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  1. Gazelle

    The WEAK era

  2. Gazelle

    24 mins in hell

    When you get bored, even blasphemy like this becomes watchable.
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    Big 3 - Slam wins against younger ATG's

    Since nobody cares about players beating up on the likes of Baghdatis, Goffin or Nishikori... This is were it's really at! Beating ATG's who are younger than you. Since nobody cares about beating ATG's who are older (think Agassi)... I limited it to slam wins, since nobody cares about non-slam...
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    I have never seen anything as big as Thiem in my life.

    Thiem to beat both Novak and Rafa to win Roland Garros and save the tennis world. It's the only way.
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    I had a terrible dream

    A few weeks ago, already... Didn't post it, because it seemed ridiculous at first, but now more and more likely... Fed and Nadal would play the 2018 Wimbledon final Fed starts off very nervy, losing the first set 7-5 against average Nadal. Then he regroups, winning the next two 6-3 6-2 In...
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    Zverev forehand winner compilation

    Wanted to post this yesterday after his match, but other things got in the way. Video will follow once I have found enough footage.
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    How to have enough intensity for match after day of work?

    In the current tournament I was happy to play my first match during the weekend feeling fresh and focussed but my next match is tomorrow night a few hours after work I fear i will be a bit flat after a long day at work and lack intensity to play well Are there any ways to remedy this...
  8. Gazelle

    Dzumhur to expose Nadal's false dawn

    I predicted this on other threads when the draw came out. Now Dzumhur nearly lost in the first to Lorenzi, but he somehow survived that. It is clear fate is not to be denied. Nice guys don't beat Nadal. Dzumhur is anything but. With his aggressive and outlandish mannerisms he will outbully the...
  9. Gazelle

    What a really ugly crowd looks like

    On a near daily basis, we get reminded by Djokovic fans of their hero overcoming the worst crowd in tennis history at the USO 2015 final. But that crowd looks docile and civilized compared to the one Michael Chang had to face at the USO 1991, when playing John McEnroe, an aging legend and...
  10. Gazelle

    Anderson has a 0-4 record against Zverev

    Zveref the Giraffe, that is. Two of those losses were only a few weeks ago, in Washington and Montreal. Straight sets, no tiebreaks. Just in case you were wondering if he has any chance against Rafa, whom he also is 0-4 against. Hint: Bull is stronger than Giraffe.
  11. Gazelle

    Gazelle on the menu (serve vid)

    So I finally took some time to film my serve, using my self-walking and talking camera. As usual filming one's own tennis game is a humiliating experience, and this is no difference. There's a lot I could remark about my serve, but I don't wanne spoil the fun for you guys. Have fun analysing my...
  12. Gazelle

    Fedal anti-tiebreak statement

    In the last 4 matches between Federer and Nadal, not a single tiebreak was played. The last tiebreak was in the first set of AO 14. This means they played 14 consecutive sets without reaching a tiebreak, which is a record in their rivalry. Longest previous stretch was 12 sets, from AO 12 (fourth...
  13. Gazelle

    Only Federer can stop Nadal from winning this RG

    Now that Nadal has easily navigated through what was supposed to be his first real test, I don't see anyone stopping him from reaching the final. Uncle Gilles might be in-form, but lacks the baseline game to stay with this rejuvenated Nadal. Cilic is also in-form, but his hitchy-wristy...
  14. Gazelle

    The draw will be CRUCIAL at Roland Garros

    Djokovic > Nadal > Thiem > Zverev > Wawrinka > Djokovic Heck, give me the power of draw-making and I can make Cuevas end up winning Roland Garros. Or Goffin :oops::oops::oops:
  15. Gazelle

    I think I've finally learned how to serve

    So today, I was giving it another go, trying to turn my old granny serve into something more manly. I always thought I understood the throwing motion, so it baffled me why my serve was so weak. I also knew I had the athletic ability to hit big serves, as I've done it before, but only on...
  16. Gazelle

    Can Switzerland win the NCYGS?

    Both the last USO and AO was won by a Swiss man. Now it seems as Roger might semi-tank the clay season, and go all-out assault at Wimbledon. In his current form, I'd consider him the favourite for that tournament. Meanwhile, Wawrinka has been showing good form in the big HC tournaments too. He...
  17. Gazelle

    Federer v Nadal: A miracle of modern sport

    A nice tribute to the events of the past few weeks, made by Australian Open. Fedal fans and others who liked the story that unfolded at this AO, enjoy!
  18. Gazelle

    Lots of iching in Cincinnati quarters

    Tomic, Raonic, Coric, Cilic. Just coincidence or is there more to it?
  19. Gazelle

    Can RG be won this year???

    During the past few weeks, general consensus had been that the player who would beat Monfils aka the GURU at RG, would go on to win the title. I was absolutely shocked to find out that Monfils had pulled out of the French Open. How is one supposed to win this tournament without receiving the...
  20. Gazelle

    Federer vs Djokovic 2006 Davis Cup Play-offs

    Just discovered this little gem on youtube. First time I've ever seen footage of this match. This match probably rings a bell with many Fed and Novack fans, despite the fact that most have never seen it before. On the first day of that DC weekend, Djokovic had beaten Wawrinka in a thrilling...
  21. Gazelle

    Fed makes Novak look like Karlovic on steroids

    Really, wth was that? I didn't saw the match live as I knew it would be a disaster, but I could never have predicted it would be this bad. After reading the scoreline (6-1 6-2 in first two sets, only once before got Fed annihilated like that) i had to watch some of the replay to see what...
  22. Gazelle

    Did Sharapova ruin the Serena Slam?

    If I'm not mistaken, she was supposed to be in Vinci's quarter of the draw. Thanks to her withdrawal (and other things) that draw opened up nicely and Vinci reached the semis. In hindsight oh how would Serena have loved to have gotten the free pass called Sharapova (who hits as many doubles in...
  23. Gazelle

    Bookmakers are Nole's biggest fans

    Bookmakers right now are in heaven thanks to Djok's loss against Wawrinka. In fact, Djok's losses in slam finals in recent years have meant a fortune for the bookmakers. Here's the bookmaker's road to a life of wealth: 1) Make Djokovic the heavy favourite for every grand slam 2) Stupid...
  24. Gazelle

    Trying to understand the serve

    Watching Federer in slow motion ( I noticed something. When he goes from trophy to racket drop, the arm doesn't seem to do much. The angle between upper and lower arm doesn't change much. Looks like he's rotating his right shoulder instead, where...