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  1. Heck

    Local ladder match video

    Had the chance to video a local ladder match where the #1 guy played #5 female. It's really high quality tennis and I have the full 8 game pro set. I can't post the link here because I got banned for 10 days for posting to my YouTube channel for self promotion. So I think many of you will...
  2. Heck

    Exactly how much Massage for Tennis Elbow?

    I've read that deep friction treatment (massage) can help with tennis elbow. For those who have done this, what frequency and duration did you use ? Daily? 5 mins or 1 hour? Lowe(11) states that he has found it effective to apply...
  3. Heck

    Played My First UTR Round Robin

    Here we are still in a tennis lockdown but one club had a UTR event so I joined up. Soon I realized that it was mostly junior players and I almost bailed out because I did not want to be the creepy old guy. I started thinking it would be fun to see how I can do and get a first hand look and...
  4. Heck

    Strange tournament match

    I joined a tournament over the holiday and it was open and way out my 3.5 level. We got lucky with a buy and then a good chance to win the pair we faced. The match turned into a circus midway when we started to lead. My partner and I called a ball wide on a serve. The problem player asked if...
  5. Heck

    3 x 3.5 and one 4.0 causal doubles match

    I had a good match for the last one of the year. I am in red.
  6. Heck

    Day after Thanksgiving hitting session

    So it was the day after and I and a few close tennis friends took advantage of cheap court rates. We could only find 3 so we did tiebreakers and some 2 on one drill. I was wasted because I am just getting over tailbone injury that had me in pain at work and going right to bed as soon as I got...
  7. Heck

    5.0 UTR10 pusher crushes good strokes

    Never seen a classic pusher like this in Jr tennis. Pusher cheater won 6-1. The video was set to private I guess because accusations of cheating and kids being involved lol.
  8. Heck

    Will the Bryan Brothers catch a fine or suspension?

    Did you catch the mock pointing the racquet like a gun toward a linesperson after a hawk eye review? The link to the video was taken down by YouTube. So I added a link to the ESPN article.
  9. Heck

    Video: Got a chance to play a match on the US Open courts

    A few teams in New York get to play league matches on the grounds of the US Open under the lights. I got my chance tonight and took some video of serves after my loss lol.
  10. Heck

    Carbon Fiber Insole Review for Tennis

    I thought I share my video review of some carbon fiber insoles I picked up. I was looking for an advantage and better recovery performance. Yes, these cost me 160 bucks with a coupon 199.00 retal. Pretty crazy but in the long run I feel they help. Check out my review.
  11. Heck

    My set with a former D1 Female player (video)

    So this is not really battle of the sexes but a battle of D1 level vs 3.5 usta rated level. So I am a mid 40's league 3.5 player who is trying to reach 4.0 and I make videos for my channel. I got the chance to play a former D1 player who took a few years off after college and now is getting...
  12. Heck

    My forehand then vs now

    Found some old video of my forehand when I started playing again after a 30 year break from the game. Most of my time been working on the serve but in the last year I been trying to undo the major flaws I had. I think it shows if you really want to change you can but you have to put in the work...
  13. Heck

    Playoff Line Up / What Would You do?

    We made playoffs and me and the captain are new. We been on teams before but never had to make the hard choices we now face. I just want to gauge what is the best way to decide a line up order. We just need 2 out of 3 courts to win. Do you stack like points are involved or do you mix it up...
  14. Heck

    My Work on The Serve Is Paying Off / Video

    Finally I have a serve that I am not ashamed to show in a video. I think I need to be more balanced and get rid of the lean to the left after but I am open to any advice or tips. I also like a estimate of how fast these might be.
  15. Heck

    Complaint About Uneven Tention

    I have a Gamma Progression II for over a year and done many string jobs on my 3 main sticks. I leared from here and You Tube and I never felt I had a bad string job. Lately some friends found out and I have done a few jobs on the side to get more experiance with other frames. Now one job I...
  16. Heck

    Video of My Trip To Nationals Arizona

    I had a great time at Nationals and despite losing pretty bad as a team we kept positive and came home from a experience that we won't soon forget.
  17. Heck

    First Open Tournament at 45 years old

    A little info about me. 45 year old male who only started playing again after a 20 year break. I started back only after my niece 11 started a program and I wanted to help her. I got hooked and started playing with a local group and had fun getting in shape and re learning old and even new...