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  1. Raiden

    Djokovic's Complete Dominance of Next Gen: 27 wins 8 losses!

    What will his ranking points be if he wins this slam? And by the way can someone help me whether last year's French Open points have already dropped off? (or is it part of the covid-preserved stuff that will not drop off until October or something?
  2. Raiden

    Djokovic watches YouTube highlights of his opponents obsessively!!!

    No, usually players assume the coaching staff they hire are doing this stuff all day — but in reality no doubt many of the coaches are doing just the minimum rather than the max
  3. Raiden

    Dear lord, who hired Chanda Rubin?

    The man's tirade about Chanda is also as nonsensical as that — not based on anything wrong she has done. Just personal dislike masquerading as objective disapproval.
  4. Raiden

    Is Murray the unluckiest player ever

    What a preposterous, ungrateful, vain, prima-donna claim. Ofcourse Murray is not the unluckiest player ever. In fact one of the luckiest alive. He escaped the Dunblane massacre, where he could have easily been one of the kids who were shot dead.
  5. Raiden

    How does a 5'5 woman (Barty) have the best serve in WTA?

    Barty is the better server than Pliskova. She has a better second serve. That's the reason behind the chatter about Barty having the best serve in wta. They're judging not only her currently #2 best first serve, but also her unparalleled second serve which is #1 on the tour. So they're judging...
  6. Raiden

    Why hasn't Tim Henman become a knight of the realm?

    I thought that stuff was reserved for (in case of athletes) real champions, not uppity mediocrity?
  7. Raiden

    Controversial federer ad

    The commercial didn't state anything controversial: didn't say that numbers don't matter (which is how it is being misread) but questioned whether numbers only matter. I don't consider that controversial... except unless someone at first did insist that numbers are the end all be all. Then it...
  8. Raiden

    Sinner to skip the Olympics

    Strange and quite frankly, rubbish decision. The excuse provided is p*ss poor. Unless he has some inside information that perhaps it's gonna be a terrible situation due to Covid or that the hotel accomidation in the Olympic village really sucks monkey balls........... or whatever else it may...
  9. Raiden

    Will Djokovic now find all the love?

    Today he found love and adoration of a "world", except it was not on planet earth.
  10. Raiden

    This is why Naomi Osaka is skipping press-conferences

    It was in fact Ubaldo who posed the question, no?
  11. Raiden

    Funniest comments on the tennis court...starring Venus and Sinner

    That muppet who ratted on Sinner looks the part — so eager and quick to meet the umpire and report his finding, walking ahead of player (Sinner should have smelled what was coming and quietly made a sneaky U-turn behind his back and dashed back to the loo).
  12. Raiden


    That wasn't even the case. They never had any genuine tennis career. They were just instagram clickbaits who conducted photoshoots on a tennis court. So good riddance to that thread as it devolved from its original "tennis pro" intent.
  13. Raiden

    First time since 1973 no American men ranked in the top-30

    So it's all down to Korda to save the nation? That means a lotta waitin' (going to take a long time even if it happens on schedule)
  14. Raiden

    Fognini was defaulted yesterday. Was it a correct decision?

    I trust Babolat. I have no reason not to trust them on this. If even they come out in public, then it amounts to an open and shut case. You can't take this out of Fog. He's too old to grow out of it so there's no need to squirm and wiggle around looking for excuses. This is who he is — and...
  15. Raiden

    Tsitsipas' weird press conference

    lol — en Reem videotaped it. She was probably in on the routine unlike the other journalists. Oh and send the tape to Kyrgios (so he moans about how Tsitsi and his mom forgot to mention Judy/Andy Murray
  16. Raiden

    Why are so few players from Spain chokers?

    So Roger has been doing Dubai since 2003. Except here's a pesky little fact: it's only in 2009 that out of competition testing was implemented by WADA. That's when it become worldwide and mandatory. In 2003 even the initial voluntary ITF-led experiments did not exist anywhere in tennis. Now...
  17. Raiden

    Toni Nadal hired as the coach of Felix Auger Aliassime

    God, what a revisionist pile of garbage. Toni made Rafa from A to Z — literally created him, designed him as a concept. If it wasn't for Toni, the natural born right handed kid would never have even picked up a racket with his left hand and made even one single forehand swing with it.... never...
  18. Raiden

    Toni Nadal hired as the coach of Felix Auger Aliassime

    LMAO Zverev? You cannot be serious. Someone like Zverev will never be coached by tio Toni. Coaching a brat with a an awful personal baggage? No pasa nada. Felix had to prove himself he was worth it, in a trial that lasted 10 days. This was not just a tennis and fitness test. No doubt matters...
  19. Raiden

    Toni Nadal hired as the coach of Felix Auger Aliassime

    Now this is a true bombshell. Needless to say an excellent move by FAA — as a matter of fact monumental. Easily the greatest decision he ever made since when he was a baby (to get rid of his other toys and stick w/ the tiny racquet).
  20. Raiden

    Cristiano Ronaldo dilemma in tennis!

    There is no dilemma. Sports is supposed to be meritocratic. It shouldn't be like businesses or the entertainment world where a new generation of leaders have to be given opportunities by providing them top jobs occupied by oldies. In sports it's the job of young players themselves to actively...
  21. Raiden

    For those who say One-handed backhand is more natural.

    Gasquet could have hit that shot with "one hand" too (using his other hand only to "launch" the racquet from the throat with minimal swing)
  22. Raiden

    Nadal is GOAT volleyer according to Sinner

    He gave best forehand and best backhand to Fed and Djoker so Sin had to give best something else to Nadal The remaining hard strokes were either serve or volley — he chose the latter
  23. Raiden

    Why did the Becker-Nole partnership end?

    Exactly. Pepe did it. He took over. And Djoker as usual let Pepe run the show... which is understandable (he paid him so he had to let the new guy do his thing for a while at least).
  24. Raiden

    'MRS. ROGER FEDERER left to do her husband's job'

    It's why Rog doesn't dip on the side... unlike your so called gentleman fave
  25. Raiden

    Monfils and Svitolina engaged

    What's behind? Twin peaks?
  26. Raiden

    The Sinner...

    Agreed. It's not so much just simply because Sin has beat player xyz or because he has managed to be ranked x at the age of y — but rather because of all the other elements are there — including the intangibles. Even when he loses you can see he has made it hard on his opponents, regardless of...
  27. Raiden

    Very interesting what Popsicle says here...

    Oh oh — shots fired. Now watch Gaudenzi & co drag and wake-up Federer and Nadal from their vacation to respond more favorably