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  1. Tennis Man

    Any one still believes in new material technologuies vs good ol graphite

    I just read the difinition of basalt and it doesn't make sense. Wikipedia says: "Basalt is used in construction (e.g. as building blocks or in the groundwork), making cobblestones (from columnar basalt) and in making statues. Heating and extruding basalt yields stone wool, an excellent...
  2. Tennis Man

    Is "demo" racquet any different from retail?

    I'm sorry if it was discussed before but how does a "demo" racquet differs from retail version? I have seen a few classic frames with "DEMO" stenciled/painted on them. Are they pre-production racquets? What would be the rationale to release a "DEMO" racquet?
  3. Tennis Man

    Lacoste RL07 racquet

    Hi guys: Accroding to Lacoste web site, this racquet was part of the Lacoste Heritage 2011 lab. Did it remain a concept or was it produced in any limited quantity? "2011 THE LAB RL meaning René Lacoste and 12 referring to the L.12.12 polo shirt...
  4. Tennis Man

    Wilson Pro Staff Midsize (Chicago/St Vincent) with no code

    Hi all: I just came across a minty bumperless frame with a clean Fairway grip, missing tension sticker and ... NO butt cap code. I've seen sellers before saying that their racquets had no butt cap code but usually I could identify it upon close inspection. This one has not a single mark...
  5. Tennis Man

    PS 85: a question for paint experts

    There is enough said about St Vincent-made PS 85. I love everything about it including the paint job. Lately I've been getting a few more Taiwan-made frames and I noticed that most of them have much different quality of paint. Most of the St Vincent-made frames have very solid and smooth paint...
  6. Tennis Man

    Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power vs Rough

    Please help me decide which string is better by itself and in a hybrid combination with Natural Gut, Lux BB Alu Power or Alu Rough. So far I like Alu Rough better by itself but I think the smoother Alue Power is safer for my NG string.
  7. Tennis Man

    Wilson Graphite Aggressor: another great value

    Recently I came across this racquet and was pleasantly surprised. The widebody racquet that has almost Walmart looks actually performs like a players' frame. What is wrong with this picture: LIGHTWEIGHT? (It tops 365 g on my scale) POWERFUL: Yes ADDED CONTROL: Plenty AERODYNAMIC: not so sure...
  8. Tennis Man

    A bunch of random woodies

    I didn't grow up seeing wooden racquets or even people playing them but there is something about wooden racquets that makes them really cool. I'm just beginning to convert to researching a few notable woodies, reading on and watching the videos about legends like Borg, Villas, Mac and Kramer...
  9. Tennis Man

    Borg on Puma t-shirt

    This is what I picked today at a Puma outlet. Had Borg ever played with a guitar or Equijet? :)
  10. Tennis Man

    Anyone knows what this is?

    I saw this fish in the bay, 370520614494 and never heard of it. Anyone?
  11. Tennis Man

    My tennis hermitage (updated)

    Here is another stage in evolution of my little tennis hermitage: (front wall, from top to bottom): Prestiges (TXP, PP, Elite) Pro Staff 85 (St Vincent, Taiwan) Pro Staff 90/95 (6.0, 6.1, Ultra) Other Heads (PC600, Pro Tour) Other (PK Black Ace, Graphite 90, etc) (side wall, from top to...
  12. Tennis Man

    Head Club Master OS?

    I have a this blue Head Club Master OS with brittle white grommets, not sure what the head size, more likely OS. I want to fit a modern set of grommets on it and give it to one of my frineds. Anyone knows the specs and what grommets will fit on it? Thanks.
  13. Tennis Man

    PS 85 St Vincent: is there anything that can replicate it.

    I've been playing with Pro Staff 85 St Vincent for a very long time now or so it seems. I've tried tons of different racquets and while had great results, nothing gives me as much confidence as my "Holy Grail". Recently I seriously strated customization of my other classic frames to try to...
  14. Tennis Man

    Now is the best opportunity to buy classic racquets

    We've had threads like "why sing praises to classic racquets" affect their value and whether the "market for classic racquets is dead" and I have to finally admit that the market for classic racquets (mostly circa 1980s) really hit the bottom. I have never seen so many great deals in the last...
  15. Tennis Man

    The most durable narrow fit shoes

    I've been struggling to find a pair of stylish yet durable narrow feet/fit shoes. My favorite so far are Nike Vapor series and Lacoste Repels. Ordered Gel Resolution 2 to test. All of these have terrible durability. I like the Barricades as well but they feel much heavier than the above...
  16. Tennis Man

