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    Many Djokovic fans are Zverev fans

    How will you guys reconcile that in the SF? Who will you root for?
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    How important is winning the crowd?

    Now that the crowds are fully back, how important is it to have the crowd with you not against you? Tsitsipas lost the crowd with his unsportsmanlike conduct since his first match, and paid the price. Alcaraz won the crowd and did extremely well until his injury. Van de Zandschulp had the...
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    Which top 10 players do not take fake MTO and toilet breaks?

    It’s all in the headline. Just wondering which players have integrity and sportsmanship and will not want to win at any cost?
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    Alexander “Sasha” Zverev popularity meter

    We all know about the ABZ hate club but Zverev seems to have quite a lot of fans as well. Let’s see who is fan and who’s not.
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    Djokovic has the game that wins him titles but does not win him fans

    This became obvious to me during the Shapovalov match. The better player was obviously Shapovalov, but his game does not win matches. He was hitting winners left and right, but making as many unforced errors. I am sure yesterday’s match won Shapovalov a lot of new fans, because he played...
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    Djokovic will win the next 6 slams in a row

    And that would be a conservative prediction. He will probably get bored of winning and retire after that.
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    Multis at low tensions

    I often read on this forum that some members are stringing multis in the lower 50s or even upper 40s. I never string multis below 55 except once I tried a multi at 53 and I couldn’t keep the ball in the court. So what’s the secret here? For the guys who string at low tensions, how do you keep...
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    Do heavy rackets require larger grip sizes?

    or in other words, are there any drawbacks from using a heavy racket with a smaller grip size? I personally use a RF97 with a L4 grip, which is just slightly smaller than my hand size as measured the conventional way. I am thinking to go down one size or two to get more RHS and more wrist...
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    Is tennis becoming an old man’s sport?

    It seems increasingly to be the case. Nadal and Djokovic are 34 and 33 respectively. The Doha final will be contested between RBA (32) and Basilashvili (29). They eliminated Rublev and Fritz, also younger players. In Marseille, Tsitsipas got eliminated yesterday by Herbert (29), and the...
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    Should players reveal what drugs are they taking under TUE?

    Obviously there are certain considerable advantages to be obtained from consuming certain therapeutic drugs. Some players in the past have been accused of faking certain injuries in order to get a TUE. One of the players who seem to disagree with revealing it is Azarenka. I’m pretty sure most...
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    Next-Gen will not win slams until they learn the art of MTO and toilet breaks

    Title is self explanatory. Am I right?
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    What do you think about the hand up/not ready gesture?

    Obviously used very often by Nadal, and occasionally by almost everyone. I couldn’t find anything in the rules about it, except of course that the receiver should follow the server’s pace. Used very often to break the opponent’s momentum, does the server have to wait for the receiver to be...
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    Tennis scoring system is favorable for older more experienced players

    What do you guys think about this? The current scoring system allows players to take it easy on some points and put all their effort into big points. It’s very brutal mentally as well, since a player who is playing better, winning easy service games, can end up on the losing end. Perhaps an...
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    Would you string RF97 and PS97 at same tension?

    Just looking for your educated opinions here. While same head size and string pattern and similar balance, the RF is stiffer and has a much higher static and swing weight. Would you string them at same tension or would you string the RF higher? Thank you!
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    Hitting long in match setting

    Hi guys, Even though I hit pretty well and quite accurately in training I find myself very often hitting long during matches (friendly/recreational), which affects my self confidence. I tend to tense up and I can’t produce the same spin I can produce in training. It’s just a couple of inches...
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    French interviewers are hilarious!

    Like every year, I have a good laugh at the end of match interviews where invariably the player says something and the interviewer translates it to French very loosely and with a lot of imagination. The funniest is when Serena or Djokovic speak in broken French and the translation to English is...
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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    Hi all. Any tips on how to adapt technique when moving from long term training on slow high bounce HC to very fast low bounce one?
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    Doping at USO 2020

    Are there any serious checks? Or are they more tolerant this year due to the unique circumstances? Some players look quite suspicious tbh.
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    Optimal tension for maximum power?

    I’m sure this has been discussed before, so please indulge me. I’m curious about what is the optimal tension that gives maximum power for different string materials. If I understand correctly, NG is more powerful at around 60lbs, while nylon prefers tensions in the lower 50s, and polyester even...
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    NXT Soft

    Anyone tried it yet? How does it compare to the other NXT strings?
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    Is this serve legal?

    I play often against a guy who, while serving from the ad side, throws the ball well to his right and basically serves from the deuce side. I told him this is a fault, but he insists that since his feet are on the ad side, it is correct. Is he right?
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    Do stringing patterns affect racket performance?

    Sorry for the probably silly question, but I have this problem with my blade 98 18x20. Every time I have it strung, it comes back to me with a different stringing pattern and tie-off positions. Only the first stringing job came back similar to the recommended pattern by Wilson, but I can’t find...
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    What happens if you string full bed multi at low tensions?

    Let’s say at 51 lbs and below. I’ve always used multifilaments at the middle range of my rackets, typically 55 lbs. I like them the most at the end of their life, as they become a bit mushy but much more spinny. Anyone tried multis at low tensions? What are your impressions? Note: I’m not...
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    Increasing tension for spin with multifilament?

    I’ve always used multifilament at 55 and NG at 57 because of my sensitive arm. I have a spin friendly technique and I get moderate spin with my usual strings. Yesterday I was coerced into demoing a new racket for a club event. It was strung with some kind of poly strung in the low 50s as far as...
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    Luxilon NG tension recommendation

    Hi guys, I’m new here so I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right forum. I’m a 50 years old recreational player. I have been using NXT 16 at 55 lbs for the last couple of years. I just purchased Luxilon natural gut 1.30 to try it out but I’m not sure what would be the equivalent tension to have...