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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    The most devastating loss for Nadal was '12 AO. The 2nd most was '17 AO to Federer. Because up to that point, Nadal dominated Federer, and had never lost to him at a Slam outside of Wimbledon. And it'd have given him a double GS. The 2 most devastating losses for Djokovic, interestingly both...
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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    Was Nadal injured when he jumped on Djokovic for a 5-0 lead at '21 RG? Absolutely not! Djokovic exhausted him. Nadal's team admitted he wasn't injured, right after the match.
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    He gave Radu the game to win USO. Lots of players would want him. She outsmarted the top players with the game he trained her to play. And who knows her game more than Richardson? Nobody!
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    I sure hope for all her troubles, Emma will wander in the wilderness for a long time. And Richardson will win his second slam, before her.
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    What more does she want? That coach was good enough for winning USO, wasn't he? It would be like Djokovic firing Vajda right after winning '08 AO. It shows what's in the person's heart. Apparently loyalty is not high on the list of Raducanu's priorities. Didn't Osaka do exactly the same...
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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    Nadal's most painful losses are to Djokovic: '12 AO and '21 RG. Federer's most painful losses are also to Djokovic: '11 USO and '19 Wim.
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    It's a very bad sign. Tennis/golf stars firing their youth coaches at the 1st sign of success, is always a bad sign. It shows, first, a lack of loyalty, and secondly a lack of judgement and values. Look at Rory McIlroy. He fired coaches that brought him initial success, and girlfriends and...
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    Is Nadal the greatest ever athlete in Tennis ????

    HAHAHA, stamina is an important part of athleticism!
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    PREDICTION : Federer is not done. Including next years WB, you will see him in at least two slam SFs with one coming within next three slams.

    Probably Federer will never meet Djokovic/Nadal again at Slams, because he won't get far enough in tournaments to meet them.
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    Stefanos, Med's game may be 1 dimensional, but that dimension is precisely HC. He'll have a hard time winning on grass (standing too far back) or clay (no topspin). But Nadal won 2 Wimbledons, so Medvedev might win one, especially if there's no grass Fed/Djok in the next gen.
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    Who’s 2hb looks least like a 2hb?

    Borg, he let go of the left hand on impact. So his follow through looked just like 1HBH.
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    Who's results/performance was more impressive at chasing the CYGS: Federer 2006 or Djokovic 2015 ?

    Federer's opposition in '06 was a joke. 19-20 year old Nadal was the 2nd best player, and he would have to wait 2 more years to win his 1st non-clay slam. Djokovic's opposition was formidable. Federer was in the midst of a resurgence. If Djokovic weren't there, Federer would've won 3...
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    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    He'd have beaten Nadal at '20 RG, if he had got into any kind of rhythm.
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    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    Djokovic is more capable than Federer of beating Nadal at RG. He's also more capable than Nadal of beating Federer at Wimbledon. Neither of them is capable of beating him at AO.
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    Nadal's success at the US Open feels even more astonishing now

    In 2013, Djokovic was straight-setted by Murray at Wimbledon, so he wasn't at his best. Medvedev improved massively in 2 years. Remember Djokovic was destroyed by Nadal at '20 RG, but came back to beat Nadal 9 months later at '21 RG. So Djokovic was destroyed by Medvedev at '21 USO. Don't be...
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    Still the GOAT match ;)

    Since then Djokovic beat one 3 times, and the other twice, in the same stadium. So yes, it was overrated.
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    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    Medvedev had such an easy draw, so he was much fresher than Djokovic for final. Djokovic had a very difficult draw, with Nishikori, Brooksby, Berrett and Zverev all more difficult than any of Med's opponents.
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    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    I never said that. Medvedev deserved the win, just as Nadal deserved the '20 RG title. I'm just saying, Djokovic will beat Medvedev the next time they meet at Slam HC, just as he beat Nadal at '21 RG. For all those Fedfans out there, there's an age difference of 9 years between...
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    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    There's quite a difference in their baseline games. And clay is a baseline surface, whereas grass is a serve-return surface.
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    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    Oh yes, Djokovic never found his groove. Just as he never did against Nadal at '20 RG; just 9 months, he did, and look what happened at '21 RG.
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    Exactly 10 years ago Federer was publicly struggling to accept Djokovic defeat. How do you see it now?

    If Federer had been perceptive, he would've known then and there that Djokovic won that match because he was mentally strong. And luck came way down the list.
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    No shade on Emma but is she a 1 slam wonder.

    She's too good to win only 1 slam. There are 2 elements in her, and Leylah's, game that are lacking in the other women: mobility, and ability to redirect the ball. The so-called top women need to lose weight, fast, so they can scooter around the court, like they're teen-agers. Note to the...
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    Is Emma's win a bigger story than a potential Novak's CYGS?

    Only for some Djokovic haters, but there are many of them.
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    What is more remarkable: Djokovic being clutch or Federer being dominant?

    In the long run, you have to be clutch to be dominant. Look at Brady and his 7 SB's, most of his wins were by a point or 2, and he also lost 3 nailbiters. If Brady weren't clutch, his teams would've lost 3 or 4 more, or not been in the SB's at all. Look at Jordan and his 6 championships...
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    Why does Djokovic feature so less in the list of top 25 slams won with least times broken?

    Djokovic's 2 most potent weapons are the return, and the DTL, where he puts the ball in the corners. In the Zverev match, when Djokovic executes the DTL, he invariably wins the point. Zverev might have the more powerful and penetrating groundstrokes, but he doesn't have the DTL's, off both wings.
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    Why does Djokovic drop the 1st set so often?

    If you know the 5th set belong to you, then the 1st set is not that important to you. Every opponent of Djokovic knows that the 1st set is crucial to him, but not to Djokovic, so they put much more effort in winning it. And in the first set, Djokovic is not properly warmed up yet.
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    Djokovic will have his sampras hewitt 2001 tomorrow

    It says Andre had trouble winning when the opponents were more accomplished than Todd Martin.
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    Djokovic will have his sampras hewitt 2001 tomorrow

    In his two USO triumphs, the toughest opponent that Agassi had to beat was one Todd Martin, whom he beat twice. What two joke draws! I advise you to check out Andre's draws in '94 and '99. Agassi couldn't win any other USO, because there wasn't a third joke draw.
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    Once the Big 3 retire, WTA tennis will be the more popular tour

    Name one time when WTA carries tennis. There's none. There are many potential ATP stars. Before this tournament, I had never even seen Acaraz and Brooksby. There have always been superstars on the men's side: Borg-Connors-Mac to Sampras-Agassi to Fed-Nadal-Djokovic. And I'm absolutely sure...