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    What does 'rev' mean?

    Hi folks, what does 'rev' mean with regards to racket specs? ie Rev Instinct, Rev Prestige etc? Cheers, Paul
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    Weird tie off labelling on Microgel Prestige Pro

    Hi guys. Strung a Microgel Prestige Pro earlier - two piece Followed previous string job and USTA recommendation. Yet on the racket it had two mains labelled tie offs on the top and two crosses as per the recommendation. And another two mains labelled tie offs on the bottom where the...
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    Offering value for money for customers

    Do you guys ever string Synthetic Gut 1.25mm for clients? Or is it not as good value for money as a 1.3mm synthetic gut? I always try to offer the best value/ longevity with synthetic gut. I'd welcome your thoughts. Cheers, Paul
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    Unexpected benefit of larger grip size

    Recently increased my grip size from 2 to 3 on all of my rackets. And as well as improving my stroke, it has also increased the durability of my overgrips. Tourna Mega Tac used to shred (at the buttcap edge) in an hour with a smaller grip size. It now lasts 4 or five hours. I'm happy
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    Pro's Pro Kingut clamping

    Has anyone else strung with Pro's Pro Kingut? It's insanely stretchy. Clamped it like a normal 1.25mm gut and the stuff flew back through the clamp after release on a Wise. Ended up clamping it overly tight just to make sure. Fantastic cross string though.
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    String Database Tension Loss

    Hi folks. When using TW's string database, over what period is the % tension loss measured. I've looked everywhere for the answer. Can't find it. Cheers, Paul
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    When racket modding goes wrong.

    Learnt a valuable lesson today. I'm a 4.5 ish equivalent playing in Wales. Playing with Extreme 360+ tours which I have modded to 330g, all in. Absolutely love them. Got a bit greedy, added another 5g to the handle and it was a disaster. It's amazing how drastic a change can be when...
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    Acceptable tension difference between two rackets

    Hi Folks. If you've strung two identical rackets, frame and string, on the same settings. What's the acceptable tension difference between both - when coming straight off the stringer. ie using an app for both should they be with 1lb, 0.5lbs etc Cheers, Paul
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    Cyclone Tour tension drop is insane

    Strung some Cyclone Tour 1.3 (Grey) this week in a hybrid. 10% pre-stretch at 51lbs, as a main, with Pro's Pro Gutex Ultra 1.3 at 53lbs. The bed read 53lbs using the Tennis Tension app. In 4 days and very light hitting it was down to low 40s. I knew CT was bad for tension loss, but not...
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    Is 2400 frames on a Babolat Dual Sensor a high number?

    Hi guys. I've been offered a Babolat Dual Sensor with 2400 frames registered. For £1000 sterling. Is that a lot of frames? Is that a good deal? Cheers, Paul
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    Improving tension maintenance of main, with a cross

    Hi Folks. Currently playing Cyclone Tour, as my elbow is a bit twingy. It's really helped, but the tension drop off is massive. Would stringing a multi or synthetic gut, in the cross, improve the tension drop off? Cheers, Paul
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    New racket 'aches and' pains'

    Hi folks. Any of you guys notice different arm/ shoulder aches when changing frames? Even when the RAs and strings etc are similar, I always have some bedding in pains. Just switched from Head 360 Extreme MP to 360+ Extreme Tour. Head Lynx 1.30 and Wilson Sensation 1.30 in both. 50 52 or...
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    Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour - love it

    Recently switched from Head Extreme MP to the new Tour. It's absolutely superb. Smaller head and thinner beam delivers so much more control. Especially on backhand slice. Anyone else playing with them? Very few in Wales, where I play. Cheers Paul
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    Knot Question - Parnell tweak

    Hi guys. Instead of going OVER the top of the first loop with the Parnell, what's it called if you go THROUGH the loop again and then finish as per the Parnell? Cheers, Paul
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    Basic swing weight question

    Hi folks. Sorry about this basic question. Is it okay to offer customers a basic racket matching service? ie just static weight and balance Or should you not offer it if you can't deliver a swing weight reading? Cheers, Paul Cheers, Paul
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    Have you ever seen anything like this?

