daniela Hantuchova announces retirement from tennis.

    Perhaps this should be posted under the Former Pro thread... So long Daniela...I shall always remember your endlessly long legs and your ever presence high beams...:(:(:(
  4. Fedinkum

    Anyone knows Stepanek's real stick these days?

    Anyone knows what Stepanek's real stick under the paint job is these days? Obviously a pro-stock. Can you guys tell which Head mold is it from? Perhaps @vsbabolat can chip in. Many Thanks!!
  5. Fedinkum

    New 2017 RF model revealed

    Sexie beast.
  6. Fedinkum

    Any good Tennis Motion Analysis app similar to Golf's Hudl or Ubersense?

    Took a few golf lessons lately and I was struck how similar the fundamentals of both sports are. The golf instructor showed me a mobile app "Hudl (formally Ubersense) ", capturaing my golf swings and ran though his analysis of my drive with me on the spot on his iPad. My first thought was: "I...
  7. Fedinkum

    When was the last time Nike appeal was not featured in the mens final 4?

    Just realized, none of the final 4 men are sponsored by Nike. Is this rare? When was the last time Nike was not featured in the mens final 4?
  8. Fedinkum

    Bieber arrested, he will have to txt Genie from the cell.

    Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing, driving under the influence and resisting arrest in Miami Beach. Genie...
  9. Fedinkum

    See Roger that's how we feel everytime you play

    Not sure if this has been posted, but a gif of Fed's reaction will be useful in many of his 2014 matches to come!! Can someone please turn 0:03 to 0:11 to gif? Thanks in advance.:) P.S. I love the most liked comment on that video:grin: