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  1. brownbearfalling

    Grommets for 2009 pure drive lite

    Anyone know if any of the current grommets in stock will fit the 2009 pure drive GT? It’s the first generation GT model that is all blue with white accents and cortex. I ordered the 2015 pure drive lite grommets because they were the only ones in white color. They do not fit.
  2. brownbearfalling

    Calibrating Alpha Ghost 2

    Anyone know how to Calibrate the Alpha Ghost 2 tensioner? I emailed alpha for a digital copy of the owners manual but did not get any response. Also looked briefly online and no luck. Only found a spec sheet for the alpha ghost. Thank you in advance
  3. brownbearfalling

    Wilson pro labs Six One 95 v13 questions

    Questions for those who own the Wilson pro labs six one 95 18x20: 1. Are the string holes/ grommets parallel drilled or traditional? 2, does the grip pallet have amplified? (Carbon shanks) Basically trying to figure out “version” this six one is modeled from. If the holes are parallel drilled...
  4. brownbearfalling

    Prince Neos 1000 maintenance: lubricating turntable

    Question about maintenance: How does one lubricate the turntable on a prince NEOs 1000? The rotation of the turntable is fine but not as smooth as it could be. I identified the 10 x 4mm hex wrench screws that hold the turntable to the post. I “Cracked” open one of the screw and it seemed like...
  5. brownbearfalling

    Cole Haan Tennis shoe?

    What are you thoughts on this “tennis” shoe? I’m a big fan of Cole haan for dress and casual shoes. I am not sure where this shoe fits in and targeted audience. So the idea is that the wearer will be playing tennis then go out to lunch or on the town right after without having a second pair of...
  6. brownbearfalling

    NEOS 1000- Replacing tool tray pad

    Anyone know how to replace the tool tray pad on a prince NEOS 1000? I tried loosening both hex nuts the hold the tool tray and the top portion to the floor stand. I separated the top from the floor stand. Assumed that the tool tray would separate from the top portion by pulling it apart but it...
  7. brownbearfalling

    Why did you switch to Yonex?

    Trying to gather insight on why people are switching to Yonex. Maybe it's just a coincidence but lots of players that I know suddenly switched to Yonex. The only recent difference I can see is that the frames are now more round compared to the older frames which are more rectangular. Other...
  8. brownbearfalling

    Fed and Rafa shoe soles Aussie 2017

    while watching the Aussie final there was a brief snap of both Rafa and Fed shoes. Looks like they have custom soles? Fed seems to have a carbon mid foot support plate. Anyone have more info on the shoes? Flyknit? Vapor speed sole? For Rafa looks like he has the sole of the courtballistec...
  9. brownbearfalling

    Uncapping IG prestige mp?

    Can anyone confirm if the IG radical mp (clear) or youtek radical mp(black and white Teflon) grommets will fit on an ig prestige MP? The only grommets I have experience with are MG radical mp grommet side pieces. I don't have the bumper guard but I assume it fits. If someone doesn't mind...
  10. brownbearfalling

    Reissue of Dunlop HM 300G and MW 200G?

    I saw on another online store that they are selling the Hotmelt 300G and Muscle Weave 200G. The reissued racquets are sold in the Big 5 fashion (pre strung with Dunlop syn gut). Does anyone know if this reissue is something that Dunlop is doing for everyone? Would anyone buy one or two? I'm...
  11. brownbearfalling

    Over grip a la gasquet?

    Does anyone overgrip their racquets a la gasquet?(only half of the handle) Mainly for one hand backhand players although someone out there with a two handed may do this as well. The reason I'm wondering is because recently I've noticed that the top portion of my over grip stays relatively new...
  12. brownbearfalling

    Adidas Boost in Tennis shoes Anyone?

    Adidas just introduced their new cushioning technology called boost: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
  13. brownbearfalling

    Problems with Barricade 7- getting rash/bleeding from wear

    I've been wearing the Barricade 7's for a few weeks now and after a wearing them I get a very bad rash/bleeding on the inside of my right ankle (11 oclock position). It's about the size of a Q-tip (cotton swab) head. I'm not sure if it's from the collar of the shoe, the tongue of the shoe or the...
  14. brownbearfalling

    Federer wearing black Vneck shirt under his polo?

