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  1. gjm127

    Laver Cup promo gone wrong Roger, Godsick and McEnroe are on a CNBC show to take questions and promote this year's Laver Cup but McEnroe's exchange with the show host turns a little ugly and air time is taken away...
  2. gjm127

    Closest CYGS attempt?

    Now that the 2021 slam season is over, we can compare all recent CYGS attempts from the Big-3. Federer: 3 chances 2007: Lost RG in F to Nadal in 4 sets 2006: Lost RG in F to Nadal in 4 sets 2004: Lost RG in 3R to Kuerten in 3 sets Djokovic: 3 chances 2021: Lost USO in F to Medvedev in 3 sets...
  3. gjm127

    Hats off to Medvedev

    Winning USO against Djokovic, against the CYGS and surprisingly against a NYC crowd after being the first victim of the attempted CYGS earlier this year. Gotta give it to Med. He played an outstanding major and conquered his demons since that atrocious performance at the AO final to Djokovic.
  4. gjm127

    I kind of feel for Novak now

    Seeing him sob at the changeover while the NYC crowd was chanting his name. It's all he really wanted and first time the crowd really got behind his back.
  5. gjm127

    Zverev puts himself in there... AGAIN

    A lot of them put themselves in there, but Zverev goes one step further to explain why, because he has "long legs". :-D
  6. gjm127

    Sampras Federer Exho

    Famous MSG Exhibition: Sampras was 37 yo Federer was 28 yo Wimbledon 2019 Final: Federer was 37 yo Djokovic was 32 yo Takeaway: Federer was the same age as Sampras was in that exhibition. Okay, we've known this for years, obviously Sampras didn't have the physical conditioning and stamina due...
  7. gjm127

    Federer's comments on GS Race following Novak's 19th

    Interesting take from Federer during his press conference after yesterday's R32 Halle win. Translation from German: Q: The 3 of you have won practically every grand slam lately. When you hear the numbers 19, 20, 20 what thoughts come to your mind? Does this record still matter to you or you...
  8. gjm127

    The day Gonzalez outplayed Federer

    Amazing match, great turnaround by Gonzalez to defeat peak Federer with his firepower and impressive net game. Cool highlights. Enjoy!
  9. gjm127

    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic in the 2018 Wimbledon Final?

    "If" poll. Federer started the year on a 21-0 win streak. Bubble burst after wasting 3 MPs to Del Potro at Indian Wells Final but he was still having a good season having won Rotterdam and Stuttgart. He somehow found a way to lose to Anderson after leading 2-0 in the QF. Djokovic... was almost...
  10. gjm127

    Federer will play on clay this year

    Federer's hitting partner spilled the beans on his clay season plans:
  11. gjm127

    Would the Big-3 survive without.. analytics?

    What if their access to expensive and meaningful data analytics is what's keeping the Big-3 from losing their handle on the top of men's tennis? We all know they use this approach that some/most couldn't afford for more than 2 years now but this is rarely discussed by enthusiasts, analysts. I...
  12. gjm127

    How will Federer perform in Doha?

    He's never been out of the game this long. What can we expect in his first tournament?
  13. gjm127

    Would it make sense to give Rafa French citizenship?

    I mean, he literally owns Paris. I think the authorities should give him the citizenship. Raphaël Nadal.
  14. gjm127

    I don't think I've ever seen worse Clickbait material than this

    Title says: "I will be playing mixed doubles with Nadal and Federer, says WTA Legend". Damn TennisWorld BS. It was... a "fun" Twitter TRIVIA question about which players she'd like to play mix doubles with.
  15. gjm127

    Zverev: Official Realignment Poll

    I'm really trying to get a sense of the public opinion regarding Zverev. It seems most of us here despise him now and his popularity seems to have taken a massive hit over the past 2 years.
  16. gjm127

    Interesting angle on Federer's 2006 Forehand

    Look at what Fed's forehand looked like in 2006. I feel like this is a rare angle we don't usually get to see, let alone a video from 14 years ago. It's a good visual representation of how his FH almost completely changed from his 2009+ years. Some would say it's because of Paul Annacone who...
  17. gjm127

    Is Murray an ATG?

    Do you think Andy Murray is an Audit Techniques Guide (ATG)? Discuss.
  18. gjm127

    Fedal will never happen at USO. What if?

    The sad realization that this potential matchup at the USO will now probably never take place. So many chances though. Here's my take on who would have won had they met in the ones that we missed. In the following cases, one of the two was only one win away from a Fedal matchup. 2008: Fed...
  19. gjm127

    Fed should not skip leg day

    Not sure if he's been working out at all during the pandemic but... from the marketing footage of his new ON shoes launch this past Monday, seems like he's lost most of his leg muscles since we last saw him in action. Just seemed surprising. Then again, he's always been skinny.. Maybe it's shoes..
  20. gjm127

    Olympics will probably be postponed by up to 1 year They're willing to postpone this until next year. At least this provides some space to breathe this summer if USO and the French will be played close together. Which players does this impact? Fed will...
  21. gjm127

    Has Federer's extended career cost him a part of his legacy?

    I keep wondering if the last few grueling GS losses to Djokovic have tainted Federer's legacy to a certain extent. Had Fedr retired in 2015, the h2h would be tied at 22 matches each. He would be 6-8 in Grand Slams instead of being down 6-11. Then again, he improved his record against Nadal...
  22. gjm127

    Djokovic needs surgery?

    If he needs surgery, this would be a huge setback. Discuss the outcome.