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  1. welcome2petrkordaland

    Anything on Clash or Phantom with Kev/Zyex?

    I am putting this thread here in the Racket section and hoping to get some info, thoughts, experiences from folks who have used the Clash 100 and/or the Phantom X (16 x 18) ideally with Kevlar/Zyex. (I first put it in the String section, but my inquiry is more racket-related.... I just happen...
  2. welcome2petrkordaland

    Flexier alternative 2 Pure Drive w/ same specs?? Please advise!

    My dad had rotator cuff surgery last Dec. at age 75 and is now slowly getting back into playing. After a promising comeback about a month ago, some degree of pain has recurred. He has been using for years a Babalot Pure Drive cerca 2015 version or so with full bed multifilament strings at 54...
  3. welcome2petrkordaland

    What tension for full Zyex for a spinmeister?

    So I've been a full bed copoly user for a decade who now has manageable but constant tennis elbow and can't use it anymore. When I used full bed copoly, I had an APD; now I'm using the Prince Tour 16 x18 (which I like a lot) and have been using X-1 Biphase around 53. Besides the price, the...
  4. welcome2petrkordaland

    Buttcap inquiry: can you use buttcap of diff. racket brand? HELP!

    I figured I'd seek help on this forum, since there are so many knowledge, helpful people with experience with this stuff... So I just bought a couple of Prince Tour 100T's and am needing to customize these light little guys. Straight to the point: Is it possible to use a buttcap of another...
  5. welcome2petrkordaland

    Searching for arm-friendly nonpoly spinny string setup-got TE-HELP!

    Some people here are so knowledgeable and helpful and after having done a bit of reading on tennis strings/rackets threads, I am hoping to get some guidance. I really appreciate any advice here; my elbow is really talking to me and I really wanna get back out there. Due to an unquestionable...
  6. welcome2petrkordaland

    Any advice is appreciated;Finally ditching my APD...

    I've been frequenting these boards for almost a decade and am convinced of the knowledge of many of its posters. Any informed advice would be much appreciated. Here's a little background. So after about 8 years with the Babolat APD (first without the cortex then with it) playing initially...
  7. welcome2petrkordaland

    Looking For 4.5 To 5.5 Level Hitting In Birmingham, Alabama

    Hello, tennis gurus: I'll be in the Birmingham, Alabama (West Homewood) area for the next couple of weeks for the Holidays and am trying to find some people to hit with who are 4.5-5.5 level and willing to get out there for a couple of hours. I usually play on the hard courts of Southern...
  8. welcome2petrkordaland

    Monaco used 2 lefties by time he faces Nadal

    As a Nadal supporter, I was noticing that his probable 3rd rd. match will be against Juan Monaco. Monaco just took out Jarkko Nieminen and now faces another lefty in Michael Berrer of Germany. By the time Monaco reaches Nadal, he will have played two lefties in a row. Nadal better be on his...
  9. welcome2petrkordaland

    Looking 4 Tennis Near Pensacola This Week

    Hi. I'm gonna be staying in Perdido Key, Florida, which is close to the Alabama-Florida state line right on the Gulf Coast and very near Pensacola. I'm goin' down tomorrow late morning, which is Sunday, August 2 and will be down there until Thursday, August 6. Is there anyone in the area...
  10. welcome2petrkordaland

    In 1st set should Nadal have gone at Fed at net?

    In the first set fed came to net and popped up a half volley sitter that went to nadal's backhand. Nadal went down the line, fed guessed right, and knocked off the crosscourt volley. i seem to remember a player named ivan whose last name is lendl who would have tried to drill a hole through...
  11. welcome2petrkordaland

    Any 5.5 tennis players in Asheville, NC next weekend?

    I'll be in the Asheville (NC) area next Fri., Sat., Sun., and maybe Mon. and am looking for some competitive tennis/hitting partners close to 28806 zip code.
  12. welcome2petrkordaland

    Anyone tried Kirshbaum's Pro Line I or II?

    I love Kirshbaum's supersmash honey at 1.2mm but it loses tension way too fast. Pro Line I's supposed to be similar but maintain string tension better.
  13. welcome2petrkordaland

    Will '07 Aussie Open be played on REBOUND ACE or no?

    Does anyone have any information on whether the upcoming 2007 Australian Open will be played on REBOUND ACE hard court or a faster hard court surface?