    Anyone else notice that federer is wearing what looks like a black (cotton?) Vneck shirt under neath his dri fit polo shirts? I will try to find a picture. I am wondering what are the benefits of wearing the extra shirt? I am guessing it might be more comfortable, warmer if it is chilly or...
  15. brownbearfalling

    Trick for Tying knots when stringing poly/co poly strings

    I made a video of a little trick I made up from stringing countless polyester jobs over the years. I hope it helps:
  16. brownbearfalling

    Will Prince Warrior Grommet fit in Precision Response Ti

    I would like to know that Prince Warrior mp grommets fit in a Prince Precision Response ti mp.
  17. brownbearfalling

    Where is Msv strings made?

    I bought a reel of msv focus hex way back when the brand first came into US market and you could only get it from one place. This reel I got never had a "made in" label. I had always assumed that being a German brand and making poly strings equaled having the strings made in German. But...
  18. brownbearfalling

    Questions about MRT Test

    I am Finally considering taking the test to become certified as an MRT. Before I send $250 into USRSA, I wanted to do a little research. While reading through the supplemental study guide I am confident that I have the skills to pass the test. But I have a few questions that I hope you guys...
  19. brownbearfalling

    Does the Off center lacing of the CB 3.3 bother you?

    I got to take a look at the CB 3.3 in person today and just noticed how off center the laces are. Does this bother you? For me, I've never worn soccer shoes that have off center lacing but I know it's very common for the nature of the sport, so I don't know what the performance benefit...
  20. brownbearfalling

    Collectable Reebok Pump Court Victory

    Here are the latest releases from Reebok: Credit to: IMO the Clay French Open shoes are pretty cool. The US open is alright also. But I think the Wimbly ones look a little odd.
  21. brownbearfalling

    Under Armor Shoes for Tennis...Possibly Tennis specific

    So Pictures first: Currently the shoes Bethanie Mattek-Sands is wearing isn't on the UA website so it is not any of the training, or running shoes. Looks like Under Armor wants to produce tennis...
  22. brownbearfalling

    Converse "performance" Jack Purcell shoes

    Is any one else interested in what Converse is trying to do with their shoes? In the article in the latest Tennis magazine there was info that Converse will be adding performance features to their classic Jack Purcell shoes. I'm really excited to see what they come up with because the...
  23. brownbearfalling

    Where did Volkl Cyclone go?

    Where did Volkl cyclone go? Is it being discontinued or is it so popular that it went out of stock?
  24. brownbearfalling

    Erlangen, and Berlin Germany: Tennis Courts

    Are there any good courts in Erlangen? It seems to be a university there so there must be good courts and competition. There has to be a lot of people and tennis shops in Berlin. Are there any courts or shops in particular that is preferred?
  25. brownbearfalling

    Fake Blx90 concerns

    I happened to search for blx90's on the bay auction site and I ran into a few fake ones. It's from the seller "stringchang" He has other wilson racquets and head youtek racquets also. The seller is from china and doesn't guarantee authenticity in any way and lists his items for $.99. In the...
  26. brownbearfalling

    Another new Babolot Ploy string??

    Does anyone have news on a poly string coming out after Rpm blast?
  27. brownbearfalling

    Local tennis shop has the Blk/whte/ red Barricade 6

    My local tennis shop has the blk/white/red Men's adidas barricade 6 for sale. They have the white and silver women's for sale also. I'm not advertising for them rather just letting everyone know it's a matter of a few days before TW will post theirs up for internet sale. Unless you are in...
  28. brownbearfalling

    Ancient (nuts and bolts) turntable lock/ brake on Toalson Crank

    I have owned this machine (Toalson which is gamma in Japan) for years but never had any motivation to fix the turntable lock / brake system that comes with the machine. I can get it to work for a few locks but all the parts come loose afterwards. If any one is familiar with this type of...
  29. brownbearfalling

    Pro Supex Blue Gear -Guage question

    I have some "17g" I received in a trade. It feels like 16 guage that is 1.30 mm. So I am guessing it is pro supex's 1.28 guage. It is not as thin as 1.20mm volkl Cyclone that I am comparing it to. Does anyone have Blue Gear 17g and can compare with other 17 guage string to verify? or Does...
  30. brownbearfalling

    Rafa is a stand up guy;_ylt=At7Bnn8Qo2JWGExf4X1OSDQ4v7YF?slug=reu-mennadalwoods&prov=reuters&type=lgns Not too much detail and I am sure he is partially being modest to not stir up anything but I have always thought he was a stand up nice guy.