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  1. Goosehead

    The Dog..has he finally sorted his head out ?.

    ok, we all like to see the dog on tv..its never boring good or idiotic, but lets face it, he is a bit of a headcase on court, mental lapses, crazy boy shots, scorching winners and weird missed easy shots...has he finally settled down at last or was the win v rafa a one off..?. he is top...
  2. Goosehead

    Nadal has never lost a match to a 40s born player. Awesome.

    this proves that rafa is great and deserves another 563 threads about nothing on tt. :neutral:
  3. Goosehead

    Roger Federer is the Andrei Shevchenko of Tennis.

    both have silky skills and plenty of silverware from being world class in sports,:) but will Federer follow Shevchenko (Ukraine) into politics..and smooth talk his way around the corridors of power ?.
  4. Goosehead

    Donald Young is overrated.

    I can't believe it, every time this mega-clown wins a couple of matches even in qualifiers everyone start carrying on as if he is the new messiah.. face it..he is a mummys boy with his daft hat at a jaunty angle who won't win anything except maybe a smelly tosspot.
  5. Goosehead

    Monfeils - You are NOT Yannick Noah.

    GAAAAAHH why dosn't this clown get his own identily..always acting up the big showoff just because he is French and funky gaaaaah ohmygod ohmygodohmygod oh. my. goddd. monfeils just needs to stop losing all the time and getting injured and start winning stuff, instead of hitting the odd...
  6. Goosehead

    Draw not so bad for Federer now ?.

    not only is Rafa not waiting in the quarter finals but Lukas Rosol a potential 3ed rd banana skin is also out.. Jerzy Janowicz could be tricky (3rd rd) so lets see what happens in rds 2 and 3 then..
  7. Goosehead

    Wimbledon 2013: what about early round upsets ?.

    only just seen the draw and come on here (helloooo tt chatters:)) but folk have done the usual thing of projecting forward to the qf or sf to see who plays who, but we should remember upsets could happen especially on first week wimby grass, some players have no grass tourneys this year...
  8. Goosehead

    Kyle Edmund..18, win first match on ATP Tour.

    in case anyone missed this earth shattering event at Eastbourne, a rare example of a young player winning an actual match. his world rank is around 440 I think, also he has a wildcard to be in Wimbledon 1st rd.
  9. Goosehead

    Happy Days..Andy n Woger win Titles on the same day.

    Murray and The Fedster warm up for Wimbledon, next stop another Wimbledon final..maybe.
  10. Goosehead

    why don't the ATP make 'The Boodles' a grass 250 event ?.

    is it not an atp event because its in a country park in the grounds of a hotel ? look at the players this year.. djokovic, murray, del potro, berdych, cilic, querrey, raonic, janowicz, dimitrov.
  11. Goosehead

    1972 u.s open final: Nastase v Ashe.

    its on youtube (hurrah and huzzah)..I noticed that match point was heavily influenced by a net cord..ashe hits one clips the net and nasty lunges forward to scoop it over the net and win title..a rare event. also after on wiki I saw that ashe's only major in 1972 was this u.s open...
  12. Goosehead

    Federer/Nadal h2h..a different view.

    as I fan of both players (yep, it is possible folks) We can say that nadal leads the h2h 20-10, on clay rafa destroys fed 13-2 (oof), in majors nadal wastes the fedster 8-2..thats a feather for nadal. but on grass..its 2-1 to Federer, on indoor HC (all World tour finals) Federer owns...
  13. Goosehead

    Have the days of Nadal at no1 world rank gone forever ?.

    whats the opinion folks...
  14. Goosehead

    will federer and nadal retire in the same season ?.

    could happen..whatever year it ends up being.
  15. Goosehead

    Rosol v Nadal pt2..this time its personal.

    i noticed with rosol world rank hovering in the 60s nowadays..more chance of him being in the masters tourneys and a possible 'return' match with rafa.. who wants to see it ?..Captain Luke v the ******** Kid :-|
  16. Goosehead

    Looks like Djokovic could be no1 rank forever now.

    maybe not forever..but for ages at least.
  17. Goosehead

    are djokovic and murray set to dominate global tennis..?.

    have we got a federer-nadal era style of domination coming up these next years ?.
  18. Goosehead

    Slower courts help Federer, not hinder him.

    if federer is maybe a bit slower than in the old days..then slower courts, if the ball isnt skidding through, gives him a split second longer to reach that shot, where if the court was lightning quick as he is a bit slower..he wouldnt have as much time to get there and lose the point.. i can...
  19. Goosehead

    Tennis Masters series records and statistics..1970-present day.

    There have been 9 masters series titles a season since 1970 under three or so different names.. could someone please print out or have a link to wikipedia or maybe just a discussion page.. laver, djokovic, connors have won 5 in a season...lendl the most with 22.
  20. Goosehead

    2012..season/player review.

    so apart from the dc final..thats it for this season.. the majors were shared around the top four, federer surprised by reclaiming no1 and pistol petes wks at no1 record, ferrer wins first ever masters title, del potro climbs back into the top ten, then theres brian baker, tommy haas...
  21. Goosehead

    so you think Borg retired too early ?..think again.

    Borg made his debut at the stockholm open starting nov 1st 1971 and fell off the tour at the tokyo open that was end of oct 1981.. he was age 15yrs 4months when he started, and played 715 singles matches in a career lasting almost exactly 10yrs to the day.. he also played freak knows how...