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  1. prjacobs

    2019 PA Tour question for Chris

    Hi Chris, I’m wondering if you’ve hit with the PA Tour and wanted your impressions. My current 2013 APD is tail weighted to only 4 grams less than the tour, so I don’t think it will be a huge difference. If you have played with it, I’d especially to get your impressions about how it serves. (And...
  2. prjacobs

    Question for Chris: New Pure Aero vs Pure Drive

    Hi Chris, I currently use a tail weighted, 11.7 ounce 2013 APD. I never liked the feel of the old Pure Drives and the old Pure Aero killed my wrist, felt sluggish and for me, had poor control. (It did serve well and obliterate the ball on ground strokes, though...[emoji4]). Can you possibly...
  3. prjacobs

    660 foot reel - how may string jobs?

    Hi everyone, I’m very locked into Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable 17L. I’m wondering how many string jobs I’d get out a 660 foot reel? Thanks... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. prjacobs

    Shorts with back pocket?

    I have some old Nike shorts with a back pocket large enough to hold my wallet. It has a bit of Velcro to keep it closed. Of course, I don’t play with my wallet in that back pocket, but I like the option of wearing them on the street, when I obviously do carry my wallet around. Does anyone know...
  5. prjacobs

    Asics Court FFs on clay?

    Anyone using Court FFs on clay? How are they? Please, only respond if you actually use them on clay[emoji4]... I own and love these on hard courts. I’ve tried on the new SS3 clay version, but I prefer the additional cushioning of the FFs. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. prjacobs

    Compression Shorts?

    A few years ago, I pulled a hamstring in a league match. I didn’t feel it until later, when I got home. It never stopped me from playing in the following weeks, but from from that point on, I’ve worn compression shorts every time I play. My thought is that they keep my hamstrings warm, slightly...
  7. prjacobs

    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable 17 Happiness

    Hi all, I’m not remotely an authority on polys. The only other polys I’ve used are Cyclone, Hyper G and Pro Supex Big Ace... I just wanted to report that beyond the spin and control I’m getting from WCUC, they’re by far, easier on my arm. I feel like I haven’t even played, hitting with these...
  8. prjacobs

    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable 17 Happiness

    Hi all, I’m not remotely an authority on polys. The only other polys I’ve used are Cyclone, Hyper G and Pro Supex Big Ace... I just wanted to report that beyond the spin and control I’m getting from WCUC, they’re by far, easier on my arm. I feel like I haven’t even played, hitting with these...
  9. prjacobs

    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable feedback?

    Hi TW staff and perhaps specifically Michelle. I found this string feels more comfortable than Hyper G or Cyclone on my arm. I'm wondering if you could recommend some other polys with this level of spin and similar comfort. Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. prjacobs

    Asics Court FFs vs. Gel Speed Solution 2s

    For me, the GSS2s, clay version, are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned - in over 25 years. I've now played twice with the Court FFs, and for me, they are even better! Yes, I need a shoe horn to get them on, but once on, the fit is as great as advertised. I'm a D width and always found...
  11. prjacobs

    Speed vs. Stability? Comfort?

    Hi everyone. I've always opted for lightweight shoes, feeling that being as quick as I can be, made sense. For people who've worn both light and heavier, more stable shoes, can you share your experiences? Also - I don't know if there isn't a good middle ground[emoji4]. Currently, I use Asics...
  12. prjacobs

    Heavier with more stability vs. light/quick shoes?

    Hi TW staff, I've always favored light tennis shoes. I'm wondering how much a loss in speed you feel happens with heavier shoes. I have no foot issues. Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. prjacobs

    Pros Smashing Racquets

    Can the ATP & WPA start fining players big bucks, when they smash their frames, during matchup play? These are pros. How about demanding some professionalism from them. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. prjacobs

    Light insoles with good cushioning?

    Hi TW Staff, Can you recommend a light replacement insole that has lots of Cushioning? I have no foot issues. I'd also like to keep the price relatively down. If I'm spending $60 for an insole, I may as well get new shoes. Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. prjacobs

    Any new Asics Court FF colors coming up?

