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    Open Letter to Jason Jung

    Dear Jason, Please kindly update your blog. Kind regards, TTW Forum
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    Help Me Choose New Avatar

    I am trying to rebrand my image here. Which new avatar is better? Please vote. pic1 pic2 pic3 The samurai in post #2 of this thread. pic4 My current avatar. pic5 sureshs
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    What Are Your Rules?

    Just thought it would be an interesting discussion to have with the old timers, as well as all the FGTs buzzing around lately. We all have rules, share yours! I'll start with my rule #1: NO SMOKING IN BED This applies to myself and others around me.
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    please help

    i can't move
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    Dimitrov Better than Federer on Slow Hard

    Dimitrov has the extra gear in the 5th set of big slam match.
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    Health Benefits of Drinking in the Afternoon (source: 午後に飲むことの健康上の利点)

    Just came across an article and would like to know your opinion.
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    Does anyone remember who won the wibly this year?

    I know Nadal won the French, soo...?
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    Share Your Balance and Meditation Techniques!

    Most of us strive for a wholesome life, always in search of a balance between competing forces. We all need some moon to go with our sun: a bit of a poet to balance the warrior! What are some of your unique techniques? I’ll start. One of my favorite things to do is hang around drinking and...
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    Why is your favorite player?

    Who do you want to win most when you watch TV? @Carsomyr @BobbyOne @stringertom @cronus
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    My Sister Ruth

    Finally came through with her letter. What should I do? Donation from Mrs. Ruth Hamson Bishop [38 rue des martyrs cocody Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Dearest one in Christ, I am from Kuwait. I am married to Mr. Paul Hamson, who worked with Kuwait embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before...
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    Federer better than Nadal?

    More Halle, WTF?
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    Computer Trouble

    My PC has been hijacked by some inappropriately dressed young men from Pakistan. Anyone with experience with similar language issues, please advise your experience.
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    Donskoy better than Federer, why?

    a. Safin coach Moscow b. Pharmamama no good African white man c. Slim sturdy stick dark handsome Eurasian Russian man d. RF97 quality control Guangzhou nono e. All above
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    From 4.0 to Pro in Figure Skating

    As a kid, I used to hang out at the skating ring in the winter a lot. Those were social occasions, but we all had talent and skill, developing the ability to slide forward and backward, among other specialty maneuvers. There was also a train track river bridge nearby where we’d hang out after...
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    Should Djokovic Retire?

    He couldn't get into Wimbledon or Olympics this year, and now losing to Monfils, of all people, from 2-0 sets up.
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    全米2016QF:ムッジア【2】 v. 錦織圭【6】

    歯悪overratedムッジアは、talented錦織圭選手に対して、weak-eraアフターマスにかけて、非常にbad-matchupでおりますが、今夜の試合はどうなるのでしょうか? テニス専門家方の皆様、ご表決や論議ないただきますように、よろしくお願いいたします。
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    Wimbledon 2016 2R: Roger Federer [3] v. Marcus Willis [GBP]

    Wimbledon is by far the most prestigious event on the tennis tour. So full of history, and prestige, and glory, that words can hardly begin describe its grandness. So much class all around, we all come together. This year’s event is even more special. Class and history are through the roof...
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    Feb2004 Posters -- Raise Hand If Alive

    MegacedU Dedans Penthouse GS DD BP Anyone else?
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    Zverev far superior to Federer in every aspect of the game, even dropshot and lob

    Break it down: Serve: Zverev more pace, spin, and variety Forehand: Zverev more authority Backhand: Zverev can hit 3 or more topspin backhands in a row Volleys: Zverev more punch, touch, and feel Overall, not a very flattering situation for peak player against fresh-poking youngster.
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    Novak out of the tournament!

    Second seed Daniel Taro advances in straight sets over the local journeyman Dennis Novak, keeping his dream of defending the Furth title alive. Discuss.
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    Berankis v. Gulbis in Geneva...

    Very curious shift in powers in the making. A paradigm shift underway?
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    Nagal Out of Rome!

    The talented young Indian qualifier Sumit Nagal has just lost to Krajinovic in 3 tough sets at the Rome Challenger. Discuss.
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    Kuznetsov vs. Kohlschreiber

  24. SoBad

    Should Khachanov retire?

    The mounting losses are disturbing. We were all excited when he overcame the dangerous Frenchman Tak Khunn Wang right in his French backyard recently. We rejoiced at his win over Aslan Karatsev in Sweden, only to watch in horror the revenge match go horribly wrong in Kazan the following week...
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    Raanana Final: Evgeny DONSKOY [1] v. Ricardas BERANKIS [3] (q-draw)

    Tough call: - both still far from prime - both huge upside - Berankis leads 3-1 in H2H - Donskoy wearing pink shoes - Berankis wearing pink shoes AND pink t-shirt I am going with Donskoy in 3 close sets. Berankis to serve first...
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    The Youznhy -- Gulbis (Miami)

    I think the old oak tree will still make some noise when the winds blow.
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    Nadal - Verdasco

    Nadal - Verdasco
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    The Family Financial Situation (fiction)

    [The story is pure fiction, any resemblance to real life characters is purely accidental.] Chapter 1 -- Hello dear, I am home! Retcher walked into the house. -- Take off your dirty shoes and leave them at the door! The wife sounded unhappy. -- What’s the matter, dear? -- We are in financial...
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    TTW 2015 Awards: Misc

    This is a special competition that covers a number of categories. Please vote for the member who best fits one or more of the following categories: - Best Thread Title Creativity - Best comment of the year - Maximagq Honorary Award for Excellence - Best Ongoing Dialogue - Best Creative...
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    TTW 2015 Awards: Member Most Wanted to Return

    Vote and discuss.