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  1. Tennis Man

    Lacoste Steel Racquet Question

    "In 1963, Lacoste created a sensation in racquet technology by patenting the first tubular steel tennis racquet. Until then, racquets had almost always been made of wood. This new racquet's strings were attached to the frame by a series of wires, which wrapped around the racquet head. The...
  2. Tennis Man

    How to manage a racket collection

    1. excel 2. word 2. google docs
  3. Tennis Man

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    I just gave away a bunch woodies to a local club for a display, including this one. Should have thought of trying to make an Equijet out of it. :)
  4. Tennis Man

    What Color Is Your Collection?

    almost all black and burned candy apple here
  5. Tennis Man

    Best Prestige Mid ever?

    original brown Prestige Pro, hands down.
  6. Tennis Man

    Any one still believes in new material technologuies vs good ol graphite

    I just read the difinition of basalt and it doesn't make sense. Wikipedia says: "Basalt is used in construction (e.g. as building blocks or in the groundwork), making cobblestones (from columnar basalt) and in making statues. Heating and extruding basalt yields stone wool, an excellent...
  7. Tennis Man

    Wilson pro staff 85 (HNO on buttcap)

    First, you are in the wrong section. There is a "Classic racquet talk" where you can get more responses. Secondly, you probably got St Vincent but the real value depends on its condition and can be anywhere from $under $100 to $250 based on current prices and buyers willing to pay.
  8. Tennis Man

    Old Head Racquets

    The answer is pretty simple: they used real graphite and lots of it. In addition to high QC and pride in the work and end result.
  9. Tennis Man

    Favourite 90'

    Prestige Pro (original) is the best, IMHO. K90 is the one I use most of the time.
  10. Tennis Man

    Wilson PS85 discussion thread...

    I doubt that PS85SV can contribute to your elbow problem more than Puma BB Super. It's pretty good at dampening vibration. It maybe your string set-up or technique. The stiffnes for the original PS 85 is 66 but it may depend on the version you have. I have heard of slightly different readings.
  11. Tennis Man

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    Holy cow !!! This would be the only racquet that I would frame and put on my family room wall. :) I will top whatever jumbo offers for it. :) Seriously, ericsson, what do you know about this racquet. When was the promo and how many of these did they make in your opinion? Is it playable at all?
  12. Tennis Man

    Is "demo" racquet any different from retail?

    This makes sense now. I guess demos are given to reps as a sales & marketing tool. They give them to pros to test in order to get business. That's why they are marked demo and "not for sale". The case dismissed. :0
  13. Tennis Man

    Is "demo" racquet any different from retail?

    No one seems to know the answer to the question: "Why do we need a demo in the first place?". If they made them, they can sell them as designed. You can demo them all you want in a retail version. We don't have "demo" cars, "demo" electronics, "demo" anything else. Why racquets?
  14. Tennis Man

    Is "demo" racquet any different from retail?

    Yes, this is obvious. Thanks. So is DEMO batch is before the retail? Any reason? Would the manufacturers change the specs or anything based on feedback? If not the above, why bother making them DEMO? Most of retailers use regular racquets intheir demo programs.
  15. Tennis Man

    Is "demo" racquet any different from retail?

    I'm sorry if it was discussed before but how does a "demo" racquet differs from retail version? I have seen a few classic frames with "DEMO" stenciled/painted on them. Are they pre-production racquets? What would be the rationale to release a "DEMO" racquet?
  16. Tennis Man

    Wilson PS85 discussion thread...

    St Vincent, more likely. I have 2 of the same.
  17. Tennis Man

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    Wow, why do you need so many Equijet 255s? I have just one and it's looking for partner. Want to trade one of yours? ;)
  18. Tennis Man

    What Happened To The St Vincent Factory?

    More likely it was a small shop back 20 years ago and who know what they made out of it. It could be a toy shop by now making some voodoo dolls. :)
  19. Tennis Man

    Is Max 200G for me?

    It can't really compare 200G with BB Super. If you want the "racquet flex and ball feel like an old woodie" the earlier 200G is the way to go. You can get them under $100 any time.
  20. Tennis Man

    Which racquet should I add to my collection?

    It's a good start. You must have the following: Dunlop MAX 200G Head Prestige Pro Head Prestige Classic 600 Wilson n90 Wilson k90 just to name a few :)
  21. Tennis Man

    Wilson Prostaff 85 - old vs new

    I really like your comparison and the fact that you confirm once again that St Vincent frames can't be replicated in China. :) I regularly play with St Vincent and sometimes Taiwan and notice a huge difference even between these two in terms of feel and touch. On your scale I would rate...
  22. Tennis Man

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    255 is my favorite by all means. It's glossy finish makes it look (and maybe feel) a bit stiffer than LT301.
  23. Tennis Man

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    Pictures please. I may consider the trade. :)
  24. Tennis Man

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    jimbo, that's impressive ... I will take my 255 and 301 to the clay court tonight. :)
  25. Tennis Man

    Hazell's Streamline Greenstar

    put it on flea bay and will find out.
  26. Tennis Man

    Calling Max 200G (IMF) users

    Natural Gut between 50 and 55lb for me.
  27. Tennis Man

    Lacoste RL07 racquet

    Please do. I never saw your colelction and my wall is gone (just like the Berlin Wall). :)
  28. Tennis Man

    Lacoste RL07 racquet

    Yes, Jimbo, I still have a few to play for fun ... That original NOS Equijet is a rare find and worth much more IMHO.
  29. Tennis Man

    Lacoste RL07 racquet

    ... and the retail price would be be like $399, typical for Lacoste.
  30. Tennis Man

    Lacoste RL07 racquet

    wow, thanks. So, they had a few made? But it's not Equijet :(