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  1. migjam

    Head Speed Pro Demo's

    TW - will you be having more than 1 demo of the new racquets anytime soon. I would like to try a couple out but with only one demo, that will probably be a long time.
  2. migjam

    Pro Supex and 08' Head Bags

    When will TW be carrying Pro Supex strings and the new 08' Head Bags?
  3. migjam

    Youzhny's Bag

    I noticed he was carrying a different style of the extreme bag (can't find the picture at the moment). It looks to be larger than the Super Combi 9-pack and better made as well as slightly different graphics. Anyone know what bag it is?
  4. migjam

    Tennis Camp Reviews

    Let's start a thread sharting our reviews of the many tennis camps out there. (Good and bad experiences, prices and tips)
  5. migjam

    Nadal Changing?

    It appears that Rahael is changing his wardrobe. Or at least he is here no more pirate pants and headband;
  6. migjam

    TW Rewards Program

    TW, Have you ever thought about starting a rewards program based on customer purchases?
  7. migjam

    What Levels?

    What levels does your area have for competition? We live in has Rookie (beginners), Challenger (Intermediate) and Champs (Advanced). Supposedly, if you compete at the Champs level, you can't move back down without petitioning the USTA. However, I see it all the time were somebody will play and...
  8. migjam

    Mission Hills Nationals

    Has anyone played at the National tournament, held at Mission Hills (Palm Spring) in January? If so, how did you do and what was the competition like?
  9. migjam

    Williams in Shape?

    Is it just the photo angle or has Serena gotten herself in shape?
  10. migjam

    Muster divorced?

    Did Muster get divorced? If so, when did this happen?
  11. migjam

    Really Martina?

    In a recent article, Martina Navratilova makes the following statement, "I'm the greatest volleyer that's ever played" What do you think?
  12. migjam


    TW, where did the Isospeed string selections go? I click on the Isospeed logo and the page displays no listings for their strings.
  13. migjam

    Tennis Footwork

    Anybody familiar with this instruction and if so, what are your thoughts?
  14. migjam

    Another time for Wimby?

    Day one, and we already have rain delays. My question is, what time of year in England is the best for weather, where the rain could be avoided? What is the weather like in January and if it is much better, why not flip the Austrailian Open with Wimbledon, since January weather in Austrailia...
  15. migjam

    Caption This

  16. migjam

    The switch begins.

    Looks like Clijsters has made the switch to the new Pure Drive.;_ylt=AjjtUTP4G802O5ybBVqKUBE4v7YF?slug=fc349acace4d496ca69876bfae597703.britain_tennis_lth104&prov=ap
  17. migjam

    Polystar Energy

    TW, will you be selling Polystar strings anytime soon?
  18. migjam

    Prince O3 Tour Midplus Throat Grommet

    TW, is there a hard throat grommet available for the O3 Tour midplus? If so, will you be carrying them?
  19. migjam

    One up, One back

    I was watching the Florida vs. Stanford womens doubles on ESPN today and noticed that the teams were playing one up, one back. What's up with that. Is it because it was womens tennis or are the coaches actually coaching for them to play that way?
  20. migjam

    Juniors using O3 Tour MP

    I just wanted to get an idea of how many juniors players here are using this frame and what string and tension they are using.
  21. migjam

    Clijsters engaged???

    It looks like Clijsters is wearing a ring on her finger? Is she engaged again?
  22. migjam

    Junior Racquet Survey

    Just curious what the most popular brand of racquets among the junior players is? Post the model of your racquet.
  23. migjam

    Why no demo?

    Just wondering why there isn't a demo for the Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Racquets and there is for the O3 Hybrid Shark?
  24. migjam

    Free Pro Stroke AVIs

    Does anybody know where I can download free avi's of some pro's strokes? Specifically, I'm looking for Haas, Mirnyi and Agassi
  25. migjam

    Which Racquet?

    My mother needs to replace her Prince Extender with a new racquet. What racquet is similar to this one?
  26. migjam

    TW: Order link is broken

    TW: Order status link is broken Each time I have placed an order and receive the email confirmation, the link that allows me to check the status of my order, has the last digit of my phone number on the next line, which causes the link to be invalid.
  27. migjam

    Balle de match

    Will TW be carrying any Balle de match kids shirts? We really like the the shorts but would also like to get their shirts.
  28. migjam

    Weil Tennis Academy

    I'm thinking about registering my son for a Summer Camp at the Weil Academy. Has anyone attended one of their camps and if so, what did you think?