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  1. Goosehead

    Nole fans, should he fight for 7th YE n1?

    i think he is really wasted ..he fell away physically at the olympics, then tried to win usopen without any tourneys because he was so tired, then struggled on and off before being flat and nowhere in the final.. maybe he needs the rest of the year off, not another attempt of "chasing history"...
  2. Goosehead

    No, these WTA teenagers aren't yet ready.

    cornykova ?????????????? eeek. lolz. op be so funny.
  3. Goosehead

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    irony being that mcenroe lost to scanlon at uso83 who was still using a wooden wand.
  4. Goosehead

    Berrettini's not ready for the fame just yet

    james brown iz back..awwww yeeaaah.
  5. Goosehead

    Post-Big 3 era for men's tennis has begun!

    federer and nadal might have played their last matches. so op could be on it.
  6. Goosehead

    2021 Indian Wells Entry List (Men's)

    everyone is always in, all masters except monte carlo have automatic entry. so it means very little at this stage, it is up to the player to remove names from entry list., injured players out first but more will surely follow.
  7. Goosehead

    If tsitsipas was having such bad diarrhea that it took him 8 minutes to empty himself out, wouldnt it be more honorable to just forfeit the match?

    jason and the argonauts would be a different story.. if it had fartanos spraythebowl-ipas crapping his brains out all though the film.
  8. Goosehead

    Djokovic versus Nishikori United States Open 2021 round of 32

    ball in a cup ball in a cup its a ball in a cup. BALL IN A CUP ball in a cup.
  9. Goosehead

    Remnants of Ida's

    makes sense. good idea.
  10. Goosehead

    Sir Andy Tweets after his 1st Round USO match

    look..the emoji's used are 'toilet' and 'space rocket'. :D
  11. Goosehead

    U.S. Open could lose 2 days of play thanks to the remnants of hurricane Ida.

    ten minute. ten dollar. do big happy ending.
  12. Goosehead

    Djokovic vs Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune

    they say he can play the good tennis.
  13. Goosehead

    What Is The Latest Update On Djoker's Injuries?

    think he was just wasted.
  14. Goosehead

    2021 Cincinnati Masters Final: Alexander Zverev vs Andrey Rublev

    medvedev1999, mcenroe1984 also lost rg final from 2sets up as did orangey orentes vs borg in 1974 i think.
  15. Goosehead

    How to stop these ridiculous bathroom breaks?

    maybe he was put off his deuce thinking about atp officials outside the door while he was stooling into the toilet bowl
  16. Goosehead


    rublev hits ball................................................4 seconds later.....BWEH.
  17. Goosehead

    Any word of Fed's actual injury or surgery?

    always good to have a few options. :) imagine if the year was 1760. "oh dear is your knee giving you aggro again ?'s about we just saw off the leg just above the knee. job done". :unsure::sick:
  18. Goosehead

    Not much difference in career between Grigor Dmitrov and Prince of Clay ?

    no asterisk, dom won 7 matches just like all other major winners. overcame all the mental / physical hurdles that go along with a 2 week major.
  19. Goosehead

    TRS: 2021 Cincinnati Masters 1000-general discussion

    i know all majors do it..but for me, the majors is not the place to be giving out freebees to folk outside top500, maybe a smaller event, and you are right, they will keep doing it.
  20. Goosehead

    TRS: 2021 Cincinnati Masters 1000-general discussion

    i hate some of these joke wildcards. at least one each mens/womens wildcards were given to players ranked in the 700s.
  21. Goosehead

    Any word of Fed's actual injury or surgery?

    or that "nu-surface implant" artificial meniscus (if thats his new injury) option.
  22. Goosehead

    Federer News: Surgery

    maybe he try nu-meniscus implant op. it was approved in nov 2019 in israel at least, dunno about other places.
  23. Goosehead

    With Big 3 hurting, Tsitsipas sees 'change of thrones' in men's tennis

    t!ts. ooh look even skeletons are bored silly waiting for bozo-gen to knock the big 3 off the majors podium (and rank charts).
  24. Goosehead

    Federer News

    he needs a haircut 100.
  25. Goosehead

    Zverev played an ok match, but Djokovic clearly looked like he stopped trying from 3-2 in the second set

    ran out of energy, mental/physical, plus humid weather and being in covid bubble, but also.. since may 10th played 28 singles matches and however fit he is he's still 34yr old..
  26. Goosehead

    Olympic Tennis Is A Farce. Players Like Nagal Do Not Belong.

    eddie edwards finished 57th out of 57 (?) but he was included, any anyway being last is not the point but the taking part that they claim.
  27. Goosehead

    What can Sinner improve on?

    is he still 19 ?..or 20 soon. i think have an early close season before paris masters, then after a few weeks of relaxing get in a big training block, a few more weights should build him up abit and at 19/20 he could fill out bigtime. although the big spanner in those works would be what to do...
  28. Goosehead

    Will the massive Slam Bloat keep tennis relevant forever?

    actually looking forward to the post-big3 era.. no more tedious all consuming goat debate polluting every single tourney,
  29. Goosehead

    Will All Of You Next-gen Bashers Finally Stop Whining If Berrettini Wins?

    berry is not next gen at 25..he is good player makes the occasional final gen.