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  1. MichaelChang

    The Federer generation

    Looking at the players around Roger's age. Hew... the old memories. Gonna appreciate more when Federer is still playing, every match is a gift for fans. still in tour: David Ferrer, born 1982 Tommy Robredo, born 1982 Mikhail Youzhny, born 1982 retired: Marat Safin, born 1980 Andy Roddick, born...
  2. MichaelChang

    When will Sampras come out and congratulate Roger?

    for breaking his 7 Wimby singles title record. I was a big fan of Pete, he was there when Federer won his 15th slam. Now I suppose Sampras would take the same gesture and congratulate Federer for winning the 8th Wimby. Although it is weird for one legend to keep congratulating the other for...
  3. MichaelChang

    Who are you rooting for in Women's final?

    Surprised that nobody is talking about the women's final. Yeah I know nobody cares about WTA. But still I am happy to see Venus coming through all the way into the wimby final again, the first time since 09. I sure would root for her. Hope she wins it and maybe sort of complete her career like...
  4. MichaelChang

    Picked up a few old school sticks

    Recently picked up a few old sticks in decent shape, to my surprise they play better than I thought. Wilson Graphite Matrix mid, the black version with little red stripe. Feels nimble not big but solid enough to hit. No power whatsoever, but that is how the Wilson mids are. Wilson Aggressor...
  5. MichaelChang

    What would have Roger said to Stan last night?

    Being buddies and countryman I am sure Roger would have talked to Stan last night after the victory. What did he say? "Thanks dude! I can sleep better now on my 17..."
  6. MichaelChang

    US Open ground admission on the last few days

    So I didn't know but the US Open has ground admission tickets every day even on the final day. What to watch on the ground courts on the final day? Trying your luck to catch the finalist warming up on a practice court? Is that what the ticket is for, greedy USTA?
  7. MichaelChang

    Srdjan speaks again, 10 more slams for his son some notable quotes: Surely he will be one ofthe bestsportsmen ever. All of this it's because he was sent from God.As a family, we tried to make God's wish come true. He can...
  8. MichaelChang

    Janowicz handshake vs Hamou

    Just read about it on yahoo. video below. Any idea? No matter what bodyshot or not, I think Janowicz was not supposed to lose his temper.
  9. MichaelChang

    How to protect/maintain the knees?

    I am middle aged a little out of shape man who plays tennis 2-3 hours a week. Never had much issue of my body but recently right knee starts to act up a little bit, feels a little uncomfortable and makes me hesitate whenver I try to move to my right-hand side. I am a right-hander and I feel it...
  10. MichaelChang

    HEAD Trisys series

    I have seen HEAD Trisys as low as 150 (or 130?) , and up to 300. From 260 to 300 each model is a unique classic player frame. However starting from 250 and lower, it fell off a cliff. It makes me wonder, the lower the number, more power, less weight, and more tweener?? Which Trisys model comes...
  11. MichaelChang

    Gasquet poor clay court player?

    After watching the Fed vs Gasquet davis cup match, I am not sure if you have noticed, but the commentator did notice, in the later part of the match, Gasquet's socks are all dirts up/clayish, where Federer's socks are still prestine white. Wow, what a difference. As it was commented on the TV...
  12. MichaelChang

    About the Vintage racket section(Bosworth)

    Hi TW Staff: Usually when does TW puts rackets in the Bosworth section? Is it usually on weekends, or it could be any day? Any possible way to give a little headsup when certain popular rackets will be listed? thanks.
  13. MichaelChang

    about the HEAD TXP Pro

    I want to discuss about the different version of HEAD TXP Pro. Racket historians on this board will remember this one. Quoting from "Tennis Man"s post in the past: In 1986, the first of Professional (Pro) series offered in North America was...
  14. MichaelChang

    Is this a St. Vincent?

    I don't have much knowedge about Wilson Ultra 2, but I did read from other threads here where people say Collar + Black Buttcap means Chicago. Anyway I acquired this one recently. It makes me wonder if this is a Chicago or a St. Vincent? Please see pictures below. My points: 1. Butt cap...
  15. MichaelChang

    Head Elite Pro

    so I have read good things about it. Finally aquired one, stock form 12.6oz, hit with it together with a lime green PC600. The Elite pro feels flexier, I didn't feel much special about it. actually I prefer the PC600, easier to get more pop. so for those who endorse the Elite pro, what is...
  16. MichaelChang

    Bumper for Original Head Radical Tour?

