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  1. Wuppy

    Embarrassingly small crowds in Shanghai

    I understand that tournaments in China don't draw big crowds, but my god even when there are Chinese players playing there's like 3 people in the audience. They have garish music, fog machines, spotlights, etc. to introduce the players... and then when the lights come on all you can see are...
  2. Wuppy

    Why is nobody talking about Jack Sock?

    I saw his two matches. He's a beast! He was ripping huge serves and pinpoint winners. If he keeps playing like that he'll be a huge force on tour.
  3. Wuppy

    Carmelo dissed Serena?

    When they interviewed him about her during her match, he seemed hesitant to say he was there to support her. Then when she waved to him after the match he turned his back and left the stadium WHILE she was thanking him for being there. WTF?? :confused:
  4. Wuppy

    Worst olympic coverage ever NBC

    Trying to watch the olympics tonight and the first half hour is a documentary on World War II.... WTF????:evil:
  5. Wuppy

    "The Pusher" - my new ball machine idea

    So I've been playing in a bunch of 3.5 tournaments and almost all these guys (except for 2 so far) have an incredible arsenal of awful shots which perplex, disorient, and eventually beat me. I've been wondering how to train to defeat these guys, because when I'm out hitting I usually hit with...
  6. Wuppy

    Best cheap ball machine

    Looking for a new ball machine with the following specs: Must-haves: -Must be battery powered -Must deliver the ball with speed of 70+ mph Desirables: -Easy to change/replace battery -Good topspin shots -Easy to pack up and travel with Otherwise all I'm looking for is low-price and...
  7. Wuppy

    Got beat by a guy hitting slice forehands

    Was in a match today against a pusher who stood back and hit slice backhands and forehands. 3 set match, he hit a grand total of 5 winners, one of which was a lob. All other points he got were either my double-faults or my other UEs. Beat him 6-1 in the first set, in the middle of the second...
  8. Wuppy

    Can anyone beat or even equal this slam prediction percentage?

    I don't think so. Check out my history.... ---------- Frog Open: Called before play even started. (Jojo of course being Djokovic.) Came to pass exactly as I called it. ---------- Wimpleton: Called during quarterfinals...
  9. Wuppy

    White shorts always see-through?

    So I bought 2 pair of white shorts. One were some cheapies at Target, another were some decent Head brand white ones specifically for tennis. Both, you can see the white pockets through the shorts! In fact, if I wear patterned underwear (boxers, not briefs, to let Mr. Happy breathe of...
  10. Wuppy

    Why don't they just leave the roof closed?

    I don't get it, if they know that the week will be full of rainy days, can't they just leave the roof closed all the time so they don't have to keep opening and closing it and postponing all these matches? Makes no sense to me. :confused:
  11. Wuppy

    Clamping left arm to chest on serve

    So I've been working on my service form and videoing myself, and I've noticed that I tend to clamp my non-serving (left) arm to my chest after the toss, when I'm striking the ball. I notice a number of pros do this as well, most notably Fed and Nadal. Roddick, Murray, and others tend to...
  12. Wuppy

    18g syn too springy, going to 15L

    Was in a big match yesterday, got beat because I was routinely hitting the ball 1-2 feet long. The guy hit 2-3 winners off me, everything else was my error. I'd cut out my BM which I enjoy and replaced it with 18g nylon at #63 and was trying to get back into nylon so that I didn't have to...
  13. Wuppy

    Anyone else embarrassed by exhibition matches?

    First one I actually watched was the BNP Paribas one on ESPN3 recently. Sharapova v. Wozniacki and Fed v. Roddick. At Madison Square Garden. Flashing lights, disco balls, etc. I'm surprised they didn't use a fog machine during the intros. Federer played with his Rolex on :? After...
  14. Wuppy

    Trying a full bed of Kevlar tomorrow

    I'm very excited. It was a joy to string, 18g strung at 60/62 with a modified-Wuppy method going from the middle crosses down. Just a noname Kevlar but wow that's a fiber! I always complain about how nylon and poly should be cheaper because they're nothin', but Kevlar is definitely something...
  15. Wuppy

    At what ranking will Roddick retire?

