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  1. Return_Ace

    Head Gravity - Top Grommets / Bumper Guard

    Hi @TW Staff, I currently have both a Gravity Tour and Gravity Pro and noticed that the top grommets and bumper guards are set up differently. On my Tour, the top grommets are on the frame with the bumper guard over the top. On my Pro, this is reversed with the bumper guard on the frame and...
  2. Return_Ace

    Head Velocity MLT - Colour Options

    Hi @TWE Staff , Were there any plans to bring the other Velocity MLT Colours across to Europe? (i.e. Pink, Yellow, Blue etc.) Thanks.
  3. Return_Ace

    360 Radical Pro vs. 360+ Prestige Pro

    Hi, I'm assuming this question will be more for Michelle since you were on the playtest for both the rackets, but I believe I've seen/heard somewhere that Troy has been playing with the entire range as well? I was wondering what your thoughts were when comparing the new 360+ Prestige Pro and...
  4. Return_Ace

    Murray's Racket for Auction ?

    Don't suppose anyone has a sum of money they don't mind parting with ? ^^
  5. Return_Ace

    Quick Error on Microgel Radical Pro Page

    I haven't commented on this forum for ages =/. Anyways, after receiving that very handy TW Email i checked out the MicroGel Radical Pro Page and there's a typo. In the text it says it has a 16/18 pattern: Whilst in the "Specs" it states the pattern is 16/19:
  6. Return_Ace

    Someone help me with some internet cookies ?

    My pc seems to have lost the ability to store cookies from sites... annoying seeing as i have to sign into all the forums i check up on, anyone give me any suggestions ? all the evidence i have is: #1. it happened after i removed the contents of my Temp folder (the hidden one in Local...
  7. Return_Ace

    Eurosport Commentators Are Why Fed is Against HawkEye ?

    Eurosport Commentators Are Why Fed Was Against HawkEye ? After the JHH and Jankovic match I was listening to the Eurosport commentators (Barry Cowen, Sam Smith and Mark Petchy [Think it was him]) talking about the use of HawkEye tech in the match, and how during one point in the match Jankovic...
  8. Return_Ace

    Thread Preview Bubble

    A few days ago the Thread Preview Bubble thing stopped working for me (if you hold the cursor over a thread it'd show you part of the first post), I was wondering if you disabled this feature or if my browser's not working all of a sudden. If you did disable it, could i ask why ? i really...
  9. Return_Ace

    A Level Results?

    For all you Brits doing A Level results day is upon us!!! So what did you get? Straight B's for me, but I've found 3 papers i can retake to easily boost them up to A's :D, guess i better work harder ^^
  10. Return_Ace

    How Far Does Your Hand Fit Around Your Wrist ?

    Just out of curiousity here, if you were to wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist (just on the opposite side of the "sticky out bone" from your hand), can you touch your two fingers together ? overlap ? can't touch ?
  11. Return_Ace

    omg did anyone see that !?!?!?!!!!!

    I did a brief search and couldn't find a topic on it, but sorry if it's been said. You know in that french open match of Fed V Band... and fed got lobbed at net and he ran back to hit a shot dtl (there's a vid of it somewhere here, i'll find the link), everyone was like "wow, that's genius"...
  12. Return_Ace

    Guess Who Just Blagged The Bargain Of His Life!?!?

    That's Right... Me!!! :D Story goes.... #1. My maths teacher was away, so i got over an hour off. #2. Me + my firend went downtown because of this. #3. We went to our local hardware store. #4. I was looking around and saw this corner full of cardboard boxes, as if they were junk with...
  13. Return_Ace

    Weight Gain... Good // Bad !?!?!

    I was just wondering if it was like common to gain 3-4 Kg in 2 weeks..... Well, it starts that when i used to do martial arts, i gained weight (which i assumed was muscle) up to 55Kg, which i stayed at and it was constant for a time....... Until i quit martial arts to concentrate on...
  14. Return_Ace

    Best PC FPS of Modern Time? And A General Discussion Of FPS' To Come...

    Well, I'm just curious to see if there are any gamers in TW :). So, what do you think is the best modern first person shooter? Here's a little run-down: Half Life 2: Simply genius, great story, lovely graphics and not to mention, the sequel to one of the greatest games ever created...
  15. Return_Ace

    Yeah, I'm That Self-Conscious :P....

    uhhh.... speaks for itself really.....
  16. Return_Ace

    Funny Username xD

    hahahahahaa.... this is like half-spam btw... but uh..... i found this username funny......... xD If tennis is your racket... then what sport do you play? and also, what do you play with?
  17. Return_Ace

    For Frodo...