    New client showed up today with this. Babolat Drive Light. With main and cross tied off on the same string. Looked mental. Crosses clearly tie off 10B. Was charged £23 pounds for it too. Thoughts? Cheers, Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Just wanted to say thankyou

    I'm not a huge contributor to this board and ask far more questions, than give answers. But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so helpful. Your advice over the last couple of years has been invaluable. Cheers, Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Can knots loosen over time?

    A client recently brought me a racket which has been strung by someone else previously. Strung with a round poly - unbranded. He hadn't used it for 5 months ish. The knots had massive gaps in the loop. Can knots loosen over time as I can't imagine that they looked like that then when left...
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    Strung Racket Balance question

    Hi guys. Need some advice. If the unstrung balance of a frame is 330mm, then the logical/ correct balance of the strung racket would nearer 335-340mm is that correct. I assume that most players don't rebalance the racket, post stringing, to the original balance do they? Cheers, Paul Sent...
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    Made my own balance board today

    My wife wasn't impressed, so I thought I'd show you guys [emoji16] Couldn't find one in stock, anywhere, so I made my own. Used two grips to keep the dowel in place [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Is a 4lbs difference too much in a poly/ multi?

    Hi guys. Is 52/56 lbs too much of a differential in a poly/ multi hybrid. 52 1.3 RPM. 56 1.3 Sensation. Any help appreciated. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Slippery poly main suggestions

    Hi folks. I'm really enjoying playing with RPM Blast 1.30 in the mains, at 52, and Sensation in the crosses, at 54. The slippery coating on the Blast seems to work better than other polys like Cyclone etc - which dig in and fix the bed. Are there any cheaper similarly slippery polys that will...
  23. Polotechnics

    Hybrid mains tension

    Hi folks. I normally string a full bed poly at 52lbs. If I move to a hybrid of the same poly and a multi cross, do I need to increase the tension of main to get the same 'relative' feel ie should I go to 54/56 etc Or keep the main at 52 and just up the cross to 54? Sent from my SM-G950F...
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    Problem stringing client's string 'set'

    Hi guys. Yesterday, I strung a frame for a new client. He brought a set of RPM Blast with him, but when I opened it, it was damaged. So I put in Alu Power as a replacement. He was happy +it's more expensive for a start. But it made me wonder what you more experienced guys do if there is a...
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    Yonex Badminton Cushion Grip

    Has anyone used this stuff as a replacement, for a replacement grip, on a tennis racket? Cheers, Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Speed v Radical

    Hi guys. Can anyone explain the key differences between the Radicals and Speeds. Bar the head size and RA they seem very similar? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    How many crosses ahead?

    Hi guys. Are there any downsides to weaving more than two crosses ahead? Recently I've tried 4 or 5 and it's great having the excess string out of the way. Cheers, Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    When to tie off crosses using starting clamp

    Hi guys. Quick question. I use a starting clamp to start my crosses. Is it okay to tie the first and last cross when you finish? I notice that some tie off the top cross after three or four crosses have been woven. I like to do both knots consecutively ie when I've finished weaving. Is...
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    Wilson Blade 101l 2017 Tie offs

    Hi folks Has anyone found a discrepancy between the official tie off recommendations and the actual grommets? Wilson pdf says crosses tie off at 4 top and 12 throat. But 6 head and 8 throat seem the larger holes? Does this happen often? Or am I missing something? Cheers, Paul Sent...
  30. Polotechnics

    Favourite string to weave?

    Finished my 250th frame today. I'm still really enjoying stringing. Which made me think about my fav string to weave. I concluded that it is Gosen Og-Sheep Proform Tuff. Flexible yet slippery, but also firm enough to get through shared holes etc [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk