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  1. One Handed Dynasty

    Injecting silicone into the hoop

    I’ve seen a few posts on here where people have added silicone to their racquet head as a permanent weight solution, and described the feel as more solid and plush than lead. I have an old unused racquet that is roughly 60 grams and 40 swingweight units below my spec, and have decided to...
  2. One Handed Dynasty

    Making custom grip molds

    For those who have been searching for instructions on how to make your own custom grip molds, I found a handy archive of an expired patent that explains the processes and procedures: I have a large order of...
  3. One Handed Dynasty

    L4 butt cap on an L3 pallet?

    Can it be done? I’m looking for ways to get a bigger butt cap but still be able to feel the bevels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. One Handed Dynasty

    Looking for some new polys to replace ALU Rough

    I’ve been using the same hybrid of VS touch mains and ALU Rough crosses for over 14 years and am looking to try a new poly for crosses. Performance wise ALU Rough gives me everything I want, but I haven’t played competitively in years and want something that doesn’t need to be restrung every 2...