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  1. 2nd Serve Ace

    Tsitsipas: lack of BH variety the main concern going forward.

    Wow! ST had exactly 2 bh winners in 5 sets against an 18 yr old and 20+ UF on the bh side. Obviously, his insistence on hitting weak, fluttery "topspin" backhands in every situation is not helping him win important points. The whole point of a 1hbh is the variety in shot selection, but dang...
  2. 2nd Serve Ace

    Adidas uso camo

    The camo shorts with the beige tops are nice, but the camo tops just look gross to me.
  3. 2nd Serve Ace

    Does any player pick "the World" on the coin flip?

    I think the tour could save some time and just default to "ATP" for the coin side choice on the flip, since no pro ever seems to pick the other side!
  4. 2nd Serve Ace

    "Aya!" vs "Bweh!"

    Who wins in this battle of irritating yells?
  5. 2nd Serve Ace

    3 of 4 olympic womens semifinalists play Yonex frames.

    Good to see Yonex maintaining its base as an eastern european chick stick!
  6. 2nd Serve Ace

    Importance of front toe landing in line with serve target.

    I've been trying to understand why Tsistipas doesn't get as much out of his serve as I think he should, and one thing that sticks out is how much his front foot finishes pointed to the left on the follow through. The all-time great servers tend to have have that front toe landing much more in...
  7. 2nd Serve Ace

    Tsitsipas left shoulder on serve

    Ok I think I've identified the move that is keeping Stefs serve suboptimal, and it has to do with this quick tuck of the left shoulder/arm that 1. Limits his range, 2. Limits his power, 3. Causes him to fall off to the left. Given his height and athleticism, he absolutely should be trying to...
  8. 2nd Serve Ace

    Yonex finishing tape has the logo upside down.

    Has anybody else noticed this? I always start the finishing tape with this little clear flap, but when it's done that way, the "yonex" logo is upside down! Not sure why. Maybe if the racquet is sitting against a chair, it will be read right-side up, thus better branding?
  9. 2nd Serve Ace

    Any other players to take out 5 higher seeds at one tournament?

    Let's give Hubie Hurkacz some credit: beat 5 higher seeded players in a row. With 32 seeds, that's the maximum. Anybody else equaled this?
  10. 2nd Serve Ace

    Most top 10 wins at 1 tournament

    Noticed that Wilander beat four, at that time, current top 10 players on his way to winning the 82 French. (Lendl, Gerulaitis, Clerc, Vilas) Think mathematically that's the maximum at one tournament. To even get 4, the player would have to beat seed 1 or 2 early.
  11. 2nd Serve Ace

    Stinky Trees

    Not sure why I've never noticed this before, but the 2 clubs I play at most have this dead carcass smell going on in a bad way! One of my hitting partners said it was flowering dogwoods, but others say it's actually Bradford pears, which were all the rage in SE USA about 15 years ago due to...
  12. 2nd Serve Ace

    Don't sit on changeovers in cold weather.

    Got bit by another lower back strain (maybe upper glut, actually?) tonight in a cold weather singles match. Was up 4-2 on a stronger player than me, but then a wincing pain developed in my lower right back area. Virtually the same thing happened about 2 years ago under similar conditions...
  13. 2nd Serve Ace

    Record for catching a serve toss

    Think I saw some kind of record. Errani pulled down like 50 serve tosses in this AO match.
  14. 2nd Serve Ace

    Highest combined decible level, womens match

    With a Sabalenka/Williams screamfest looking likely, will this break the record for loudest match?
  15. 2nd Serve Ace

    Tennis shoe picking up lots of ball lint from HC

    Tennis shoes picking up ball lint Noticed this after playing this morning!
  16. 2nd Serve Ace

    Was Kafelnikov the last top pro to tuck in his shirt?

    Any top 10ers since YK?
  17. 2nd Serve Ace

    Easier to read balance board in inches

    So the cm side of a balance board is basically worthless ime. There is so much gap between half cm lines, who knows what it is! I can much more easily see if a handle falls within a 1/16 of an inch, and then translate that to cm. That's as precise as a balance board gets.
  18. 2nd Serve Ace

    Is Yonex done with isometric shape?

    Have to say, the new vcores continue a trend of Yonex frames having a rounded, teardrop shape instead of the classic boxy look. I personally see this as a good move, but I'm sure some Yonex purists may feel differently.
  19. 2nd Serve Ace

    Socks with individual toe holes.

    So I got some of these a few weeks ago to see if they could help mitigate my toes turning into basically hoof points. Durability is horrendous as holes form in the big toe area by about the 3rd wearing. And don't use them in tennis as blisters start happening on the toes within an hour...
  20. 2nd Serve Ace

    Dealing with dry eye

    Getting me bad this fall! Have always been a total contacts user entire adult life with little complications, but recently have to leave them out and go with some 20 yr old, taped up, out of prescription glasses. This might be my new normal. (Obviously getting new glasses, though) Does...
  21. 2nd Serve Ace

    Some throats just feel better in the hand.

    You know what I mean. The feel of that slender, smooth, tapered throat of certain frames in the off-hand just gives you the confidence to nail the next shot!
  22. 2nd Serve Ace

    Double break at 3-4 top grommets

    So this is on a Bab PD 115 with a seriously worn down bumper. Like into the graphite in some areas. Did 1.32 syngut @ 55 and customer sends me a picture of it breaking first time out hitting at exactly the top of the 3/4 grommet loop on both sides! I've strung this frame before no issue, so...
  23. 2nd Serve Ace

    Why don't more tournaments have fine dance squads?

    Just noticed St. Petersburg (Russia) is up to 500 status. I attribute that improvement almost exclusively to these lovely dancers with glowing racket props.
  24. 2nd Serve Ace

    At what temp do you switch string setups?

    think 80+ weather is behind me now. Transitioning frames to gut/poly currently and it has felt so nice! Ball is staying in the court with plenty of spin.
  25. 2nd Serve Ace

    Novak's current serve toss is ideal

    Years ago, Djoker had this very high toss with a contact point behind his head. Then, when he came back from the elbow issue, the toss was shorter, but it was away from him and he tried to come around the ball and missed a lot in the net. This year, the toss is short and contact point is...
  26. 2nd Serve Ace

    Hand position on serve toss.

    So I've always thought that the back of your hand should face down when lifting the serve toss. But I've noticed that some very good servers have the back of the hand facing more towards the net. (Fed about 3/4s and Karlovic almost fully parallel!) I gave this forward facing approach tonight a...
  27. 2nd Serve Ace

    Double faults coming in bunches

    I have a friend whose generally a strong server, both 1st and 2nd, but when he does throw in a double fault, he has a habit of doubling again in the next 1-3 serves! Is this something you've seen in others or experienced in your game? Ime, its helpful to have an "in between 1st serve" to kind...
  28. 2nd Serve Ace

    Where do you misweave?

    I've noticed that it's the bottom area of a racket that is most problematic for me. Obviously it gets crowded down there and maybe I'm rushing to finish. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  29. 2nd Serve Ace

    Black polys no name/gauge printing.

    Is it just general convention that black polys don't have the name/gauge info printed on them like most other colors? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  30. 2nd Serve Ace

    Will a sub 6' mens player win a major again?

    Hasn't happened since Gaudio in 2004. Are the "low center of gravity" players forever shut out? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk