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    Ryan Harrison to babolat - top to bottom

    He switches to babolat apparel & shoes (already with pure aero vs tour).
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    ATP website is down for while (24 hours+)

    anybody knows anything about it... I am browser other websites without problem so it is not my internet connection... I hate they moved from IBM to infosys (crappy provider)
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    Roger won USOPEN - never broken record of 20 slams

    Novak out for 2017, Murray playing on one leg & nadal form on hard court is not consistent (difficult to see him beat roger at USopen) unless someone play like cilic...wait even he is injured... god made roger and has his conviction :eek:
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    one semi final today - what kind of schedule is that

    We all know this but can't help myself. Yesterday two women's semi final and today should be men's but weird tradition of AO. any reasonable answer why they split men's semi final
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    Frances Tiafoe to yonex

    so many players switching to yonex and from yonex...interesting
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    No Daily Deals yesterday & today

    TW - are you going to update daily deals for Day 13th & 14th? It should be good one because it is final match of open :D:D
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    When Wilson Burn FST 95 coming to US

    TW, I can see NEW wilson burn FST 95 available on TW Europe. Do you know when it is coming to US? Thanks
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    why one semi-final today...make no sense at all

    AO got perfect schedule but one semi on Thursday almost ruin everything IMO...women's semi on Thursday and men's on Friday perfect..go figure
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    Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 Classic Racket sold at TW Europe

    TW, any idea you will carry this stick in US anytime soon
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    black friday sale sneak peek

    anything in advance like other sites & store advertise...helps a lot in shopping