    Youtek Speed Pro (Pros and Cons, please)

    Hi guys. I have not been using a modern racquets in a while. My main stick is and will be the original PS85 St Vincent. I do however like the feel of my modern frames especially the K90. I tried Youtek Speed Pro a few years ago when it first came out and really liked it. What was the general...
  17. Tennis Man

    Revisiting Adidas GTX Pro

    I was doing some search for information about the original Adidas GTX Pro and came across this guide on the big site (see below). I thought you may be interested. My only question is, in terms of significance (not rarity or collectibility), Kneissl/Mizuno aside, which Adidas racquet is more...
  18. Tennis Man

    Star'n'Stripes 6.6 Mid 85?

    Have anyone seen this before, Midsize 85???
  19. Tennis Man

    What would be Federe's classic racquet in 5-10 years

    If Federer to retire soon, what would be considered his "classic racquet" and why?
  20. Tennis Man

    Tennis greatest: who is NEXT?

    I looked at the ATP rankings today and noticed a big potential void in the next few years to come. As the older players age there are no obvious rising stars on the horizon. Am I missing anything? 1 Nadal, Rafael (ESP), 24 2 Djokovic, Novak (SRB), 23 3 Federer, Roger (SUI), 29 (30 this year...
  21. Tennis Man

    Wierd question: do you or would you insure your tennis collection?

    I know that some people insure their personal stuff and collections. I know people who houses were broken into and their stuff stolen and they had policies and vice versa (not a very pleasant thing). So, do you or would you insure your tennis collection? :confused:
  22. Tennis Man

    Post pictures of your favorite racquets

    The spring is around the corner and it's time to bring our favorite racquets out. I'm starting to post pictures of my favorite variety and variations of these classics in full armor: 5 Wilson Pro Staff Midsize (St Vincent) 5 Head TXP Pro 4 Head Prestige Pro 4 Lacoste Equijet 3 Head...
  23. Tennis Man

    Classic racquets and ... other addictions

    Hey guys, just curious what are your other addictions besides tennis racquets? I probably spend same amount of time with my racquets as with professional Canon lenses (huge market out there) .... when I'm free from my month 4 month old, a future WTA pro tennis star :) I heard retrowagen is...
  24. Tennis Man

    Goran Ivanisevich racquet

    I got this Prestige Classic 600 (Star Trek, grip 4 5/8) signed by Goran at the ATP Champions Tour 2010 in Spain. I'm not really looking for comments about the signature but rather more info on the actual racquets he used (models, grip sizes, etc.). Thanks in advance.
  25. Tennis Man

    Mint Prestige Classic 600 (Star Trek)

    I've been looking for a while to get one of these in good used condition to play replace the cracked one I had. Finally I got it but ... mint? Now I have the old dilemma: just use it, keep it and look for another or sell it? I know you guys like the pictures. So here it is:
  26. Tennis Man

    My new (old) classic collection

    My wall of shame is still alive. It's a shame that they don't make these beauties anymore but I zealously guard them (buying a gun safe soon) and, of course, play with them :) another layout:
  27. Tennis Man

    Strung weoght of your favorite classics

    I recently did a little exercise and weighted all my favorite classics in their "combat uniform" (leather grip with overgrip, head tape, Nat gut string with a few exceptions as indicated). Here's what I got: 13.9 DONNAY PRO CYNETIC 1(Bosworth Arias Stock with custom bumper) 13.6 LACOSTE...
  28. Tennis Man

    Cheaper Natural Gut

    I see many new brand names on fle**** these days, now mostly from India and China. There were also a few interesting reviews of Global and Gaucho Gut. What other names did you guys tried and what is your feedback so far? I wish someone would make a nice review of all the cheaper Natural Gut...
  29. Tennis Man

    What's inside your Head?

    Mine is empty. :confused: Don't get me wrong. I love Head racquets and have all the best and rarest in my collection but when did me go from top quality full graphite frames and beautiful PJs to these:
  30. Tennis Man

    Donnay Borg Boron

    Does anyone remember this Donnay racquet, Borg Boron (Midsize, 85 sq inch)? It looks and plays very similar to PC1 and PS85 and Borg Graphite but I'd love to know the specs and a bit more history of it.