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  1. Cortana

    Novak fans, does Med winning it make it more bearable?

    Usually after such devastating losses from Novak I'm down for a couple of days (sometimes weeks). But now it feels totally different. I really like Med a lot and he deserved it the most. So I'm fine with Djokovic losing him. How do you feel about it? Does the player he lost to make it different?
  2. Cortana

    Djokovic: "I believe I am the best" (11.07.2021)

    From 4:30. First time I hear him say something like that? It seems that he now truely believes to be the best.
  3. Cortana

    When records are set for decades, what do we cheer for?

    I was wondering what will hapen after the Big3 retire. I mean they will all finish with records that won't be broken maybe for decades. I know that people say this every generation, but I truely believe this time is different. I think Djokovic and Nadal will end up with 25+ GS titles, each of...
  4. Cortana

    2021 Wimbledon R3: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Denis Kudla [114]

    I think Djokovic has this in the bag. You?
  5. Cortana

    Viktor Troicki retired

  6. Cortana

    Big3 era is over - The fearsome four have arrived

    Thoughts? Will Djokovic finally lose in AO and Nadal in RG next year? I think tennis isn't in a bad state anymore. Those 4 are great successors.
  7. Cortana

    Djokovic giving up when it gets too tough

    We first saw this in RG and now in Vienna. I think this is highly unusual for him, he didn't do it in the past. He played his best eventhough he was losing. Where is his winner mentality? Gone? He clearly gives up the whole match if the 1st set is getting too tough. Either he wins it easily or...
  8. Cortana

    Visual representation of GS titles by year/age of the Big3

    Main take-aways from this?
  9. Cortana

    The more FO title he wins, the less will he be a GOAT-contender

    For being GOAT you need to be the best in most stats, not only collecting titles at your pet slam. Where are his WTFs? His weeks #1? 5-8 Wimbledon titles? The most important title of all? He might be the clay-GOD, but for being GOAT you need way more.
  10. Cortana

    If season 2020 gets cancelled and the rankings aren't freezed, who will be #1?

    Interesting idea. Lets say the whole season gets cancelled and no points can be earned for the the rest of the year. How will the rankings change over the year? Djokovic would for sure lose the #1 spot sometime? Maybe after Wimbledon? How would things unfold?
  11. Cortana

    How many match points does it take to beat Novak Djokovic?

    So after Djokovic won against Monfils in order to win the whole tournament, I was asking myself this question. Match points are nothing to Djokovic. He likes the pressure and he likes to troll his opponent. What are your thoughts?
  12. Cortana

    Djokovic sings in Italian TV Man, his Italian is pretty good. It's like he is half Italian.
  13. Cortana

    Wth happened with Genie Bouchard?

    Once reaching final of a GS, being ranked #5, now losing to a 30yo with no rank and winning only 3 games?
  14. Cortana

    When you think about the Big3 in 25-30 years, which player besides them will you remember the most of this era?

    Title says it all. For me it will probably be Stan Wawrinka.
  15. Cortana

    2019 Paris Final: Novak Djokovic vs Dennis Shapovalov

    Well, easy final for Novak I guess?
  16. Cortana

    Who will replace each of the Big3?

    Medvedev for Djokovic. Thiem for Nadal. XXX for Federer?
  17. Cortana

    Is Djokovic now a better grass player than HC player?

    He won 5 out of 6 grass GS finals. 10 out of 15 HC GS finals. Taking into account that there are twice as many HC GS tournaments, he has adjusted the same amount of titles on grass, but with a much higher conversion rate. So on what surface is he better?
  18. Cortana

    So, what's next?

    We are looking at 20-18-16. What's next? I stopped caring about Masters when Djokovic won Cincinnati. I mean he won everything, every additional Masters title is just a bonus that won't really matter in the end. So Grand Slams and weeks #1 are all we care about nowdays. Did tennis get...
  19. Cortana

    Djokovic will overtake Pete Sampras weeks #1 after AO2020

    Currently sitting at 251 weeks. If he keeps his ranking till the AO 2020, he will be at 289 weeks after the AO2020. Can he overtake Federer next year?
  20. Cortana

    Djokovic before RG2014 and after

    So after Djokovic lost RG in 2014, he lost 6 of his 12 slam finals. Pretty bad ratio and a clear sign of his underperforming in big matches. With only 6 GS titles he was far away from Nadal and Federer. After that he won 9 of his next 11 GS finals reaching his total of 15 GS titles. So what...
  21. Cortana

    Russian hackers leak Simone Biles and Serena Williams files

    So when Russia does it, you ban the athletes. But when the USA does it, it's fine? Double standards.
  22. Cortana

    Why did the US Open 2016 result change anything about the perception of Djokovic?

    I mean these threads: "what now?", "Djokovic should retire" etc. As if 2016 wasn't a great year for Djokovic? He was in 3 GS finals and won 2 of them including his 1st French Open title. Isn't he still the favourite in every tournament he plays? I can't imagine that he will lose the WTF or the...
  23. Cortana

    The year of Del Potro is finally here

    I think he is finally back. 2016 is his comeback year. He will start winning slams soon.
  24. Cortana

    In which categories can Murray finish ahead of Djokovic?

    Same as the other 2 threads, just with Murray :P
  25. Cortana

    Del Potro is back

    I hope he can get back to the top10 and play his old tennis. What a great human being and what a great player!
  26. Cortana

    What will happen with tennis when The Big 3 retire?

    I have a strange feeling about this. It seems like we will wait decades to witness something similar like today. The last 10 years and maybe the next 3-4 years will be a period of time with records in tennis that will last for an eternity. We had Federer and Nadal, we have Djokovic now. They...
  27. Cortana

    Are Djokovics chances for winning all 4 slams in one season better than 2015?

    So, can he do it? Winning all 4 slams in one season? I think his chances are better now. He is playing the best tennis of his life. His serve is so much better than before that he seems nearly unbeatable. Who could spoil the party? Raonic? Murray? Wawrinka?
  28. Cortana

    Djokovic 2011 vs. Djokovic 2015 - who would win in this hypothetical match?

    So lets say the Djokovic we know from 2011 and the Djokovic from today would play in AO, FO, Wimbledon and UO against each other. Who would win which match and why?