    Predictions here...
  16. Wuppy

    Gasquet + red shirt = beating Murray?

    Evidence has shown that athletes who wear red win more sporting competitions than those who don't:,1518,570918,00.html I found it...
  17. Wuppy

    Limit users to 10 posts a day

    It would be interesting to limit all users to a certain number of posts in each 24 hour period. Maybe 10, maybe 15, whatever the mods think best. This would help encourage people to post more useful, relevant things rather than getting involved in endless flame wars. This would also...
  18. Wuppy

    What's with all the whiskers on tour?

    A large percentage of the male pros seem to play with a week's worth of stubble. What's the deal? Wake up too late to shave? :confused:
  19. Wuppy

    Increasing tension as you go down crosses

    I've been stringing crosses in a way where, after I string the cross in the middle of the racquet, I increase the tension in each cross by 1/2 lb all the way to the bottom. I do it because of this video: Not a perfect solution, but it may help.
  20. Wuppy

    Harming eyes by serving into sun?

    Is there any scientific literature about whether or not you can permanently harm your eyes by serving into the sun? My work depends a great deal on my vision and I was serving into the sun today. Not only did I double fault a lot but it really scared me. I can't afford to have vision...
  21. Wuppy

    Who here likes to play with BM?

    I've been playing with Black Mambra recently and I enjoy it. Inexpensive, tough to string with though :shock: Nice and stiff. String it at 61/62.
  22. Wuppy

    Difference between topspin on FH vs 2HBH?

    Try as I might, I can't get nearly the same amount of topspin on my two-handed backhand as I can on my forehand. Is this normal? :confused:
  23. Wuppy

    Dimensions of Yonex EZONE Xi 98

    Can anyone measure and tell me the dimensions of the face/hoop of the Yonex EZONE Xi 98? I.e. the length and width of the strung area? Thanks, it looks like a very wide, short face.
  24. Wuppy

    My string experiments

    I'm gonna try a full bed of Kevlar at #60. :shock: I'm also gonna try a full bed of 20-gauge syn gut badminton string. Hope it survives the stringing. :shock::shock: Both are being shipped as we speak. Will report :twisted:
  25. Wuppy

    Tried a multi, didn't like it

    Tried some Gamma Revelation 16 at 62 lbs that came with my stringing machine. A joy to string with and seems like a decent string (though I never use anything more than 17g these days), but it just gave me too much power. I was drilling them long. Guess I'll go back to poly. Thinking of...
  26. Wuppy

    People who call "No!" instead of "Out!"

    Am I alone in not being able to stand people who yell "No" instead of "Out?" Every single person I've played with or seen playing who did this was an egomaniac. :( I saw some guy doing it today and it was obnoxious. Discuss.
  27. Wuppy

    Cliche tennis phrases you would like to never ever see or hear used by anyone again

    I'll start: "Easy access to..." spin, power, whatever. Unless the phrase is followed by a pretty girl's name, I never want to see or hear it again. :evil:
  28. Wuppy

    Lotta Babolat at the USTA tourney today

    I wandered by a low-level USTA tournament today and 4 out of 5 players (3.0 to 5.0 and Open) had Babolats. Most of those people had the black/white/yellow Nadal version. I saw one old crappy racquet in the hands of an old guy. One Prince with red strings exactly like Isner's in the hands of...
  29. Wuppy

    Humps under balls of foot in shoes?

    So I was trying on some tennis shoes for the first time today. I've been using cheap sporting shoes from Target and Walmart which work fine but wear out fast. I was pricing them in the $50-70 range, nothing too expensive. Tried on some Nikes, some K-Swiss, New Balance, Adidas. Every...
  30. Wuppy

    Not sure whether to stick with poly

    So I've been trying to make the switch to poly for the past month or so. I guess I'm a big goofball when it comes to strings because for the life of me -- and as I've posted many times here -- I simply can't tell the difference in play between different poly strings, and I've tried 5 or 6 so...