    Well, i saw this on another forum i go to and i found it pretty funny :) Frodo....... THEY'RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!!!!
  18. Return_Ace

    Quick BH Question.

    Ok, so i've been messing around with my backhand grips for around a month now, and have narrowed it down to two posibilities: Dominant Hand - Halfway between Eastern and Continental Other Hand - Same as Above Though More Eastern Now i like this grip because it gives me some pretty sweet...
  19. Return_Ace

    Upcoming Rackets (i.e FP Prestige Info Inside, But You've Probably Heard It Before)

    OK, so its taken me a while to actually be bothered to start writing this thread, but i decided to give you all some info anyways..... how kind of me......... j.k but anyways, when i was out at my proshop getting my brand-spanking new LM Prestige Mid, i asked about any up and coming rackets...
  20. Return_Ace

    Question For Grant Morgan....

    Hey Grant, i nabbed a pic of Safin's racket (thnx to UKT for supplying it) off one of the old Safin threads you replied to and i was wondering if you could help me with this lil problem, i've posted this pic in a couple of sections and asked what these were, and well i got a mixed answer about...
  21. Return_Ace

    Can Anyone Tell Me What These Are?

    Ok, i remember i saw this pic (thanks to poster UKT, this is one of his pics he posted on another thread) a while ago and thought that those things looked pretty nifty. Now i've got a few questions. a) what are they? b) what do they do? c) where can i get them? d) can i get them fitted on my...
  22. Return_Ace

    Excuse Me, What Is This?

    Ok, i remember i saw this pic (thanks to poster UKT, this is one of his pics he posted on another thread) a while ago and thought that those things looked pretty nifty. Now i've got a few questions. a) what are they? b) what do they do? c) where can i get them? d) can i get them fitted on...
  23. Return_Ace

    Fellow Asians, Do You Find The Term Oriental Offensive?

    OK, i was reading a post in the rackets section, where i *heard* that some Asians find the being called Oriental Offensive, so........ Do you mind being called oriental? And not to be racist or anything, this poll is for Asians. You should be able to understand why.....
  24. Return_Ace

    Fate or Coincidence?

    Okay, I've kinda gone into Brett mode for some reason........ but anyways, do you believe in Fate? or Coincidence? In a romantic sense.
  25. Return_Ace

    Omg My Gcse Results Are Out Tomorrow!!!!!!!!

    :shock: :shock: :shock: !!!!!!! For those who don't know, GCSE's are the exams you take in Years 10/11 (when your 14/15/16), there are around 8 subjects you get examed in.... Anyways, vote for what you think i'll get! GCSE Scoring system: A* - Highest Score A B C - supposedly...
  26. Return_Ace

    String Stretching

    Ok, quick question to satisfy my curiosity: I've seen many times on the board that people say string stretches, obviously, mass is conserved so as it stretches, the string get thinner to accomodate the extension in length. Ok my question: so when you string a racket, at say with 16 gauge...
  27. Return_Ace

    How Well Do You Adjust To Different Surfaces

    This is like a semi-rant and part question, so first the rave: Today I had a match for my club, it was over an hour away by car. We had heard that the team weren't very good and thought we could handle them easily even though we were away. How wrong we could be, when we got there we looked at...
  28. Return_Ace

    Do Barricade III's Run Small?

    Yet again my luck is crap, I oredered some BIII's that were on discount, but wouldn't you know it they don't have size 7(UK), they have 7.5 though, She told me (the person who phoned that is) that BIII's tend to run small and 7.5s would fit me, is this true? Also, could i use insoles to bridge...
  29. Return_Ace

    Should I Buy This Racket? - Kindof

    Well, here's the story: I just managed to win an i.Prestige Mid on ****, now the seller said it was Grip Size 2 but after I'd won it, he sent an e-mail saying that he had posted the wrong information and it was really a Grip Size 1, but he would send me a Grip to build it up to a 2. The problem...
  30. Return_Ace

    Sorry, But Can You Get onto TW?

    This is strange, my browser won't let me get onto TW, it has one of those "page cannot be displayed" pages, I followed the Instructions on the page but it won't load. I've tried to get there four different ways to get there: From my Favourites Linking from the Message Board Typing it...