    Hi TW staff, I wondering if there are any new Court Asics Court FF colors on the horizon? Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. prjacobs

    Hybrid question

    Hi everyone... I've been using and loving a hybrid of Wilson Natural Gut 16 mains and Big Banger Original 16 in my 2013 APD. I'm just curious if anyone can compare it to the Wilson Champions Choice, which pairs the Wilson Natural Gut 16 with ALU Power Rough 16L. I have no complaints about my...
  17. prjacobs

    Yonex Aerus Dash question

    Hi, TW. As time has marches on since the release of this super light shoe, I keep checking back to your page to see in ANY users will comment on these. I've actually found no comments, anywhere. I'm wondering if I'm the only person alive interested in how these feel[emoji4]. Yonex replied to an...
  18. prjacobs

    Streaming live tennis?

    I've pulled the plug on my cable service and wanted recommendations, options for streaming live matches. Anyone using tennis channel on demand? Others? Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. prjacobs

    Plush insoles?

    Can you recommend some replacement insoles for my Vapor 9.5s? I feel like the Nike soles are shot, now. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. prjacobs

    Asics Court FF cushioning!

    Hi TW staff. So - I went into the flagship Asics store in NYC, and told them in advance, that this was just about trying the FF. I told them I'd be ordering the shoe from TW. I think they thought it was refreshingly honest to admit that[emoji4]. Anyway - I love the fit, support and plush...
  21. prjacobs

    When does cushioning die?

    Sadly, my shoes seem to have lost their ability to absorb shock and the cushioning feels pretty anemic. I'm wondering what experiences other players on the forum with cushioning life expectancy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. prjacobs

    Between a lightweight and supportive shoe?

    Hi TW staff and others... I'm now playing a lot more on hard courts and enjoying it a lot. I'm currently using zoom Vapor 9.5 tours on hard court and SS2s for clay. I love the SS2s on clay! The Nikes are starting to wear out, (no surprise to anyone[emoji4]) and I'm wondering if there's a shoe...
  23. prjacobs

    Between lightweight and more supportive?

    Hi fellow forum members.... I've been mostly playing of clay and har tru but now I'm playing a lot on hard courts and really enjoying it. I have a pair of Zoom Vapor 9.5 tours that I like, but, as well known here, they're going to be worn out soon. I use GSS2s for clay and in general have...
  24. prjacobs

    MG Radical OS question for a friend

    Hi TW staff, My good friend is 80 years young, a former tournament level player who still hits very well. He's using an MG Radical OS and now wants to buy a 2nd one. From TW, of course[emoji4]. He's going to a smaller grip and also is interested in trying a softer, spin friendly poly. Can you...
  25. prjacobs

    Angell users - APD like choice?

    Hi, Angell users, First of all - I love my leaded 2013 APD. I have lead in the handle and a bit at 12. Only 6 grams. The balance is close to 5pts head light. SW 320, weight 11.4 oz. While other manufacturers claim they have "their" version of the APD, none of those sticks are as forgiving and as...
  26. prjacobs

    Asics Gel Court FF sizing?

    Hi TW staff, I'm wondering how everyone finds the sizing for the FF. The length is described as "generous". Is one's usual size okay? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  27. prjacobs

    Yonex Aerus Dash vs. Asics GSS3s

    Hi TW staff, I was wondering if anyone if anyone might compare the comfort, feel of the Aerus Dash and the GSS3s. I know they both have a narrow profile. Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  28. prjacobs

    Wilson Blade Backpack Question?

    Hi TW staff, perhaps especially Michelle.(who did the video review of this backpack). It appears that the new Wilson Blade backpack fits the frames in so that they angle off to the side a bit, and don't go straight up. This is a good thing for me, because when I ride a bike to the courts, this...
  29. prjacobs

    Newly strung frame wrapped in plastic benefits?

    Just an idle question. My local tennis shop, owned by a guy who used to be a main stranger at grand slam events, strings my frames and they come back wrapped plastic, just like he did for the pros. Does that in any way help tension maintenance? I'm sure the answer is probably not, but it's good...
  30. prjacobs

    Yonex Power Cushion Aerus Dash?

    Anyone wearing these? TW says they have typical Yonex padding. At 11.1 ounces, I'd be interested in trying these on. I don't mind the slightly narrower fit. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk