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  1. mellowyellow

    The Fischer Faction!

    Its a sad thing that these rackets garner no attention.... As far as I can tell only 1 retailer n the US now? Used to be at least 4 when under Fischer name. My first was the Fischer Pro Classic AirCarbon Ti 98. Unbelievable with Polylon mains and Prince synthetic crosses w/tourna string savers...
  2. mellowyellow

    Nadal - Djokovic final? Can 2019 end already?

    I've stopped watching, 30+ coming back from extended layoff, Djoker snatching last year no. 1 GTFOH. I stopped watching "professional" wrestling at about 15-16, not going to have fake a $$ $ports shoved down my throat. I don't waste my time with the TV anymore nothing is legit and sports are...
  3. mellowyellow

    Do people who say “its the player not the racquet” simply have ham-fisted nervous systems?

    Are you suggesting everyone that switches is playing a shelf spec frame stiffness? You have inside knowledge of the specs of all said frames to be stiff or flexible? Lol ok...
  4. mellowyellow

    Srđan has spoken again

    They were not right questions then nor are right at any time. If there is an issue with a player retiring too many times there are organisations/officials that are responsible to deal with that. What I particularly like about Djokovic is that he is nice to young players and mind his own...
  5. mellowyellow

    2018 Basel Final: [1] Federer vs Copil

    Was their any hints that this was a problem and what it stemmed from?
  6. mellowyellow

    Tsitsipas apologises for being rude to ballkid

    Yes she did grin a little, maybe the ballgirl should offer an apology for trying to take his racquet out of his hand instead of just the bag...
  7. mellowyellow

    Zverev scares ballboy

    Glad to see Chung found his niche in the tennis world... wondered where he got to
  8. mellowyellow

    Touch Tennis

    I like it and the pace but I feel the court is too small and or net too low for ball bounce... Almost like table tennis but standing on the court.
  9. mellowyellow

    Nadal has no clear objective when to return to the Tour

    Moya looks scrawny, suspicion confirmed...
  10. mellowyellow

    Prestige Mid!

    Just an FYI. I have tried the Cyclone tour 18gauge in red and it really opens up the pattern so to speak. Great ball pocketing but didn't feel too soft. I was leary as I break strings and usually 17l Poly won't hold up in anything 95 and 16x19. Thought at 89sq and 18x20 the cost was worth...
  11. mellowyellow

    Martin Kližan denied treatment during St. Petersburg final

    Ya, Klizan... Maybe if he was standing up for men's rights trying to further the cause and make it easier for the next oppressed generation of males, maybe I could have gotten behind him here.
  12. mellowyellow

    84 shot rally betwen Mahut & Granollers in Davis Cup

    I don't understand. Isn't all tennis like this with the Spec Courts and strings. Maybe we watch different tennis? I watch ITF/ATP/WTA...
  13. mellowyellow

    Williams/Ramos. WTA Pro Barbora Strycova gives her view

    I think we already know what one 1st rd match at the AusO will feature, we'll maybe it will be a 2nd rd match so as not to be too obvious...
  14. mellowyellow

    USTA Chief Katrina Adams apologize Carlos Ramos for the US Open's Woman Final fallout.

    She should be out of a job like the DBAG out at Indian Wells, same kind of difference.
  15. mellowyellow

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    Where would I fit in? I occasionally have it on ignore...
  16. mellowyellow

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    He knew enough to give the warning, and possibly tried to keep her emotions in check by saying what he said after about it being the coach not her?
  17. mellowyellow

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    That header should say ANGRY MOMents...
  18. mellowyellow

    What does Nole need to win in 2018 to match Nadal's 2017?

    Fans? The race against the clock? Monaco's undying love?
  19. mellowyellow

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    Living with blinders on...
  20. mellowyellow

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    That won't happen, the USTA on a whole is corrupt. Announcing the seeding position they would take before Wimbledon which had 2 favorable outcomes in their eyes. The seeding they wrongfully gifted here, and now this detestable support for someone who was clearly in the wrong. They need to...
  21. mellowyellow

    Is it time to have separate majors for the men and women?

    The Canadian tournament has also hedged the women's tournament with seniors tour play, in light of that it isn't just attendance but ticket price. When I roughly figured it up a few years ago now it was a substantial amount, that doesn't account for concessions your missing with its blown...
  22. mellowyellow

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    Does it matter? No, player and coaches are well aware it's not allowed. If it's a problem the player can have them e removed. It's just fan biased conjecture that she didn't see it, that contradicts the fact she acknowledged something happened by the "thumbs up" comment to Ramos , so she...
  23. mellowyellow

    The real issue with the Serena/Ramos situation.....

    "Axes to grind", IE I have nothing relevant to say but want to support a woman and further along my motives of feminism and leftist socialist ideals facts be damned.
  24. mellowyellow

    Serena Wiiliams vs Carlos Ramos poll

    Well said, you are now officially a "sexist"... Welcome to the club!
  25. mellowyellow

    When will we get our first openly-gay male tennis player?

    For real, nobody really cares or should care and in the context of anyone's sport it's irrelevant. Making an issue out of what's generally perceived as a non issue. Hypocritical too, the famous complain about privacy yet want to clue everyone in...
  26. mellowyellow

    Serena Wiiliams vs Carlos Ramos poll

    He is not sporadic in his matches. Quit spreading lies. One should only be concerned with their match at that moment. We don't know if coaching was talked about before hand. You can't tell me their isnt a briefing of some sort in situations of this magnitude. Racing, football, boxing etc...
  27. mellowyellow

    The real issue with the Serena/Ramos situation.....

    You obviously had a thought when you attacked my comment? Yet you offered no reasoning... So please, enlighten everyone with your brilliance. I don't need you to explain my post, that's very presumpsious, surely your comprehension is lacking if you think I was asking or suggesting for you to...
  28. mellowyellow

    The real issue with the Serena/Ramos situation.....

    Soianka has nothing to say... Serena was wrong on all counts and anyone arguing her case is as wrong as her with questionable (on many levels) motives.