    Have the original bumblebee Radical, and twin tube radical Midplus, which current bumper/grommet that TW is selling, could fit these bad boys? Also, whatever fits the Radical Tour should also fit the PT280, correct? Thanks for any info.
  17. MichaelChang

    Prince Original Graphite question

    So it probably has been a while but I didn't know, by looking at the Prince rackets in TW: 1. what is the difference between "Prince Classic Graphite 107" and "Prince Original Graphite Oversize"? 2. the POG 90 is discontinued? done for good??
  18. MichaelChang

    Donnay Mid 825

    Picked up a Donnay Mid 825 in decent shape, code 857.64 (what does it mean anyway?) . Not sure about the composition, but it weights 12.4 with overgrip, so it is relatively light. Hit with it for 30 minutes with some unknow old strings on it, the stick feels solid and sharp. Feels a little...
  19. MichaelChang

    Prince Tricomp 90

    I picked up a Prince Tricomp 90 in mint condition, wow, it plays like a champ. A good balance between flex and crisp, nice control, feels like a old school low power racket but yet, powerful enough for "modern game", definitely more powerful than POG 90 and Spectrum 90. Really liking this racket :D
  20. MichaelChang

    Backyard grass court?

    Just quoted from a landscaping company to re-grade my backyard, for a 50x100 size cost is about 10k:twisted::evil: but anyway, assuming it is done, did anybody try play some tennis on grass in backyard? Probably not possible on wet days but on a sunny day, it is good? :)
  21. MichaelChang

    Saw Thomas Enquist today at USO

    Sorry if I spell his name wrong, but saw him today at the USO on a court hitting with Verdasco, probably for warmup. I was surprised, dude looks really fit and can hang with V with quick exchanges on the baseline. Is he playing in the senior tour? He looks really still "got it".
  22. MichaelChang

    Head pt57 question

    This was probably asked before but I can not find an answer in the search. Most people put PT630/280/57A in the same sentence, is this accurate? I have read the 630 is flexier/lighter than the 280, though, they are both from the same mold as the 57A. So, between the 630 and 280, which one is...
  23. MichaelChang

    Any pro named "S. Dendy"?

    Acquired some Head PT280s pro-stock with a tag says "S. Dendy" in the throat. Wondering any pros in the 90s with that name? Probably an Australian?
  24. MichaelChang

    Just bought 2x Pro Tour 280 from Vintage section

    ghhh, hope it is worth the $$$... damn, when can I stop buying rackets...
  25. MichaelChang

    Sampras on the ceremonial

    So Sampras was there, I guess, they were expecting Nadal to tie Sampras so they invited Pete there for the ceremonial. Just like when Roger got his 15th. But it didn't happen. It looks like even Sampras is disappointed? lol. When he handed the dish to Nadal, there is so brief that as if Sampras...
  26. MichaelChang

    Trying to level my backyard to a "Dirt Court"

    My backyard is big enough to play some tennis, IF I can make the surface more level and remove all the grass/craps on it. I am eager to start working on my backyard and make it a "Dirt Court", like a baseball field. Should I start when the winter is over? What kind of tools do I need? I hope to...
  27. MichaelChang

    building a tennis court in the backyard

    I am not sure if I am asking the question at the right place. But here it goes. Imagine if you house's backyard is big enough (60x120) for a tennis court. Of course the backyard currently is with grass and not quite level. How would you proceed to make a court there. By making a "court", I mean...
  28. MichaelChang

    Grip on service return

    Normally one needs to turn the racket slightly when switching between forhand to backhand. My question is when receiving a serve, when you don't have a lot of time to prepare, which grip should you hold and wait for the serve to come, do you have enough time to "switch" between forhand and backhand?
  29. MichaelChang

    what happened to Deuce?

    I guess he has been banned for quite some time already. I remember he was a knowledgable member about rackets, especially some old-school rackets. Just what happened to him? and is he back under some other names?
  30. MichaelChang

    Sweet spot of Max200g

    I picked up a used Max200g strung with random syn guts with low tension. The stick weights 13.4oz. The head sure looks like a 85 or so, but the sweet spot feels much bigger than a Wilson 85. The 200g plays very flex, and very sweet on most shots, including some off-center shots. Hmm... Is that...