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  1. Keizer

    Holger Rune blacked out racket?

    Switched from a PD to a blacked out frame recently. Any idea what it is?
  2. Keizer

    Backhand GIF Thread

    To me, there's nothing more satisfying to watch than a well struck backhand so I'd love to see your backhand GIFs from across the tour. I'm a two hander fan, so I'm going to start off with some of my favorite two-handers ever hit. What are some of yours?
  3. Keizer

    TTW Confessional: Players you dismissed who eventually had good careers

    We're in the business of making predictions on these forums, whether while forecasting match results or the trajectories of pro careers. We (or at least I) have consequently made several very wrong predictions, both privately and on public forums, which are occasionally exhumed by others to give...
  4. Keizer

    Karatsev racket?

    Had never heard of him before the Aussie Open and know he was outside the top 100. He's using something under Graphene 360+ Prestige PJ. Is it PT57 or something else? Couldn't really get the best shot, but here it is. EDIT: maybe this should've gone in the pro's forum, oops
  5. Keizer

    New SI article on Novak

    No comment.
  6. Keizer

    Tipsarevic's appearance on Noah Rubin's Behind the Racquet series

    Tipsy comes up with some great nuggets of wisdom from time to time. Full post here
  7. Keizer

    Iga Swiatek: Next Polish superstar?

    Have been keeping an eye on her results for a while now, but haven't seen a thread up yet. I'm not ready to anoint her a future grand slam winner, but I really like her form, especially on the forehand. She had a great comeback against Wozniacki in Montreal yesterday, so I thought this was as...
  8. Keizer

    Serena a sore loser?

    Here's an article about Serena's loss and how she handled it from USA Today's FTW portal. Not the greatest journalism out there by definitely raises some good points. Would love some thoughts from Serena's fans about this...
  9. Keizer

    Flat hitting vs topspin

    When I was very young and first learned to play tennis, I was taught to play with an eastern grip and thus often hit the ball pretty flat. This was toward the end of the serve and volley era, just before the semi-western/western grip styles came to dominate the market. I quit for a few years...
  10. Keizer

    Racquet Suggestions/Question

    I've been lurking on here for ever so long and decided to create an account because I'm faced with a dilemma that warrants more experience to resolve than I have. I'm currently using a stock BLX Blade 98 18x20, strung with RPM Blast 16 at 54. However, I recently visited a thrift shop...